30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Chapter 256

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Chapter 256

Chapter 256 

Since Jason had asked directly, Holly didn’t beat around the bush and stared at Jason as she said. “Jason, are you thinking about remarrying Estrella?” 

Jason fixed a cool gaze on her and retorted, “Got a problem with that?” 

He was well aware of Holly’s feelings for him and had made his rejection clear. But Holly had insisted that friendship was enough for her. They had known each other for years, so Jason didn’t further push her away. 

Jason’s aloof demeanor made Holly frown slightly as she probed further, “Jason, have you forgotten the fire seven years ago? Have you forgotten how Estrella once wanted you dead? Have you forgotten she has a son now? 

Jason’s expression darkened as he shot back icily, “Holly, I don’t need you to worry about my affairs or remind me.” He had never liked people meddling in his business or giving unsolicited advice, which was why Holly’s reminder irked him. 

Jason was refusing to give her any leeway, so Holly mustered her courage and said, “Jason, did you forget that I have a copy of the evidence you have against Estrella?” 

After she said that, Jason fell silent. Over the years, he had given Holly some consideration precisely because she held evidence against Estrella. He didn’t want to stir up this matter again. 

After staring at Holly for a long moment, Jason pulled out a cigarette and lighter from his pocket and lit up. Taking a deep drag, he exhaled a thick ring of smoke and asked, “Holly, do you know what you’re saying?” 

Although she hadn’t spelled it out, she was threatening him. 

Holly watched Jason earnestly, “I know what I’m saying, and, Jason, I’m only reminding you for your own good. Even if I don’t pursue the fire from seven years ago, Estrella has a son. You being with her will just invite ridicule.” 

Jason responded indifferently, “That’s my business.” 

Holly immediately objected, “I don’t agree.” She continued, “After what Estrella has done, why should she get to have you? Why should you still care for her? Jason, I know I’ll never be with you in this lifetime, but I won’t agree to you being with Estrella, either.” 

Though Holly was two years older than Estrella, people had always compared them, with Holly invariably coming up short. Even in matters of the heart, they happened to both fall for the same man, which was quite unfortunate. 

Holly couldn’t bear losing the man she had loved for so many years to Estrella. So even if it meant Jason would be upset, she had to speak her mind. 

Upon hearing Holly’s disagreement, Jason chuckled, and when he did that, he somehow 



Chapter 256 

Hooked a little bit like Estrella.. 

After stubbing out his cigarette, Jason asked, “And what grounds do you have to disagree?” He didn’t even let his family dictate his life, so what was Holly to him? 

Stung by Jason’s mockery, Holly’s cheeks burned with embarrassment. After a long stare, she said, “I have the evidence of Estrella setting the fire.” 

Holly’s declaration brought a sharp edge to Jason’s gaze as he looked at her intently. As their eyes locked, Holly, sensing Jason’s displeasure, said, “Jason, I’m not trying to threaten you, but I simply can’t accept someone who wanted me dead being with the man I love. I promise, as long as you don’t get back with Estrella, this secret will never reach a third party.” 

Even if she couldn’t have Jason, she wouldn’t consent to him being with Estrella. 

Jason laughed at Holly’s demand. After a long look, his face lost its mocking smile, and he said coldly, “If you were to disappear, then certainly a third person would never know.” 

As Jason’s words fell, Holly’s expression changed instantly, and her gaze towards Jason became incredulous. 

Holly couldn’t believe that Jason would threaten her like 

this for the sake of Estrella, who wanted him dead. Holly hadn’t anticipated that he would even entertain the idea of silencing her. 

Holly stared motionless at Jason, unable to discern if this was still the Jason she liked. “Jason, do you realize what you’re saying?” Holly asked, her voice trembling after a long silence. 

Jason replied calmly, “Holly, if you let this slip, you’ll bear the consequences.” 

With a sarcastic laugh, Holly challenged, “Jason, are you so sure you can outmaneuver me and the Ledford family, or even my brother?” 

“For Estrella, I’ll give it my all,” Jason declared. 

At a loss for words, Holly fell silent. 

Jason stood up from the sofa when he saw Holly staring at him without saying a word. “Marie, please see Holly out,” he said. 

When Holly returned to Ravenwood, Jason knew deep down that they couldn’t avoid this confrontation today. He had extended courtesy to her before, but he wouldn’t be so accommodating in the future. 

When Holly left Sandalwood Oasis, she was trembling the entire time. She wasn’t sure if it was from anger or fear. When Jason uttered those harsh words to her, Holly was 

genuinely shocked. They had nearly thirty years of history together too, and his connection wasn’t only with Estrella. 


Chapter 256 

Inside the car, Korey was resting with his eyes closed when his assistant reported cautiously, “Mr. Korey, Miss Holly just paid a visit to Mr. Jason.” 

Korey’s expression darkened upon hearing this. He had repeatedly warned Holly to stay out of Estrella and Jason’s relationship, yet she had defied him. 

Heaving a deep sigh, Korey’s countenance grew even more grave. Shortly after arriving home, he saw Holly walking in, listless. He instructed the maid without hesitation, “Keep an eye on Holly. She’s not to leave the house without my permission.” 

Holly was fuming, her brother Korey’s command to the help only stoking the flames of her anger. “What gives you the right to lock me up at home? I’m not some pet that you can keep cooped up. Even pets need to get out and breathe.” 

Korey’s icy gaze met hers. “I told you to stay out of Estrella and Jason’s business. Did you listen?” 

Estrella. Always Estrella. Holly was sick of it. She scoffed at him. “Don’t tell me you’re also itching to play daddy to Estrella’s kid on the cheap. What’s with you guys? What’s so special about her? Is it just because she’s got a silver tongue, or because she can handle herself in a…” 

Before she could finish, Korey’s hand cracked across her face with a slap. The air in the room turned to ice. Holly’s eyes widened in shock st 

at Korey as if she couldn’t 

believe he’d hit her. 

After a stunned silence, she touched her cheek and said, “Korey, you hit me? Over some other woman? Do you even know what kind of person Estrella is? Do you have any idea what she did back then?” 

As Holly confronted him, Korey’s right hand clenched into a fist, then slowly relaxed. He hadn’t meant to hit Holly, but her words had been too much. Estrella’s child was not some cheap child. The kid meant more to Estrella than life itself. 

Korey met Holly’s gaze squarely. “Holly, you’d best know when to quit. Don’t play with fire.” His words only twisted Holly’s features in confusion, but she quickly regained her composure. “Do you know, Korey? Seven years ago, that fire, it was Estrella’s doing. She wanted to…” 

She was cut off as Korey summoned the servants. “Take Miss Holly back to her room. Without my permission, no one opens that door.” 

The servants looked awkwardly at Korey. As they were about to speak, Korey added firmly, “Not even mom and dad.” 

The servants understood. “Miss, please, just go back to your room,” they said, circling 


Chapter 256 

around Holly. 

As Korey walked away, Holly’s eyes brimmed with tears. “Korey, why do you get to do this to me? Why hit me? You think this will win Estrella over? If you’re so capable, marry her, 

don’t take it out on me.” 

If her brother had really had an honest conversation with Estrella and ended up with her, Holly wouldn’t have minded if he became a stepfather. She wouldn’t have cared if he lost in this marriage. She would have been even willing to foot the bill for his wedding with Estrella. 

But after all these years, he had only harbored a secret crush, never daring to speak his 

heart to Estrella. 

Meanwhile, at the Dorvold residence. 

After Bryce and Jesse left, Estrella lulled Isaac to sleep with a bedtime story. Kissing Isaac’s forehead, Estrella was about to rest when her bedroom door suddenly opened. Autumn peeked in, waving Estrella out. “Honey, come here a minute. I got something to say to you.” 

With a mysterious aura, Autumn beckoned Estrella out. 

In the downstairs parlor, Autumn took out a stack of photographs and handed them to Estrella. “You’re looking for a father for Isaac, right? These are some candidates I’ve found for you. Take a look, see if anyone catches your eye, and I’ll arrange a meeting.” 

Estrella sighed. 

Estrella did not take the photos, so Autumn spread them out one by one in front of her, introducing each one. “This one’s a doctor, your age, from a decent family. Ambitious, with a promising career. A good match for you, I think.” 

“And this one’s a lawyer, just like you. You’d have plenty in common.” 

“Here’s a scientist in the military, very distinguished.” 

As Autumn detailed the merits of each man, it seemed like they were all perfect for Estrella, all potential fathers for Isaac. 

Estrella rubbed her temples. “Mom, I’m swamped with cases, and the Glimmering Lake matter is still open. I’m in no mood for dating.” And the fire from seven years ago still needed investigating. 

Autumn’s expression darkened. “Work is important, but so is life and Isaac’s physical and mental health.” 

When Autumn played the Isaac card, Estrella found herself cornered. Autumn pressed on. “Well? Will you date or not? Do you care about Isaac’s future?” 


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Chapter 256 

Taking in Autumn’s determined face, Estrella knew she wouldn’t get any rest tonight unless she agreed. With a sigh, Estrella conceded, “Fine, fine, I’ll date. Are you happy now?” It was a compromise, just going through the motions to appease her mother. 

Estrella knew Isaac wouldn’t easily accept someone new. His bond with Jason was blood-deep. Estrella’s agreement at this moment was a way to calm Autumn down and bring some peace to the household. 

With Estrella’s reluctant agreement, Autumn beamed, picking out her favorite photo. “Let’s start with this professor, just back from studying abroad. Gentle and kind-hearted, he 


Estrella glanced at the photo nonchalantly. “Mom, you’ve picked someone who looks like 


The man in the photo was indeed similar to Jason, right down to the glasses perched on his nose. 

Autumn gasped, tossing the photo aside as if it burned her. She shuffled the photos hastily. “I didn’t realize… Let’s avoid that type, shall we?” If the discarded candidate knew he was passed over for resembling Jason, he’d surely be heartbroken. 

Estrella didn’t bother with the selection process. She got up, stretching and yawning, “Mom, you pick. I’m beat, I’m gonna hit the sack.’ 

As Estrella’s figure retreated, Autumn said firmly, “Estrella, let’s settle this then. I’ll arrange the date and the guy. No excuses, you’re 

Mowing up and that’s final.” 

Estrella tossed back a half-hearted, “Yeah, yeah, I got it.” With that, she turned and went 

off to bed. 

True to her word, Autumn was quick to act. By the next day, Autumn had already lined up 

blind date and set the time for it. 

Come Saturday, Autumn practically dragged Estrella out of bed to get her to the date. 

Having given her word, Estrella couldn’t back out now. So, without much fuss over her looks and barely a swipe of lipstick for makeup, she headed out the door. If Autumn hadn’t reminded her, she would’ve left the house in her slippers. 

Even without any makeup, Estrella’s natural beauty shone through. Her simple appearance exuded a gentle and intellectual aura. 

Upon arriving at the restaurant, the guy was already there. Autumn had picked out a doctor, reasoning it’d be handy to have a connection in the hospital for future needs. When Estrella had first heard this, she simply nodded along. There was no point in arguing logic with Autumn. 

In the restaurant, after the initial introductions, the guy seemed quite taken with Estrella. Despite her being divorced with a son, her qualities were outstanding when compared to 



Chapter 256 

her peers. 

Noticing his interest, Estrella inquired, “You do know I’m divorced and have a son, right?” 

The man replied, “Your mother mentioned it, but it doesn’t bother me. If we were to get together, we’d have our own kids in the future anyway.” 

Estrella was speechless. Had men become so accommodating nowadays? 

She knew her attributes allowed most men to overlook her past, but Jason’s acceptance had nothing to do with that. 

As Estrella pondered what to say next, her phone on the table buzzed. It was Jason calling. 

Her expression shifted ever so slightly, but she answered the call. Before Estrella could utter a word, Jason’s voice came through, “Where are you?” 

Turning slightly away from her date, she whispered, “Out dining with my son.” 

On the other end, Jason let out a sardonic chuckle before pressing, “Estrella, since when did you have a son as old as me?” 


30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

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30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Two years into their tumultuous marriage, Estrella was eager to have a kid and finish her task, but Jason coldly dismisses her, stating, "Estrella, don't even think about bearing my child."

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

   Out of anger, she readies a divorce agreement, hoping to end things, but the response she receives was, "Estrella, I'm coming home tonight..


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