30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Chapter 262

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Chapter 262

Chapter 262 

At the Nelson family’s mansion. 

Chapter 262 

Just as Keith entered the room, he saw Amber feeding Isaac beef stew. Spotting Isaac, Keith immediately felt delighted and greeted, “Hey, Isaac.” 

In the living room, Isaac, hearing someone address him, swung his face toward the entrance and sprang from his tiny chair at the sight of Keith. He dashed over, his small feet thudding on the floor, calling out, “Great-Grandpa!” 

Keith’s response boomed through the house. 

Reaching Keith, Isaac hastily arranged Keith’s slippers in front of him, a gesture of care, “Time to change shoes, Great-Grandpa.” 

Keith’s heart swelled with warmth as Isaac handed him the slippers. Slipping his feet into them, Keith scooped Isaac up, “What a sweet great-grandson I’ve got.” 

Though well into his eighties, and usually attended by household staff, Keith found lifting Isaac effortless, as if Isaac infused him with vitality. 

Isaac giggled at Keith’s praise, his laughter as natural as if he had never been coached by 

Estrella on how to charm. 

Holding Isaac close, Keith observed, “This child is so much like Estrella, always smiling with such a pleasant disposition.” 

Amber rolled her eyes at Keith and took Isaac into her arms, “If he’s so sweet, why are you pushing Jason to go on those silly dates?” Then to Isaac, she said, “Come on, honey, let’s leave him be and go finish our stew with me.” 

Amber, feeling the strain of carrying Isaac, set him down and led him by the hand. Keith muttered aside, “Haven’t I dropped that subject? Didn’t I say it’s up to Jason to decide?” He didn’t quite feel right sharing with everyone that he had just been to see Estrella. 

Across the room, Jason gave Keith a knowing look, thinking to himself that the only one who could handle his grandfather was indeed his grandmother. 

After finishing his stew, Isaac noticed the adults weren’t paying much attention to Keith, so he pulled up a stool next to Keith and began to crack nuts. 

Once he had a small pile, he placed them, mixed with his saliva, into Keith’s palm, “For you, Great-Grandpa.” 

Keith stared at the nuts in his palm and felt his eyes well up with emotion. Such a young child, and already so sensible. Estrella had truly given birth to a treasure, a child endearing to all. 

And lately, the more Keith saw of Isaac, the more Keith saw resemblances to Jason in 



Chapter 262 

Isaac. It seemed that genuine affection was reciprocated with a growing resemblance. 

“Isaac, that’s plenty for me, don’t hurt your fingers,” Keith cautioned gently. 

“Okay.” Isaac agreed, then sat attentively by Keith as he watched his favorite military history program. 

Keith, seeing how considerate Isaac was, turned to Jason with a hint of pride, “Jason, this kid is more thoughtful than you ever were. He’s cracking nuts for me, and you, you’ve never even poured me a glass of water.” 

Jason, exuding nonchalance, replied, “My kid’s respect is the same as mine.” 

Keith scoffed, “You shameless thing, you’ve indeed found a pair of treasures.” 

The treasures Keith referred to were none other than Estrella and Isaac. Fortunately, Isaac was still young, and if Jason treated him well, he would undoubtedly come to see Jason as his real father. 

Jason just smiled in response. 

After a while at home, Jason took Isaac back with him. When it was time to leave, Keith and Amber were reluctant to see them go, fussing over Isaac and reminding Jason to bring him over more often. Jason promised he would. 

Bringing Isaac back was meant to foster a bond between Isaac and his 

great-grandparents, to help them accept Isaac and Estrella. And it seemed Jason’s purpose had been achieved. 

Half an hour later, Jason picked up Estrella from the courthouse. 

Estrella hadn’t planned on staying late, but after her chat with Keith and a call from Glimmering Lake, she found herself caught up in work again. 

Once in the car, Estrella saw Isaac fast asleep in his car seat, covered with a blanket. Jason had proven himself capable and thoughtful in his care for Isaac, who had remained unscathed and healthy even through the peak seasons for colds and flu. 

Handing her a thermos bag, Jason said, “Isaad is here, and it’s getting late. I figured you might not want to go to a restaurant, so when passed by earlier, I packed a meal for you.” 

“Thanks,” Estrella said, accepting the meal. She had been too busy to eat properly at lunch, and now, starting the car, she began to eat. 

Once satiated, Estrella felt a deep sense of contentment. Life was busy, sure, but fulfilling, and with someone to help with Isaac, her spirits were lifted. 

As the car pulled up to the Dorvold family home, Jason stepped out to dispose of the trash. Estrella expected him to come back and help with Isaac, but instead, he sat down beside her. 



Chapter 262 

“What are you doing sitting here? We’re already at my place,” she asked, turning to face 


Jason closed the car door and casually said, “How many days has it been since you sat with me, since we talked? You’ve been so busy” 

Realizing she had indeed been preoccupied, Estrella admitted, “The case is coming up.” 

“I know,” Jason whispered. “So just sit with me here, that’s enough.” 

He then took her hand in his, massaging it gently. 

Estrella glanced at Jason, noting how time hadn’t left a mark on him, but rather, added to his allure. After a moment, she said, “Thanks for taking care of Isaac these past days.” 

Jason held her hand, his other hand cradling the back of her head, gently pulling her closer until their noses touched, “If you really want to thank me, let me steal a kiss.” 

Estrella recoiled, instinctively shoving him back, but Jason leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “Let me have a sniff.” With that, he nuzzled into Estrella’s hair and took a deep 


Estrella rolled her eyes, “It’s just the smell of dinner, what’s so great about that?” 

Jason’s nose brushed against her ear and down her neck as he murmured, “Babe, you’ve got this special scent about you, it’s really nice” Unashamedly, Jason continued to nuzzle her collarbone, taking in her scent. He was intoxicated by her aroma, it was addictive to 


“Jason, Isaac’s here, tone it down,” cautioned Estrella. 

If Isaac weren’t around, she might have bantered back and forth with him a little. But if Isaac woke up and saw them like this, all hell would break loose. 

Undeterred, Jason whispered against her neck “Isaac’s out like a light today.” 

No sooner had he spoken than he pressed his lips to Estrella’s collarbone, his hands sliding up her waist and pushing the fabric of her clothes aside, caressing her skin. 



30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

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30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Two years into their tumultuous marriage, Estrella was eager to have a kid and finish her task, but Jason coldly dismisses her, stating, "Estrella, don't even think about bearing my child."

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

   Out of anger, she readies a divorce agreement, hoping to end things, but the response she receives was, "Estrella, I'm coming home tonight..


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