30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Chapter 268

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Chapter 268

Chapter 268 

As Estrella’s voice trailed off, Jason’s expression was a picture of aggrievement. He had brought her all the way back, and now she was talking about leaving? 

Filled with unspoken grievances, Jason jammed his hands into his pockets and turned away, silent. 

Estrella deliberately teased, “You’ve hung around my doorstep plenty of times without an invite in. Guess it’d be awkward for me to lounge at your place now, huh?” 

At that, Jason sneered and said, “My place, your place-you sure like to draw the line, don’t you?” Sandalwood Oasis was clearly their home after they got married. 

Estrella shot back with a playful jab, “Gotta make something clear, right?” 

Her words had barely settled when Marie suddenly appeared, surprised to see Estrella in the yard but quickly wore a beaming smile, “Ms. Estrella’s back! I thought I saw car lights and heard your voice. Goodness, you really are back.” 

Before Estrella could respond, Marie was pulling her into the house, “It’s chilly out here, Ms. Estrella. Come inside right away.” 

Jason watched as Marie ushered Estrella into the house, then followed them in, his own demeanor relaxing now that Marie was there. 

“Ms. Estrella, are you hungry? I’ll whip up your favorite sweet soup,” Marie offered, her face radiating joy, even more delighted than Jason. 

Estrella gently held her back, “Marie, we just ate outside. Don’t go to any trouble.” 

Marie insisted, “Well, if there’s anything you fancy eating or drinking, you just let me know.” Her delight at seeing Estrella was like welcoming her own daughter-in-law home. 

Marie quickly added, “Oh, and Ms. Estrella, we’ve kept your and Mr. Jason’s room tidy every day. In all these years, Mr. Jason’s been home every night except when traveling. Your clothes and personal items are still right where you left them. And every season, Mr. Jason has had the latest fashions delivered from the department store, just in case you came back with nothing to wear.” 

Estrella couldn’t help but smile at Marie’s cleverness. Marie was compensating for Jason’s lack of words with her own enthusiastic explanations. 

Turning to Jason, Estrella quipped, “Jason, looks like you owe Marie a raise.” 

Estrella remembered how timely Marie’s call had been the last time she and Jason had argued, so timely that Estrella had felt embarrassed to continue the fight. 

Hearing Estrella’s remark, Jason simply said, “Raise it is.” 

Marie, sensing the couple’s unease, quickly chimed in, “Mr. Jason, Ms. Estrella, it’s getting 


Chapter Chapter 268 

late. You should head on up to bed, and I’ll do the same.” With that, and without waiting for 

a response, Marie scampered off, leaving the living room in silence. 

Estrella found it strange yet familiar to be back in a place she’d lived for three years. Everything was as it had been; even Marie’s laugh and the tone of her speech hadn’t changed. 

Pretending nothing was amiss, Estrella saw Jason answer a call, and she held her peace until he finished. Once he finished the call, she stood up and asked, “Calmed down yet? If so, maybe you could take me back.” 

The mention of leaving darkened Jason’s mood anew. Abruptly pocketing his phone, he looked at Estrella and said sharply, “What time do you think it is? Stop making a fuss.” Without another word, he guided her upstairs, his hand at the nape of her neck. 

“My son’s waiting for me at home.” 

“He was asleep by the time you hit the club,” Jason said, having checked with Autumn during dinner. 

Estrella was flabbergasted. So, he’d planned this all along. That was why he hadn’t touched a drink all evening. 

Once in the bedroom, after Estrella had steadied herself from being softly tossed inside, Jason’s voice came coolly, “It’s not been half a year, and you’re already getting cozy with Korey? What do you want, Estrella?” 

Estrella laughed at the question, replying, “After all these years, you still don’t know I’m the flirty type?” 

Jason was left speechless by her retort. After years without a fight, he’d almost forgotten how formidable Estrella could be, and how she never held back in an argument. 

Seeing Jason at a loss for words, Estrella stated, “This is a case of six of one, half a dozen of the other. Let’s not point fingers.” 

What could there be between her and Korey? Jason was just bothered by Korey’s past proposal, but that was Korey’s move, not hers to stop. 

Hearing this, Jason’s expression darkened, “How am I to blame? Have I ever touched another woman besides you?” 

Estrella’s mind raced for evidence against him when Jason himself continued, casually admitting, “There was that time I let Serene link arms with me. Yes, it was intentional. I did it to annoy you because you didn’t take me seriously. I’m upset that if mom doesn’t put pressure on you, you seem to forget I’m your husband, and you won’t even call me back home.” 

Hearing Jason’s explanation, it dawned on Estrella-she’d completely forgotten about the incident with Serene. But learning that it was all to provoke her, Estrella scoffed, “Jason, 



Chapter 268 

Chapter 2 

you’re so petty, always wanting to maintain your image.” 

With that, she was about to open the door to leave. Jason wasn’t having it. He stepped in front of her, firmly shut the door, and asked coldly, “Where do you think you’re going?” 

Estrella looked at him, exasperated, “I’m thirsty Just going to grab a drink, maybe have a fruit platter.” 

Jason raised an eyebrow, with a hint of skepticism in his voice. “You, cutting fruit?” He shook his head and added with a mock sigh, “Forget it. If you slice your hand open, I would be worried.” After speaking with a hint of impatience, he went downstairs on his 


At the doorway, Estrella couldn’t help but chuckle at his antics, remembering how he’d rushed to explain himself earlier to avoid her bringing up past arguments. 

‘Typical Jason and his stubborn pride,’ she thought, amused. 

After her quiet laughter subsided, Estrella grabbed a set of pajamas from the closet and headed to the bathroom for a shower. 

When she emerged a short while later, she discovered a plate of freshly cut fruit on the desk and a warm glass of milk sitting on a heating pad beside it. Jason was occupied with his own things, seemingly indifferent. 

Estrella, tying her hair up, approached him and decided to break the silence. “Still mad? Giving me the cold shoulder?” 

Without a change in his stoic expression, Jason pointed out, “Got the fruit for you. It’s on 

the desk.” 

Estrella gazed at him seriously and said, “Jason, go take a shower. After that, we can play a little. Any way you want.” 

The moment the words left her mouth, Jason’s eyes lit up like fireworks. He turned to her and asked, with a hint of excitement, “Trying to butter me up?” 

All evening, that was exactly what he’d been waiting to hear. 



30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

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30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Two years into their tumultuous marriage, Estrella was eager to have a kid and finish her task, but Jason coldly dismisses her, stating, "Estrella, don't even think about bearing my child."

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

   Out of anger, she readies a divorce agreement, hoping to end things, but the response she receives was, "Estrella, I'm coming home tonight..


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