30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Chapter 278

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Chapter 278

Chapter 278 

As Jason spoke, Estrella’s temper dissipated like steam from a piping hot pot roast. Her hands fell from his waist, and with a twinge of surrender, she muttered, “Fine, you have 

your way.” 

Estrella braced herself for the inevitable, and Jason pinned her beneath him with a smirk, “Estrella, after this, you won’t be able to leave the bed tomorrow.” 

Unfazed, Estrella retorted, “And you think you’ll be hopping out of bed? As if you’re getting 

the better end of this deal.” 

Jason couldn’t help but laugh at her spirit, sealing her protest with a kiss that spoke 


Later, much to her own chagrin, Estrella found herself pleading for mercy. After all these years of knowing Jason, it was in these moments of weakness that she’d wave the white flag. 

But Jason wasn’t satisfied. He demanded a promise of reconciliation, which Estrella begrudgingly gave, though he doubted her sincerity, accusing her of pulling his leg. Estrella was livid, cursing under her breath. It wasn’t until Isaac’s phone call came through that Jason eased up, reluctantly taking her home. 

Upon their return to the Dorvold residence, Autumn remarked, “You’re as elusive as your father ever was, always out and about.” 

“Mom.” Estrella scooped up Isaac, who had come running, and after planting a kiss on his cheek, she turned to Autumn, “It’s not as dramatic as you’re making it out to be.” 

At that moment, Estrella wouldn’t dare admit to spending the previous night at Jason’s, followed by a day in his bed. Autumn would have her hide for that. 

“Daddy.” Isaac clung to Estrella before Jason took Isaac into his arms, giving Estrella the chance to head upstairs for a change of clothes. 

Climbing the stairs, her legs nearly gave out, and Jason, pale as a ghost, rushed over with Isaac still in his arms. Estrella insisted she was fine and continued her ascent. 

Autumn mused, “What kind of case has you so worn out you can’t even walk straight?” Then she chastised, “I tell you to eat properly, but you never listen. Now look at you, running on empty.” 

“Come down to eat once you’ve changed,” Autumn added. 

Estrella shot Jason a sideways glare, which he smartly dodged, pretending 

ig not to notice. 

Isaac watched the silent exchange, and upon seeing Estrella’s annoyance with Jason, he giggled uncontrollably. 

Chapter 278 

Jason felt amused and pinched the little chin that Isaac shared with Estrella and asked, “What’s so funny, munchkin?” 

The question only made Isaac laugh harder. Jason, charmed by Isaac’s joy, which so resembled Estrella’s childhood mirth, couldn’t help but join in. 

Autumn was touched by the sight of Isaac’s happiness. She reflected on her own time. with the child, realizing that Isaac had never seemed so joyful with her. Relationships. were fickle, she thought. Isaac was simply smitten with Jason. 

Once Estrella was dressed, they all gathered at the dining table for dinning. 

Estrella, exhausted from Jason’s teasing, devoured three plates of food, earning applause from Isaac and a stunned silence from Autumn, who wondered if a big case had soured her mood. 

Estrella simply said she was hungry, but when Autumn caught sight of the marks on her neck, her smile vanished. 

After dinner, when Jason had finished bathing Isaac and put him to bed, Autumn knocked on Estrella’s door with a pointed question, “You weren’t busy with a case today, were you?” Estrella realized everything when she noticed Autumn’s gaze falling on her neck. She thought, “Mom isn’t usually this clever. How come her intelligence suddenly surfaced today? It turns out I’ve given myself away.” 

Estrella responded with a hum as she touched her neck. “Have you and Jason mad Or considering it?” Autumn probed. 

A couple of days ago, she had talked about this with Estrella, but that was when Ja seemed alright. Now, seeing her daughter was indeed back together with him, Autu couldn’t help but reminiscence about an incident from three years ago, which filled 

with unease. 

“There’s nothing like that, I simply failed to resist this time,” Estrella confessed matter-of-factly. 

Silence ensued from Autumn’s end, 

Noticing Autumn’s unwavering gaze upon her, Estrella admitted, “At my age, it’s hard to resist all these temptations. Besides, he’s not bad looking and he is quite good in that 

particular aspect.” 

With that affirmative confession coming straight from Estrella, Autumn had nothing left to say She merely reminded her, “Remember, your father strongly disapproves of Jason. He even told me to keep a close watch on you, especially in regard to Jason. Don’t lose yourself again in the midst of all this chaos. Given that your father’s against it, being with Jason won’t be easy” 

Chapter 278 

Owing to Cole’s disapproval, Autumn had also followed suit, prioritizing her husband and daughter above all else. 

“Mom, I hear you,” insisted Estrella, attempting to pacify Autumn. “You should go and get 

some rest.” 

With a muted thud, Autumn gently closed the door behind her, leaving Estrella to sight. heavily. 

Approaching the little bed, she bent down to give Mia a tender kiss and then picked up at book to peruse while lounging in bed. Soon after, her phone placed next to the pillow. vibrated. It was a message from Jason, reading, [Estrella, I miss you.] 

Estrella chose not to respond. About ten minutes later, Jason sent her a porno. “Darling, have you seen this routine? Let’s try it next time.” 

Jason’s video, was from a time when they were still married, something that Estrella had left on his computer. She once showed these to him too. 

Finding Jason’s flirty messages amusing, Estrella replied nonchalantly, [I’m gonna report. you.] 

Sure enough, after the warning, she actually reported him, not leaving even a bit of room for leniency. 

In a short while, her Messenger was completely silent – no more disturbances. 

Until a while later, her phone rang. It was Jason. 

Estrella picked up the call. On the other side, Jason sounded both annoyed and amused, “You really did report me, huh?” 

Jason was calling because his Messenger account had been blocked and Drew was scrambling to unblock it. 

“You deserve it,” retorted Estrella, utterly unapologetic. 

Jason stood by a floor-length window, puffing on a cigarette. After exhaling a whirlpool of smoke, he chuckled. “I ought to stop joking around. I leave for a business trip tomorrow. It’ll be a week before I return.” 

“Well, I finally get some peace and quiet,” responded Estrella. 

Puffing on his cigarette again, Jason softly suggested, “Christmas commences next month. You and Mia should accompany me to the old house and celebrate.” 

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

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30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Two years into their tumultuous marriage, Estrella was eager to have a kid and finish her task, but Jason coldly dismisses her, stating, "Estrella, don't even think about bearing my child."

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

   Out of anger, she readies a divorce agreement, hoping to end things, but the response she receives was, "Estrella, I'm coming home tonight..


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