30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Chapter 280

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Chapter 280

Chapter 280 

Estrella quipped, “Isaac’s out like a light, what are you still doing up?” 

Jason replied with a wistful smile, “I’ve missed the little guy. Heck, I even dreamt I was piloting a chopper just to drop in and see him.” 

Estrella found herself unable to resist those puppy dog eyes. 

Sensing her softened stance, Jason took her hand and guided her indoors as if he was bringing her home to the Nelson family estate. 

Back in the bedroom, Isaac was sleeping peacefully. Jason bent down and planted at gentle kiss on the boy’s forehead. 

Estrella set aside the two presents Jason had brought, slipping off her coat as she remarked, “The Lego set you picked out is too advanced for him. He can’t play with that just yet.” 

Jason handed his coat to her, chuckling, “I’ll help him with it.” 

The three of them, in that moment, truly resembled a little family. 

Pulling up a chair beside Isaac’s bed, Jason teased, “Darling, our son’s starting to look more and more like me.” 

Estrella hung up his coat, shooting him a glance, “Keep telling yourself that.” 

Jason laughed, pulling her by the wrist to sit on his lap. He planted a kiss on her and asked with a grin, “Miss me?” 

As Estrella fended off his wandering hands, Jason swooped in for another kiss, his right hand, now unopposed, crept higher up her waist, “Looks like you’ve grown a bit since I’ve been gone.” 

Her grip tightened on his wrist, “Don’t get cocky. Get back to your place.” 

Jason whispered against her lips, “I don’t want to.” 

It had been three years, and Jason’s flirting skills had only sharpened. A brief silence from Estrella was all the invitation Jason needed. As their lips met, she reflexively wrapped her arms around his neck. 

With a smirk, Jason scooped her up and headed for the bed. 

Gently laid down, Estrella propped herself up on her elbows, “Go shower first.” 

Jason pinched her chin playfully, “You just want to fall asleep before I come back.” 

Without waiting for a reply, he nipped her nose “Sweetheart, even if you do fall asleep, it 

won’t work this time.” 

Chapter 280 

Estrella, feigning disgust, pushed him toward the bathroom, and he left with a laugh. 

Jason emerged from the shower to find Estrella seemingly asleep. He wasn’t in a hurry. He slipped into bed beside her and kissed her tenderly. 

Of course, Estrella was only pretending. His kisses trailed lower, and unable to hold back, Estrella let out a soft moan, then chided half-heartedly, “Are you ever going to let me sleep?” 

Now that she was awake, Jason perked up, his motions igniting a blush on Estrella’s cheeks as she clutched the sheets tightly. Finally, Jason returned to her lips, murmuring the question, and she responded with a passionate kiss. 

But they kept their movements subdued, careful not to wake Isaac sleeping in the next bed. At times, Estrella had to bite down on Jason’s shoulder to stifle her cries. 


e next morning, Estrella and Jason woke to find Isaac already up, gripping his foot and gazing at them intently. At the sight of them stirring, Isaac giggled joyfully. 

Isaac’s laughter was contagious; even Estrella and Jason couldn’t help but join in. 

After the laughter subsided, Estrella joked, “I’m starting to think I’ve birthed a little simpleton who only knows how to laugh.” 

Jason didn’t find that amusing, wrapping his arms around her from behind, “Nonsense, our boy’s the brightest.” 

As Isaac watched his parents banter, he just clutched his foot and laughed even harder, clearly enjoying the show. 

Estrella realized her son loved a good spectacle, teasing him, “What’s so funny, kiddo?” 

“Mama!” Isaac called out, crawling toward Estrella and burying himself in her embrace. 

Jason playfully pinched the boy’s cheek, “Buddy, that’s my wife you’re cuddling with.” 

Isaac just snuggled closer into Estrella’s arms in response. Not to be outdone, Jason quickly enveloped Estrella in his arms from behind. The early morning turned into at tug-of-war for affection, with Isaac basking in the attention, assured that his mother’s gaze was fixed on him. He felt like he was winning. 

As the playful struggle continued, Jason grew bolder, his arms around Estrella becoming 

less innocent. 

Estrella, sensing his blatant disregard for propriety, scolded with a stern look, “Jason, have you lost your mind? Isaac’s awake.” 

Jason kissed her neck, “He’s young, he won’t understand 

Estrella rolled her eyes, Jason, don’t even think about a second round, and don’t expect 


Chapter 280 

me to let you in at night anymore.” 

Jason responded with a kiss to her ear, silent. saac quickly kissed Estrella’s cheek, and the contest of wills persisted.. 

The bed shook with their antics, and Isaac found it even more amusing, bouncing and cheering them on. 

Estrella was frustrated, rebuking Jason, “Enough with the nonsense.” 

Jason hummed ambiguously, then suggested, “Darling, let’s have another little one.” 

Estrella ignored him, regretting underestimating Jason’s shamelessness once again. 

After Jason finished, Estrella tried to rest, but Jason was still up, playing with Isaac, asking if he wanted a little brother or a sister. 

Watching the two boys beside her, Estrella couldn’t help but smile. Maybe having some help wasn’t so bad after all. 

“Estrella, is Isaac up? I brought him…” Right in the midst of the family’s joyful chaos, Autumn suddenly pushed open the door and stepped inside. 

Upon seeing the scene before her, Autumn froze, her eyes widening as she stood in the doorway. 

How on earth did Jason end up here? When did he arrive? And why in the world was hesin Estrella’s room? 

Autumn’s mind was a whirlwind of questions, each one followed by a wave of embarrassment. They were all caught off guard, half-dressed. Isaac’s little shoulder peeking out from his shirt. 

On the bed, Jason and Estrella froze as Autumn pushed the door open. Both were cau like deer in headlights, while Isaac, with his sweet, cute voice, called out, “Granny.” 

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 3/6/2024 Native Language: English
30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason ) Two years into their tumultuous marriage, Estrella was eager to have a kid and finish her task, but Jason coldly dismisses her, stating, "Estrella, don't even think about bearing my child."

30 Days Till I Divorce My Husband ( Estrella and Jason )

   Out of anger, she readies a divorce agreement, hoping to end things, but the response she receives was, "Estrella, I'm coming home tonight..


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