A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased by Her EX-Husband Chapter 290

A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased by Her EX-Husband Chapter 290

Chapter 290

Originally, it was common for people who had undergone such a large-scale operation to be unconscious for more than ten days. 

However, Joseph was different from ordinary people. He was a special forces soldier before. His bodily functions were much stronger than ordinary people in all aspects, so this guy woke up on the fourth day. 

“Mr. Sawle! Mr. Sawle! Mr. Sawle! Mr. Sawle!” 


It was so noisy! 

Joseph struggled to lift his heavy eyelids, and his vision gradually became clear from a blur. 

What came into view was Max’s face, which was more than one circle thinner, with a messy stubble. 

“Mr. Sawle is awake… Mr. Sawle is awake!” 

Max was extremely excited as he frantically pressed the bell beside his bed! 

“You’re like this… as if you’re calling a soul… Even the dead person has been woken up by you.” 

Joseph’s eardrums buzzed, and his mind was also in a daze. “I… Where am I?” 

“Of course it’s the hospital! You don’t know, but you’ve experienced a great calamity!” Max remembered how his boss had been crying these days, and tears welled up in his eyes. 

“Oh… Chloe!” 

Unexpectedly, Joseph did not open his eyes to check whether he was alive or dead. He only thought about the safety of Chloe! 

The last scene in his mind stopped at the scene of the criminal picking up the iron rod and attacking Chloe ferociously. He didn’t know what happened next. 

He didn’t know if he had protected her or not. What if, what if he didn’t protect her? Then he might as well die! 

Max quickly held him down and kept persuading him, “It’s good! It’s good! Mrs. Sawle is not injured. You saved Mrs. Sawle. Don’t worry!” 

However, he still couldn’t feel at ease. 

At this time, the medical staff and the attending doctor ran in and helped Max control Joseph. 

“Where is Chloe? I want to find Chloe!” 

Joseph suddenly bounced up from the bed. His lips trembled and his peach blossom eyes instantly turned red! 

His emotions seemed to be particularly excited. 

“Mr. Sawle! Let’s take a good rest first, okay? When you are better, you can go to see Mrs. Sawle… Look at you now…” 

“I want to see Chloe now… I want to see her now!” 

Joseph didn’t know what was going on. All the nerves in his body were stretched out, and his mind was restless like a boiling boiler. The pounding heart in his chest was beating violently, as if it was going to pierce through his chest. 

Just as everyone was at a loss, a clear and melodious voice suddenly came. 

“Joseph! Are you a three-year-old child? What are you doing?” 

Ward was silent for a moment. 

Chloe stood in the middle of the door frame, her eyebrows tightly knitted. She was not smiling, but she was still as good-looking as a goddess statue in a museum. 

“M-Mrs. Sawle!” Max grinned and looked at Chloe, as if his savior had arrived. 

“Chloe!” Joseph’s eyes were full of affection, but his hands trembled even more. 

At this moment, the man’s head was wrapped in gauze and a fixed net. It was like an apple in a fruit box. Coupled with this deep affection in his eyes, it was more or less a bit funny, 

Chloe lightly curved her lower lip and then coldly said, “Everyone, go out. The patient needs to rest.” 

This tone was more professional than that of an attending doctor! 

“Miss Thorp, thank you!” 

The attending doctor and the nurse respectfully bowed to her and retreated outside ward. After all, ever since the news that 


Miss Thorp was God Lewis spread in the hospital, these usually proud and arrogant white coats had already bowed down to the talents of the young lady. They only had respect and worship for her. 

“Mrs. Sawle! Mr. Sawle will be in your care!” Max also sneaked out with special eyesight. 

The door closed. 

When Chloe saw that Joseph had woken up, she was also happy. However, she was unwilling to let him see this joy, so she was still indifferent. 

“Joseph, your brain has been operated on. You are most afraid of moving around. If you don’t behave yourself, you will become a fool in the future.” 

The young lady crossed her arms around her chest and mocked with a pretty face, “Blind and stupid. In the future, don’t tell me you know me. I can’t afford this.” 

Unexpectedly, before she could finish her sentence. 

Joseph’s tall body trembled as he got off the bed and rushed to her in a few strides! 


The next second, the man quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled. 

Her gaze violently swayed as her entire body crashed into his firm chest, causing her heart to tremble and her head to feel dizzy. 

“Chloe… It’s good that you’re fine. It’s good that you’re fine.” Joseph rested his chin on her shoulder, his dry lips brushing against her ears over and over again. 

He was clearly the one who was injured, but he did not care at all. 

Chloe did not dare to touch him. She could only protest with a red face and a harsh voice, “You are still sick!” “Don’t move, go back to bed and rest!” 

“No.” The man was extremely stubborn, his starry eyes were red, and his arms around her delicate body tightened again. 

Plop, plop, plop… 

Chloe’s beautiful eyes widened and she was secretly shocked! 

Why was his heart beating so fast? 

His body was also very hot, his muscles were tense as if they were about to explode, and his body was trembling and invading her, tugging at her heartstrings. 

All the reactions revealed one thing – Joseph’s body signs were somewhat abnormal! 

“Joseph, your situation is not right now. Let go of me first… You first… 


Joseph’s heart could not help but beat wildly, his breathing rhythm was chaotic, and her eyes were red as he lowered his head to take her lips! 

He pressed on step by step, and she retreated step by step. 

There was no way to retreat. Her back pressed against the wall, enduring his overbearing and powerful kiss. 

Joseph closed his eyes, as if he was a traveler who had struggled in the desert for too long and finally found the only source of water. His thin lips kissed her passionately, pried open her teeth, and intertwined. 

Chloe was pressed down by him, kissed, the tips of his ears, his face, his neck… dyed red with lust. 

Gradually, she clearly felt his breath gradually become steady, his trembling calmed down, and the burning anger in his eyes gradually became clear. 

Only his kiss to her was still so deep, without any restraint. 

After pestering her for a long time, if not for the fear that she was lacking in oxygen, Joseph would probably have kissed her until it was dark. 

The two of them panted, their foreheads drenched in sweat. 

He was even more exaggerated. The hospital gown on his body was completely exposed, sticking to his impressive chest muscles. He was also dressed as if he wasn’t wearing anything. In front of her, he put on a wet body temptation. 

Upon closer inspection, his originally pale lips had become rosy and glossy. 

What was this, plucking yin to nourish yang? 

“Bastard! You just woke up and you bit me” Chloe was flustered by the kiss, and her honorifictitle for him rose again. 


“I’ll only bite you.” 

After the warm kiss, Joseph felt refreshed, and the annoying and wild feeling was gone. 

His eyes darkened slightly, and he became a little more unbridled. He pressed her body and hooked her delicate jaw with his fingertips. “But it doesn’t hurt, does it?” 

“Get lost, go back to bed and lie down!” Chloe turned her face away, and it was her turn to accelerate her heartbeat. 


“Joseph, you… you don’t even listen to me?” In a moment of desperation, Chloe actually said this. 

Joseph was slightly stunned and smiled. “I will only listen to you. But…” 

As soon as he finished speaking, his Adam’s apple rolled and his hot breath gushed out of the tip of her nose. “But it’s not enough.” 

Before Chloe could react, her wrists were pinned to the wall by Joseph.. 

Her warm lips once again overturned her… 

With great difficulty, she took off her body, and the sun had already set. 

Chloe walked to the director’s office with her legs soft. Her body was drenched in sweat, and her eyes were a little messy. 

Obviously, it was just a kiss. 

Why does it feel like they have done everything…? 

After knocking on the door, Chloe walked in. 

“Hospital Chief Corbet.” 

“Miss Thorp, your face is so red. Are you feeling unwell?” Hospital Chief Corbet couldn’t help but ask when he saw her cheeks flush red. 

“Ah… It’s fine.” 

Chloe cursed Joseph in her heart for being a bastard. She took a deep breath and touched her hot cheeks. “Has the result of – Joseph’s brain CT results come out?” 


Dr. Corbet took out the X-ray from the drawer and handed it to Chloe. 

Chloe took it and looked at the X-ray seriously under the light. 

Suddenly, her eyebrows furrowed and her heart sank. 

“Miss Thorp, you can see that something is wrong, right?” 

“Your operation was very successful. It can be said that apart from you, there are no more than three people in the whole country who can do this operation.” 

“Succeeded? You think I succeeded?” 

Chloe felt suffocated. She lowered her trembling hand and the CT film made a small noise. “In my opinion, it left a sequela for the patient… This is failure!” 

She, Chloe, could endure anything, but she could not bear the taste of failure! 

Especially it was Joseph. 

She clutched her clothes, and her heart ached so much that it felt like it was dripping blood. 

“Any doctor who performed such a dangerous and difficult surgery would have a very high chance of having residual effects. Please don’t blame yourself! It’s already a blessing to be able to save Mr. Sawle’s life!” Hospital Chief Corbet tried to persuade her, because he knew how strong God Lewis was. 

“So… when he saw me just now, his emotions were out of control…” 

“Is there any way to treat his side effects?” Chloe muttered, clenching her fists. 

“For the time being, I can only suppress it with medicine similar to sedatives. There is no better way.” 

“If the patient’s mentality is calm enough and his emotions are stable enough, he can actually suppress the illness.” 

Emotional stability? 

So after kissing her, his emotions stabilized? 


Chloe’s cheeks turned red again and she gritted her teeth. 

It seemed that it really agreed with that sentence, ‘It’s hard to cure a cheap bone! 

Midnight, Chiaki. 

In the luxurious European-style private room, two beautiful women dressed in Chinese style, cheongsam, were serving Jerome. 

The so-called service was just pouring wine and sitting. 

Who didn’t know about Chiaki? Fourth Young Master Xavier had severe mysophobia. Women like them didn’t dare to get close to this Jade Face Yama. 

In the blurred light and shadow, Jerome lazily sat on the sofa. His tall body leaned back, and his long neck pulled out a superior line. His side profile, which was as delicate as a work of art, was so beautiful that people didn’t dare to breathe. 

One of the women couldn’t help but stare blankly. She didn’t pay attention to her hands, and a few drops of wine actually dripped on the tip of Jerome’s spotless shoes! 

“Ah… Director Xavier! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” The woman was so frightened that her face turned pale. She got up and kept bowing to apologize to him. 

Jerome slowly opened his Ruifeng eyes and did not look at her. “Clean it up.” 

“Yes, yes!” 

As if she had been granted amnesty, the woman immediately knelt down humbly. Trembling, she held Jerome’s leather shoes and stuck out her tongue. 

One mouthful at a time, she licked the wine stains on her face clean. 

“Get lost.” Jerome rubbed the space between his eyebrows in annoyance. 

“Yes!” The woman knelt down and retreated. She retreated to the door and crawled out. 

“You get lost too.” 

The other woman, cheongsam, was also frightened and crawled out of the room. 

The two of them had just left when the secretary poked her head in and carefully said, “Director Xavier, Miss Brylee Stoner is here.”

A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased by Her EX-Husband

A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased by Her EX-Husband

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A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased by Her EX-Husband" A romance novel is a genre of fiction literature that primarily focuses on the romantic relationships between its main characters... These novels typically revolve around the development of a deep emotional and often physical connection between two individuals who are attracted to each other.. A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased by Her EX-Husband novels can take place in various settings, historical periods, or contemporary times, and they often explore themes of love, passion, desire, and the complexities of human relationships.   Read Full Novel A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased by Her EX-Husband A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased by Her Ex-Husband Chloe Thorp had been Joseph Sawle's abandoned wife for three years. She had thought that she would be able to warm his heart with love. She did not expect that he would give her a divorce agreement and welcome his dream girl into the house. She was disheartened and resolutely divorced. She became the daughter of Thorp Group and was as rich as a country. From then on, the Billionaire was her, the Miraculous Physician was her, the top hacker was her, and the fencing champion was also her! Her ex-husband regretted it. "Honey, I was wrong. Let's get married again!" Chloe curled her lips coldly. "I don't lack love, money, and men. I lack a watchdog." Joseph leaned forward and handed the tie to her. "Honey, I'm here to guard the house. Woof! Woof!".   A Billion-Rich Woman Was Chased


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