A Cue for Love Chapter 515

A giggle escaped Natalie’s lips when she saw Malcolm’s frantic state.

Her titter grew into full-blown laughter as her shoulders shook with mirth.

Samuel pulled Natalie closer to himself and said, “Master, if she’s the junior that you were talking about, then I take back everything I said. Nat is the love of my life. If she ever asks you to introduce her to other men, please deny her and tell her to stop being deluded.”

Malcolm’s eyes darted between Samuel and Natalie, who was still in Samuel’s arms.

“You’re a couple?”

“Yes.” Samuel’s voice rang with certainty.

Never in a million years did Malcolm think that the two apprentices he wished to set up would find their way to each other without his intervention. It was amazing news.

“This is great!” Malcolm was practically leaping with elation.

Natalie’s smile disappeared as she prodded Samuel’s cheek. “Samuel, do you have no sense of humor at all? Can’t you tell that I was just joking?”

Raising an eyebrow, Samuel countered, “Do you think I’d let my woman make such a joke?”

“Got it. I won’t do it again.”

Natalie arduously pried Samuel’s fingers from her waist. Although they had engaged in activities far more intimate than this, Natalie still felt awkward about being lovey-dovey with people around.

“Master, Senior, I’ll serve you some tea,” Natalie suggested.

Natalie skilfully prepared the tea and proffered Malcolm and Samuel each a cup.

“This must be fate!” Malcolm marveled as he sipped on his tea. “I thought that the two of you would have no connection whatsoever. Who knew you would be interested in each other!”

“Samuel, you know about medicines?” Natalie murmured.

Samuel swirled the tea in his cup as he smirked, “I never said that I didn’t.”

Natalie had sought out Malcolm to learn about medicine. If Samuel was also Malcolm’s apprentice, then he should be skilled in the field as well. Natalie had concealed her abilities all this while, so it came as no surprise that Samuel had been laying low too.

Had it not been for this fateful encounter, she might have never found out about this side of Samuel.

Natalie gaped at Samuel, her almond-shaped eyes wide with astonishment. She had always known that Samuel was no average Joe, but his true capabilities were far beyond her imagination.

Samuel’s eyes met Natalie’s as he placed his teacup down.

“But my medical expertise is not as good as yours,” Samuel admitted humbly. “I’ve only dabbled in the medical field for a year before switching to business. After that, I returned to Dellmoor to take over the Bowers family business.”

Malcolm stroked his beard and nodded in agreement.

It was true that Samuel was not as well-versed in the medical field compared to Natalie, but it was simply a matter of experience rather than talent.

Natalie had been exposed to the environment in her early years, thanks to her grandfather and mother. After that, she had learned from Malcolm for two years whereas Samuel had only stayed for one.

However, Samuel easily learned knowledge worth twenty years of experience in the span of a year.

“By the way, why did you take Nat as your apprentice?” Samuel regretted missing the earlier stages of Natalie’s life and yearned to make up for the lost memories. This included learning more about her apprenticeship.

Upon hearing his question, Natalie’s hand shook, and the tea splattered on her hand.

The piping hot liquid scalded Natalie’s hand, turning her skin red.

“Are you all right?” Worry etched Samuel’s face as he held Natalie’s hand gingerly. “Why are you so careless?”

“It’s nothing,” Natalie dismissed his concern.

“Nothing? Look, the back of your hand is all red…” Samuel picked up a bottle of chilled water and poured it over Natalie’s hand.


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