A Cue for Love Chapter 517

Chapter 517 Fulfill Your Wish

Meanwhile, Yara woke up blearily and found herself in an enclosed space. Apart from a small area shone by a light above her, it was pitch black everywhere.

The light shone on her face, forcing her to close her eyes. There was someone before her, but she could not see the person.

Yara recalled two men in black jumped out of the housekeeper’s minivan. One of them covered her nose, causing her to faint.

“Who’s there?” Yara glanced left and right in panic. “Where am I? What are you planning to do to me? I have a lot of money. Tell me how much you want, and I can give it to you!”

A man’s voice came from the darkness. “How arrogant! Is the Nichols family that rich? Even if Dexmed Pharmaceutical is yours, it isn’t worth much money, isn’t it?”

Yara was stunned by the man’s disdainful tone. It seemed that he deemed Dexmed Pharmaceutical as insignificant as an ant.

If he doesn’t want money, what does he want?

“Who… Who are you? Why did you abduct me?” Yara asked.

“Initially, I expected you to shine in today’s conference…” The man sighed. “In the end, that woman from Dream crushed you under her feet. If one were to compare talents, you still have a long way…”

“That woman? Who are you talking about?” Yara asked anxiously.

“You know who I am talking about,” the man replied calmly. Then, he continued, “If you continue like this, she will trample you under her feet forever. You can never hope to turn the situation around.”

“I…” Yara wanted to refute what he said. However, she could not help remembering that Samuel had grown cold towards her. Furthermore, Dream had taken control of Dexmed Pharmaceutical.

Therefore, nothing turned out the way she wanted. If the situation continued this way, she would lose everything.

Under the glaring light, Yara could vaguely see a man with a silver mask over his face. She couldn’t see anything else.

“Why are you telling me all these? There’s no way you’re being nice to me! What do you want from me?” Yara asked fearfully.

Although she could only see the man’s facial contours, she could still sense his domineering aura.

Furthermore, she felt a sense of fear looking at him.

If he decided to kill her, it would be as easy as lifting a finger to him. He could make her disappear from the face of the world.

“I invited you here to help you fulfill your wish.” The man paced around before explaining, “That woman didn’t even change her name. She just altered her face and returned to Dellmoor. Yet, you have only begun to suspect her now. Five years ago, you used her familial affection and betrayed her. Now, she obtained Samuel’s love again. How can you stand a chance against her on your own?”

His every word struck her to the core.

However, what he said was indeed Yara’s present predicament.

Other than Kenneth, her trump card, she had no other cards in her hands.

Initially, she thought that she could have everything. Now, it seemed that she could lose it all at any moment.

Yara bit her lower lip as the fear of losing everything assailed her.

Her rationality told her that this man would never help her with nothing to gain. Furthermore, his help might carry a price too severe for her to pay.

However, she had fallen deeply in love with Samuel during these five years.

Yara could accept losing everything except Samuel.

Therefore, she got up from the floor, wanting to get to the man. Unfortunately, the surrounding was too dark, causing her to lose balance and stumble clumsily onto the floor.

Then, she crawled on the floor to the man’s feet and murmured, “Please help me! I can give up anything, but I can’t lose Samuel. I can’t stand to lose him. Please, I beg of you. I am willing to pay any price you want!”

“Good.” The man bent down and grabbed Yara by her hair. He sounded pleased as he said, “Since you begged for my help, I will give you a chance… You better not disappoint me.”


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