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A Life Debt Repaid by Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 520

Chapter 520
Those threatening words left the journalist turning pale, but he was not about to be
cowed when so many others were watching.
“I-I’m just telling the truth!” he stammered. ‘Quinn Summer is being vain, and you have
no feelings for her?!’
“Then why would I punch you?” Sam demanded.
While the journalist was left dumbstruck, Sam added threateningly, “You have no say
with whatever1 s between me and Quinn. Slander her again, and I’ll kill you!”
He suddenly turned, and took Quinn’s hand.
She was caught by surprise but did not push him away.
Even as he left with her, he barked intimidatingly at the journalists who were obviously
enjoying the drama, “If you have any questions about me messing around with other
women, come to me! But I will make sure anyone who harasses Quinn suffers for the
rest of their lives!”
And with those words, Sam furiously left with Quinn, leaving the journalists agape.
If anyone were to tell them that Sam did not love Quinn, they would call them a liar.
But if he did love her, why was he not showing any signs of stopping his philandering?
Meanwhile, Sam was unceremoniously shoving Quinn into his car while she glanced
at her own car which was parked nearby.
Her chauffeur was still standing beside it, staring in confusion as Sam took her away.
“I have my own car,” she told Sam calmly then, although she was confused about why
he turned back when she obviously saw him leaving with Bob earlier.
“Shut up!” Sam barked at her furiously.
Quinn pursed her lips in turn, as Sam was obviously venting his grievance toward the
journalist on her.
Even so, she really wanted to ask what right did he have to get upset about when the
journalist was clearly questioning his evidently disreputable behavior.
And he even punched the journalist too.
Did he understand that he just broke the law?!
Nonetheless, Sam floored the gas pedal and his car lurched forward before shooting
out like an arrow.
The sudden inertia startled Quinn, who quickly caught the grab handles beside her
and kept herself upright and still in her seat. She was really worried that Sam would
crash his car at breakneck speed and kill both of them!
She certainly did not want to die-she was the only surviving member of her family, and
her parents would definitely be aggrieved if she had to join them.
She promised them that she would live well, after all.
However, despite her best efforts to stay calm, she eventually lost it when Sam spun
the car through a junction so quickly it almost hit another car coming the other way!
“Stop it, Sam!”
She absolutely had no intentions of dying-and certainly not because of him, or she
would be rolling around in her grave!
“Slow down! Can’t you calm down for one second?!’ she yelled at him. “If you’re upset
about something or me, just tell me! Stop messing around like this-someone would
get killed!”
She honestly did not know why Sam could be this childish when he was already in her
Why was he simply incapable of being rational like an adult?!

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