A Second Chance at Forever Chapter 1356

A Second Chance at Forever Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356 

Katharine’s words were harsh, and understandably, Eleanor felt a stab of guilt, “Katharine, I don’t belittle Caleb, and neither does Bernard. He thinks of Caleb as his own brother, and he…” 

“He thinks of Caleb as a brother, so he send him to his death?!” 

“Bernard went to Area Opaca, and the first person he didn’t tell was Caleb. He didn’t want to drag him into it, how can you think he would send him to his death?” 

Despite Eleanor’s explanation, Katharine wasn’t having any of it. Her anger, which had just cooled, flared up again, “Shut up! I don’t want to hear your excuses, you’re all in this together!” 

“Katharine…” Before Eleanor could finish her sentence, Katharine, wild with rage, got up and lunged at her. Before Cedric could intervene, or Robin could hold her back, a mature and steady figure rushed in. 

The figure, upon entering, swiftly raised a hand and slapped Katharine across the face. 

“What an embarrassment!” 

York had a strong hand, and with that slap, Katharine lost her balance and fell to the ground. 

She felt a pain in her belly, and something began to ooze out. But she just sat there, stunned, looking at York. 

York didn’t notice the blood. He stood over her, glaring at her in rage. 

“You’ve been secretly dating that bodyguard Caleb, and you’re carrying his child. If you have no sense of shame, fine. But you’re making a scene over a dead man!” 

“He’s not dead!” With a strength she didn’t know she had, Katharine pushed away Robin, who had bent down to help her up. She balled her fists and screamed at York, “Caleb’s not dead, he’s alive and well, I won’t let you curse him!!” 

In recent times, Katharine’s mental state had been unstable. York had been keeping a vigilant watch over her, taking care of her day and night, but it seemed… she couldn’t be woken up from her delusion. 

“Are you crazy?” York, emotionally exhausted, reached out to pull Katharine up, but she struggled and inadvertently slapped him across the face. 

York was a man of high standing, and he had never been hit by his own child before. His face darkened, but he didn’t retaliate. He just looked at her with a mixture of pain and anger. 

“Do you have any idea how many people know about your crazy antics over a man? They’re all laughing at you behind your back! How are you going to get married after this?!” 

Hearing these words, Katharine suddenly seemed to regain her senses and stopped struggling. 

“Dad, is my worth only measured by a business marriage in your eyes?” 

Hearing her words, York felt a lump in his throat. 

“You’re my daughter, you should marry the best, not a bodyguard. Now that he’s dead, it’s for the best. Otherwise, I would never have allowed you two to be together.” 

This was the end for Katharine and Caleb. They couldn’t be together in life, and even in death, they couldn’t be together. Katharine hugged herself and sat on the ground, laughing bitterly. 

“President Spencer, you’re quite the great man…” 

Being mocked by his own daughter, York didn’t feel good. He gripped Katharine’s shoulders and lifted her from the ground, “If you make a scene in public again, I’ll lock you up!” 

As soon as Katharine was lifted up, Robin noticed the blood on the ground. His face turned pale. 

“Katharine, you’re bleeding and you didn’t even notice? Why didn’t you say something?!” 

Following Robin’s gaze, Katharine looked down at herself. Only when she saw the blood did she react, “Robin, I’m hurting so much inside, I didn’t feel it.” 

She grabbed Robin’s arm, tears streaming down her face, “This is Caleb’s only child. I don’t want to lose him. Please help me, Robin, please help me…”

A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz )

A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 18/06/2023 Native Language: English
"A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz )" What’s better than a classic romance novel? How about a romance novel set in outer space? With the same tropes that you might recognize from contemporary romances, and set in a world that’s nothing like our own, sci-fi romance takes everyone’s favorite genre to a whole new level.

A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz ) Series In Order

A Second Chance at Forever Chance Eleanor Shultz thought she had found true love with Bernard Laurence, but after five years of being his secret lover, she was left heartbroken and alone. Despite her gentle and submissive nature, she could not warm his heart. When she finally decided to move on and marry someone else, Bernard unexpectedly returned and pressed her against a wall, kissing her with a fierce passion. As Eleanor struggled to understand Bernard's sudden change of heart, she must confront her own feelings and decide whether to follow her head or her heart in this steamy tale of love and desire. A Second Chance at Forever  

About the Novel

  • Title: A Second Chance at Forever
  • Author:   Eleanor Shultz
  • Publisher: Noveljar
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: Romance
Name of the Novel: 1 A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz )
website : 2   noveljar.com
Genres: : 3 Billionaire, Hot Romance, Romantic, Marriage, and Billionaire, Hot Romance
Chapters: 4 From 1 to Latest
Status So Far: 5 Ongoing
Updare Time : 6 morning
Rating: 7 9.7 Stars Out of 10
Language : English

A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz ) Novel Definition and Characteristics

A heartfelt and hilarious read about Novel, sisters, and writing your own love story.

A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz ) writes steamy romances like no other: with detailed worldbuilding, emotional storylines, and heroes and heroines that you’ll love rooting for. Her beloved Ice Planet Barbarians series is one of the buzziest romance series out there, and readers are quick to understand why — they’re addictive and unputdownable.
( Eleanor Shultz ) is actually a pen name, and no one knows who is behind it! Not that Ruby’s readers mind the mystery: they just love how dedicated she is to her fans. Beyond the fact that it’s breathtakingly s**y, her writing is also deeply moving and impressively plotted. With multiple interconnecting series, Ruby Dixon is the master of giving her fans what they want — which is, of course, more to read!
  • FAQs: 

    Is A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz ) a pen name?

    Yes, A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz )  is a pen name, although the author hasn’t publicly released her actual name.

    What order should I read A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz ) ?

    The best order to read A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz ) DOLLimpressive bibliography is listed above, although readers hoping to start somewhere else can do so without any problem. As long as you read each series in its set order, you should be fine!

    How many IceAbracei Henriques books are there?

    There are twenty-two books in the series, as well as a few related novellas.

    What are the A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz ) ?

    The Ice Planet Barbarians series is intended for mature audiences, as it deals with difficult subjects such as abduction, sx trafficking, murder, rape, and death.

    Will there be more A Second Chance at Forever ( Eleanor Shultz ) Novamente ? 

     ( Eleanor Shultz ) has not officially announced a book as the series “finale”, which means that most likely there are more on the way. However, nothing is yet official.


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