After the divorce female CEO Chapter 169

After the divorce female CEO Chapter 169

Chapter 169 A Crazy Elvira 

Waylen drove back to Rena’s apartment. 

Snowball wagged its tail in excitement and bounded over towards them as soon as they arrived. 

Rena quickly shrugged off her coat and petted Snowball on the head. “Good girl,” she said dotingly. 

Snowball happily raised its paw. It seemed to want to play outside. So Rena handed the leash to Waylen and said, “Can you take Snowball out for a walk? I’ll cook you a bowl of noodles.” 

Waylen didn’t say anything. 

He simply looked at her with some eagerness in his eyes. 

Then he took the leash and squatted down to put it on the dog. Together, they headed out the door. 

The small kitchen of the apartment had a window facing the outdoors. When Rena was chopping up some vegetables, she glanced outside and saw Waylen walking Snowball. His slender, god-like figure was dressed immaculately. Even as he strode alongside the unruly dog, he looked like a model. 

Rena couldn’t help but stare at him for a long time… 

By the time Waylen came back, the heating in the apartment had been turned on and the place was really warm. 

Waylen took off his overcoat and rolled up his sleeves. He sat at the small table and slurped up the noodles, yet he still managed to look charming. 

Rena reached for the newspaper and read it. 

But none of the words on the paper could hold Rena’s interest, for her gaze landed on a few needle holes on Waylen’s arm that made his skin all black and blue. 

Seeing these, a lump formed in Rena’s throat. 


Chapter 140 A Crazy Elera 

She stretched out her hand and stroked the bruise gently. “You’ve had your blood drawn many times.” 

Waylen followed her gaze and nodded idly. 

Elvira made such a huge fuss. Both the Colemans and the Fowlers had been suffering a lot these days, and Waylen was getting the shortest end of the stick. Just as Harold told her, the hospital lacked Rh-negative. blood. So as long as Elvira slit her wrist, Waylen had to go to the hospital to donate his blood to her. 

Rena didn’t say anything more, but gently stroked his arm. 

Her heart ached for him. 

In her eyes, Elvira didn’t love Waylen. And even if Elvira did love him, her love was extremely distorted and selfish. 

But no matter how wronged she felt, Rena couldn’t talk about it. 

Worse yet, she couldn’t tell whether Waylen still had feelings for Elvira 

or not. 

When he was done eating the noodles, Waylen habitually took out a cigarette and was about to light it, but Rena plucked the cigarette out of 

his hand. 

“You shouldn’t smoke too much,” she scolded him in a soft voice. 

Startled, he looked up at her with quizzical eyes. 

Rena ignored his gaze and was about to clear up the table when the man suddenly grabbed her by the arm. 

“You can clean up tomorrow.” 

Then Waylen scooped her up into his arms and carried her straight to the bedroom. Obviously, he wanted to be intimate with her. 

“No.” Rena refused him while wrapping her arms around his neck to steady herself. 

Waylen stopped and looked down at her in confusion. “What’s wrong?” Rena reached out a hand, gently stroked his cheek, and whispered in a faintly trembling voice, “You’ve had your blood drawn so many times. You’d better get some rest.” 

Waylen looked deep into her eyes. 

This time, Rena didn’t shy away from his gaze. 

Her eyes glistened slightly, and her expression was complicated. After a long while, Waylen smiled and said gently, “It doesn’t matter.” He had always been domineering. Rena knew she couldn’t change his mind, so she didn’t protest when he held her down at the end of the bed… Maybe due to donating so much blood, his stamina wasn’t as good as 


Waylen only came once. 

Then he rolled over and lay next to her, panting softly. Strewn on the floor were the clothes they had taken off just now. 

Rena wanted to get up and put them on. 

But the man gently pressed her down and whispered, “Don’t get up. Stay 

with me for a while.” 

Rena obediently nestled in his arms and pressed her face against his neck to feel his warmth. 

Half an hour later, Waylen had enough rest. He carried Rena to the bathroom and the two took a quick shower together. 

Afterwards, Rena was so tired that she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. 

But sometime in the night, she awoke to find herself alone in bed. 

She stood up, put on a coat, and walked into the living room. There she found Waylen smoking by the open window, with several cigarette butts in the teacup beside him. 

Seeing Rena come out, he immediately stubbed out his cigarette. 

“Did I wake you up?” he asked with a small smile. 

Rena walked over and wrapped her slender arms around his waist. “Why aren’t you in bed? Is something bothering you?” 

Women tended to have a softer heart when they were in love, and she was clearly concerned about his welfare, which just went to show how generous she was with Waylen right now. 

If he talked to her about Elvira now, she was willing to have a conversation with him. After all, Elvira was an obstacle between them 

that they couldn’t escape for the time being. 

Waylen tucked her hair behind her ear and said softly, “It’s just work, that’s all.” 

With that, he led her back to the bedroom and climbed into bed with her. Then he cuddled her from behind and kissed the back of her ear for a long time. 

Later, the two fell into a routine. 

Although Waylen was extremely busy, he’d make it a point to see her two or three times a week. 

Sometimes he’d spend the night at her place, while at other times, if he finished up early, he’d take her to his apartment. 

And there were always fresh needle holes on his arm. 

Rena didn’t ask him where he came from, nor did she ask him if Elvira had been discharged from the hospital. In fact, she didn’t ask him anything about Elvira. 

Rena just quietly prepared tonics and nutritious food for him whenever he came. 

Waylen was always hungry for sex with Rena, but Rena drew a line and seldom let him. 

After all, he was too weak. 

Sometimes, Waylen would get dressed and go to the hospital in the middle of the night if Lyndon called him. 

Those nights, Rena couldn’t sleep. She’d sit in the living room sofa, waiting for him… 

However, he always came back too late. 

As time went by, since the Colemans and the Fowlers were both famous, Elvira’s personal affairs became well-known to everyone. 

Darren was worried about his daughter, so he outright didn’t agree with Rena’s relationship with Waylen. No matter how rich Waylen’s family was, it was terrible that Rena’s man was always with another woman. Eloise, on the other hand, didn’t say anything on the matter. 

As a woman herself, she knew how Rena must’ve felt about the whole 

thing, and she didn’t want to make the poor girl feel worse. 

Indeed, Rena was having a hard time. 

She got in her car after leaving her parents’ apartment. She was about to go to the hospital to get medicine for Darren, but Eloise followed her downstairs. 

“Eloise?” Rena got out of the car as soon as she saw her stepmother approach. 

Eloise walked up to Rena and patted her on the shoulder. “Your father is a straightforward man. Don’t take his words to heart, okay? This decision is up to you. But I mean, no matter how excellent Waylen is, if you’re not happy… Then what’s the point in staying with him?” 

A lump formed in Rena’s throat, so she could only nod. 

Her eyes welled up with tears, and her nose was a little red. 

Eloise felt sorry for Rena. 

She stretched out her hand to smooth Rena’s hair and said softly, “If you really like him, then keep going. But if he fails you in the end, don’t be scared to leave him. Life is short. Don’t waste too much time on something that makes you sad, okay?” @ 

Rena nodded again. 

Eloise sighed and said softly, “Go on then. Drive safe.” 

After hugging Eloise, Rena returned to her car. 

She pulled into the hospital parking lot soon. 

Naturally, the last person she wanted to see at the hospital was Elvira. But life had a way of giving you things you didn’t want. Just as Rena was about to enter the hospital, a nurse was taking Elvira out for a walk in 

her wheelchair. 

Elvira didn’t look well. She was pale and thin now, and even the hospital gown looked huge on her. 

Rena glanced at Elvira. 

Elvira also turned her face to look at Rena. 

Although Elvira looked weak, she was still her usual arrogant self. 

There were several entrances and exits in the hospital, so Rena decided 

Chapter 169 A Crazy Elvira 

to head to another entrance since she didn’t want to talk to Elvira. 

But of course, the latter stopped her. “Rena, can I have a word?” 

Rena paused and turned her head to look at Elvira coldly. 

Elvira then ordered the nurse to wheel her closer to Rena. And then she waved her hand to dismiss the nurse. 

The nurse left obediently. 

Elvira looked at the indifference in Rena’s eyes and suddenly felt very jealous. 

Elvira had been tormenting herself these days to get Waylen to come back to her, but for the sake of this unremarkable woman in front of her, Waylen had refused all her advances. 

But it didn’t matter… 

Waylen would not really leave her-for old time’s sake. 

Just as Elvira opened her mouth to say something, her gaze landed on the diamond ring on Rena’s finger. 

While the ring was beautiful, it was worn on the middle finger-not on the ring finger. 

A sneer appeared on Elvira’s face. She had thought that Waylen actually valued the woman in front of her, but it turned out that he only gave her half-promises. 

Elvira raised her chin and snorted arrogantly. 

“I heard that you want to marry Waylen. Is that true?” 

Rena followed Elvira’s gaze and saw the diamond ring on her middle finger… 

Her heart skipped a beat. 

The reason why she had been patient these days was that she really liked Waylen and didn’t want to give up on their relationship that easily. 

Plus, she was really happy when Waylen did romantic things for her. 

Elvira snickered. 

Examining her manicured nails, she said casually, “Miss Gordon, you know what? As long as I slit my wrists, Waylen will always come running to me. No matter what he’s doing with you, he’ll stop at once 


Chapter 169 A Crazy Elvira 

and go to the hospital to donate his blood. Even if you two are in the middle of mind-blowing sex.” 

Rena’s eyebrows shot up immediately. She was shocked by Elvira’s 


In a cold voice, she asked, “Elvira, why are you doing this? You know it’s 

not going work out between you two.” 

Upon hearing this, Elvira’s face changed slightly. 

A wicked light flashed in her eyes and she said slowly, “At least I can torture you two. Especially you, Rena. How dare you think you can win Waylen’s heart? And now you even want to marry him? I’m telling you… 

You don’t deserve him!” 

Rena crossed her arms and resisted the urge to roll her eyes at Elvira. 

This woman was crazy. 

And it was clear that this madwoman just wanted to provoke Rena into doing something rash… 

So Rena took a deep breath and calmed down. 

With a faint smile, she said lightly, “That might be true, but you’re the most unworthy person in the world, Elvira. And I, no matter if I have a future with Waylen or not, have a clear conscience. Even if we end up parting ways, I wouldn’t badger him like what you’re doing right now.” 

Rena felt much better after she said that, as though a weight had been 

lifted from her chest. 

Without waiting for a response, she turned around and left… 

Livid, Elvira began to cry and scream hysterically. 

Despite winning their argument, Rena was still depressed when she got 


Was this what Waylen had to face every time he went to the hospital to 

donate blood? 

After sulking for a while, Rena decisively took Snowball to her car and drove to Waylen’s apartment. 

Waylen wasn’t home. Rena got busy in the kitchen and cooked a delicious soup and several other dishes. By the time she was finished, 

Chapter 169 A Crazy Elvira 

Waylen hadn’t come back yet, so she started to work on her report while waiting for him. 

Snowball had been playing and running around in circles in the living room. When Snowball finally tired out, it curled up beside Rena. 

The little dog’s black eyes stared at her, seeming to beg for something. 

Rena knew that look, so she took out a bag of dog treats and fed Snowball some. Sure enough, the dog yipped happily and ate the treats. Soon, Snowball closed its eyes and fell asleep with a look of satisfaction. 

Rena checked the time. 

It was half past ten. 

A few minutes later, the door opened and Waylen strode in. He was a little surprised to see Rena there. 

Smiling faintly, he took off his coat and walked towards her. He leaned over and kissed her. “What brings you here?” 

Rena wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. “I wanted to cook something for you.” 

As she spoke, she looked at his face carefully. 

He didn’t look too good. 

Waylen seldom told Rena about what was going on, and she seldom asked him about it. After all, she couldn’t talk about it because Korbyn had already asked her to let Waylen do this to repay the Coleman family. 

But when she ran into Elvira today, she saw just how crazy the woman 

really was.. 

And because of this, Rena had changed her mind a little. 

“Have some soup first to warm you up,” she said gently, gesturing at the 


Waylen couldn’t bear to let her go. After holding her a long time, he teased, “Do you like playing the role of my wife that much?” 

Rena couldn’t help but blush furiously. 

“Who would want to be your wife? I’m still young!” she retorted with a 


Waylen kissed her fair neck and said in a low voice, “Well, I’m not young 

anymore. I’ll be thirty next year.” 

Rena turned to look at his handsome face and was particularly tempted by his lips. 

Waylen leaned in to kiss her again. 

After a while, Waylen pulled away slightly to whisper, “We haven’t done it in a long time, Rena. Can we please do it tonight?” 

Finally, Rena acquiesced, and this night, he was very gentle. 

As they were doing it, Rena couldn’t help but arch her back and whisper into the air, “Oh, honey…” 

Being called like this, Waylen was caught off guard… 

After the divorce female CEO

After the divorce female CEO

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