After the divorce female CEO Chapter 170

After the divorce female CEO Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Let’s Have A Try 

Waylen suddenly pulled Rena into a tight embrace and kissed her ear. “Call me honey again,” he whispered. 

But Rena refused. 

She rested her head on his shoulder, smelling the faint scent of his 


Waylen, as restless as he was, wanted to do it again. 

Rena ran her finger down his jawline and whispered, “You should get some rest and have some soup later.” 

Waylen’s eyebrow shot up. “Are you worried about me?” 

Indeed, Rena did worry about him. 

Seeing the concern in her eyes turned Waylen on. Without hesitation, he climbed on top of her again and started to kiss her. 

But just as things were getting heated, his phone rang. It was the ringtone exclusive to Lyndon. 

Rena pursed her lips. She knew that a call from Lyndon meant no good. 

As expected, after Waylen said a few words on the phone, his face turned sullen. He stood up to get dressed as soon as he put the phone down. 

Rena hugged him from behind, trying to stop him from leaving. 

“Waylen, can’t you just leave her alone? 

You know she’s doing this on purpose. How long will you let her hurt you like this? 

Waylen, I know your family owns Mr. Coleman. But you’ve done enough, really.” 

After all, Rena was a woman… 

She couldn’t just wait for Waylen to come back and pretend that nothing happened. She couldn’t just watch him go to the hospital to transfuse 

Chapter 170 Let’s Have A Try 

blood to a lunatic every so often. 

Seeing the bruises on his arm from the blood transfusions, Rena felt 


Waylen didn’t say anything at first. Instead, he kissed her deeply, holding her trembling body. 

When she finally calmed down a little, he said softly, “Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.” 

“No, you won’t. You never come back. 

Elvira won’t let you…” 

For the first time, Rena spoke her mind about this matter. “Waylen, even though your family owes Lyndon, Elvira isn’t your responsibility. You can help her with her case, but being at her beck and call will only make her 


Truth be told, Rena almost said that Elvira really was crazy and that she should go see a psychiatrist, but she managed to hold her tongue. 

Waylen studied Rena’s face. He probably knew what she meant. 

But there was a complicated look in his eye, and Rena knew that nothing she could say would convince him to stay. 

Sure enough, he put on his clothes and left in the end. 

And as usual, Waylen didn’t come back that night. 

This spring night was quite cold. Rena tossed and turned in Waylen’s bed until three o’clock in the morning. She got up and had half a mind to go back to her apartment, but she didn’t want to wake Snowball. 

In the end, she sat on the sofa in the living room for the rest of the night… 

In the following weeks, Elvira kept doing extreme things. 

As a result, Rena could hardly see Waylen. 

They only met twice, and both times, he looked exhausted and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. 

Rena didn’t ask him for anything. 

In this relationship, she was in a weak position, and there was no way back. At this point, her relationship with him was so shaky that… 

She didn’t even sure what she meant to him. 




Chapter 170 Let’s Have A Try 

Days turned into weeks, but things didn’t change. At first, she lied to herself and insisted on holding on, but after nearly a month passed, she found herself thinking that maybe she no longer held hope for this relationship either, and she was just waiting for Waylen to say that same thing out loud. 

Unexpectedly, Korbyn summoned Rena to his office one day. 

His secretary picked her up personally. “Miss Gordon, Mr. Fowler wants to see you,” he said. 

Half an hour later, Rena was sitting in Korbyn’s office. 

Korbyn thought so highly of Rena that he dismissed his secretary and prepared coffee for Rena himself. Smiling, he mentioned, “Cecilia mentioned that you like Mandheling, so I asked my secretary to buy some beans. Have a taste. Hope you like it.” 

Rena took the cup of coffee that was offered to her. It smelled wonderful, and she should’ve felt flattered by Korbyn’s words. 

But she was keenly aware that powerful people like Korbyn wouldn’t lower themselves to her level for nothing. 

She shifted in her seat, feeling a little uneasy about this meeting. 

Korbyn took a sip from his own cup of coffee. 

Sitting opposite to Rena, he said leisurely, “How come you haven’t been visiting us lately? Cecilia misses you, and Juliette has been asking when you’ll come over for dinner.” 

Rena forced a smile, but deep down, she was at a loss. 

Now, there was no hope for her relationship with Waylen. 

How could an experienced business tycoon like Korbyn not know what this little girl was thinking? 

In addition, Korbyn knew his son well. 

Korbyn was really fond of Rena, the pretty girl with a good temperament sitting in front of him… 

Beautiful, strong, independent, she was leagues ahead of Elvira, who kept messing around, tormenting Waylen. 

Thinking of this, Korbyn’s eyes took on a cold look as he made up his 

Chapter 1701ets Have A fry 


He pushed a letter in front of Rena and said with a gentle smile, “This is an invitation into the chief school of music in Flirean. Please don’t get me wrong, but… I know you’ve been upset these past few weeks. Why don’t you go abroad and have a change of environment? When Elvira’s case is over-no matter how much my family owes the Colemans, we will be able to repay it by then. In two years, you and Waylen will be at the right age to get married and have kids.” 

All the color drained from Rena’s face. 

She was a sensible girl, and she knew what Korbyn really meant. 

He was basically telling her that the friendship between the Fowlers and the Colemans would not be severed because of her. 

Rena smiled bitterly. 

If she left, Elvira might stop doing crazy things to get attention, and Waylen wouldn’t suffer as much. What a good arrangement! Korbyn had taken all aspects into account, except one… None of it was Rena’s fault, but she was the only one who would pay for it in the end. 

Everyone would be fine except her. 

She was the one who had to uproot her life and go abroad to solve everything here. 

Rena felt suffocated. 

A hush fell over Korbyn’s luxurious office. Korbyn didn’t say anything more to persuade her. He seemed to have endless patience with her… 

Finally, Rena raised her head and locked eyes with him. 

“I’ll have to think about it,” she said with difficulty. 

When she stood up, her face was as pale as a sheet, her hands as cold as a corpse. 

Korbyn couldn’t bear to see her like this, so he called his secretary to send Rena back home. 

As soon as Rena left, Juliette arrived. 

Juliette had rushed to her husband’s office as soon as she heard the news, but by the time she arrived, Rena had already left. The beautiful 

Chapter 101ets tave A by 

and dignified woman broke down and blamed her husband. 

“Waylen shouldn’t be responsible for Elvira’s affairs! 

And don’t you remember what the fortune teller said? Waylen will only meet two women in his life who truly love him, and he can only be with one of them! Korbyn, if you screw up Waylen’s marriage, I’ll take Cecilia and we’ll leave you! And I’m taking Rena with me! 

You fool! I’m going to leave both you and your son single!” 

Korbyn rubbed his temples helplessly. 

He led his sobbing wife to the sofa and comforted her, while secretly cursing his son for putting them in such a predicament. 

Korbyn could see clearly that the biggest problem in this matter wasn’t Elvira, but Waylen himself. 

After all, Korbyn could tell that Rena loved Waylen very much. 

The girl was good-looking and successful in her career… So why did she wait for Waylen all the time? Simple. Because she liked him. 

As for Waylen, it seemed that he didn’t cherish her enough. 

Korbyn had no choice but to take action for his son. Otherwise, if things went on like this, Waylen’s and Rena’s relationship would end sooner or 


Korbyn made a gamble. He bet that Rena loved Waylen enough to wait two years for him… 

Rena returned home with the invitation in her bag. 

She mulled over the idea of leaving for three whole days. 

In those three days, she had met Waylen only once. They didn’t have 

sex. They just hugged each other quietly. 

Lying in each other’s arms that night, she calmed down and asked 

herself, was her love for him enough for her to make such sacrifice? 

Indeed, her studio could be handled by a professional in her absence. 

But she couldn’t leave her family, especially since her father was not in good health… At dawn, Rena gently touched the diamond ring on her finger. Whenever she looked at the beautiful, pear-shaped diamond, she recalled how joyful she felt when he gave her this ring. 

Chapter 170 Let’s Have A Try 

In the end, she made up her mind. 

If things could change for the better in two years, then she was willing to 

take the chance. 

But she did have one condition: that her parents would come with her to 

Flirean. After furthering her studies, she could come back to Duefron and be more worthy of Waylen, and by then, she’d have the confidence to speak out against Lyndon… 

When Rena made this decision, she felt somewhat relieved, yet mostly, 

she felt lost. 

She looked up and saw Waylen’s handsome face mere inches away from hers. He was so beautiful that her expression immediately softened. 

She leaned over and kissed him on the lips, whispering, “I love you so much. Let’s have a try.” 

Waylen stirred. 

He turned over and pinned her under him. “What did you say just now?” 

he asked in a hoarse voice. 

Rena blushed a little and refused to repeat herself. 

Waylen smiled. His eyes were full of affection, and since he hadn’t had sex with her last night, he decided to do it this morning. 

Rena gave herself to him wholeheartedly. 

The whole time he fucked her, Waylen stared at her longingly. 

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Her cheeks were ruddy, and her eyes were full of affection… 

They did it a few times that morning. 

Finally, Waylen rolled over and lay down beside her. Panting, he teased, “What’s wrong with you today? Why are you so horny?” 

Sitting up in bed, he reached out to pinch her ruddy cheek. “I heard that girls start to long for men when they reach a certain age. Rena, did you long for me?” 

“Not at all,” Rena said with a pout, blushing furiously. Then she pushed him away and went to the bathroom. 

By the time she finished showering, Waylen was talking about the 

lawsuit with Lyndon on the phone. 

Rena approached him quietly and hugged him from behind. 

After he put the phone down, she said softly, “Saturday is Valentine’s Day, Can you come back then?” 

Waylen smiled. He was in a good mood because she was so sweet and gentle. 

He held her and teased, “Why? What gift are you going to give me?” 

Thinking of the invitation to the music school abroad, Rena felt a little 


But she managed to say in a lighthearted tone, “It’s a secret!” 

Waylen turned around and kissed her. He had nothing else to do this morning, so he dragged her back to bed and had sex with her again. Rena was surprised that he was so energetic, but she didn’t protest. In the afternoon, Waylen went to his law firm. 

Having made up her mind, Rena called Korbyn. Apparently, he had been waiting for her call for a long time. The phone only ran once before he picked up her call. 

Still, Korbyn’s voice was gentle and not pushy. “Have you made a decision?” 

Rena took a deep breath. 

“I’ll go, but I want to take my parents with me there.” 

Korbyn’s eyes lit up happily. “Of course! That’s a good idea. It’s nice to have you family over there to keep you company… You’re a good daughter, Rena.” 

After thinking for a while, he asked cautiously, “Does Waylen know?” “Not yet,” Rena said with a sigh. “I’ll tell him in a few days…” 

It was Valentine’s Day in a few days. She wanted to deliver the news to him properly. 

It was her first Valentine’s Day with Waylen, and Rena was determined to have a good time with him. After all, it was possible they might not 

have another moment together in the next two years….. 

Korbyn had been there, so he guessed the reason. 

Chapter 170 Let’s Have A Try 

He chuckled and said kindly, “You know what you need? A good shopping trip. I’ll tell Juliette and Cecilia to go to the mall with you later. If you feel lonely, just call Cecilia. Anyway, she has nothing better to do.” 

Rena forced a smile, but she politely declined his offer. 

Korbyn was more or less touched-Rena was really one of the kind. So he made an exception and said a few more comforting words. He valued Rena so much that even though he was a man of high status, he was willing to take the time to be patient with her. 

In the next two days, Rena made the necessary preparations for her 


Then she found a well-known studio in Duefron and designed a themed makeover plan for Waylen’s apartment. On Saturday afternoon, she remodeled the place. 

In total, it cost her fifty thousand dollars. Although it was a little excessive, Rena didn’t think twice when she swiped the card. 

After all, this was going to be her first Valentine’s day with Waylen. 

She carefully prepared golden candelabra, champagne roses, and food 

from a Michelin-starred restaurant. 

The scene was romantic… 

At seven o’clock in the evening, Rena called Waylen. Her tone was brisk. “What time will you arrive?” 

After the divorce female CEO

After the divorce female CEO

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