Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera ( Caroline Evans ) Chapter 575

Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera ( Caroline Evans ) Chapter 575

Chapter 576

Cheryl smiled shyly at Caroline’s words. “It would be great if Jack could be as sweet as you.” 

You can just take your time to teach him the ways of smooth operator,” Caroline teased.


“All right. Go back to work for now.” 

Okay!” Cheryl turned around and left the office enthusiastically

Caroline shook her head. The world was a mysterious place. Gwen was afraid of being in a stable relationship, while Cheryl yearned to be in one.

It would be great if two of them could balance each other’s flaws.

Just as she was thinking about itGwen called her.

Caroline answered the phone. “Why didn’t you text me yesterday?” 

Gwen’s voice was a little hoarse as she answered, “was a bit busy.”

Caroline immediately realized something was off.

She questioned, “Didn’t Sean take you home yesterday? What were you busy with?” 

Gwen was lying down on the couch. She glanced at Sean, who was busy in the kitchen, and

stretched her waist.

She said slyly, “Things an innocent maiden like you shouldn’t know about.”

Caroline’s eyes widened instantly. She stammered, “W–Wait, did you and Sean…”

Gwen had a faint smile on her lips as she whispered, “Yeah.”

Caroline couldn’t wait to drag Gwen over to her office and question her.

“How did you two get back together?”

“No, no, no! I need to correct you about something. We didn’t get back together. We’re just friends


Caroline joked, “So are you two friends with benefits or something?”


Gwen nodded. Yeah.

Her words made Caroline speechless.

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“We talked all night long about this. Since we can’t let go of each other, we’ll just be friends with benefits. Thenwe can be just friends again after we get tired of each other.

Caroline didn’t know how to respond to her words

“All rightCarol. I’m done with my update.” Gwen felt refreshed.

Although Caroline disapproved of the relationship they had, everyone had their own way of living their life. So she wouldn’t interfere with it, even if she didn’t approve.

Besides, she could hear the joy in Gwen’s tone. As long as Gwen had agreed to something and it wasn’t illegalCaroline would support her choice unconditionally.

“All right. I have to work now,” Caroline said with a smile.

You’re such a workaholic,” Gwen joked and hung up.

Caroline held her phonesmiling to herself.

Back then, Gwen had been a workaholic, and now Caroline had become a workaholic herself.

Howevershe liked the way she was now. She enjoyed working for herself every day instead of

working herself rugged to support someone else just to become a part of the Morrison family

At the thought of the Morrisons, Caroline thought of Eddy’s words again. It was true that she

hadn’t seen Jude in a while.

Caroline looked at her schedule. She happened to be free this afternoon. After sending Kirk a

message to inform him that she was going to see Jude, she went downstairs and bought some

vitamins for Jude.

After finishing her work, Caroline drove to Morrison Manor. Her cell phone kept ringing along the


When she arrived at her destination, she looked at her phone. However, she discovered that the

messages weren’t from her colleagues but from Kirk.

He had sent her a message almost every half hour, asking if she had arrived.

Caroline shook her head helplessly. He seemed to be afraid of her visiting the Morrisons.


Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera )

Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera )

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Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera ) A top romance novel is a captivating work of fiction that explores the emotional and often passionate relationships between characters, weaving a compelling story of love, desire, and connection while engaging readers with its heartfelt and evocative narrative.. Read More Sweet Subterfuge By Trina Duo ( Larissa Seymour & Travis Hardy )

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Betrayed by her fiancé, Caroline Evans decides on a whim to marry someone else. Everyone mocks her for the decision of giving up on the heir to the Morrison family and choosing some poor punk instead. However, that poor punk is actually secretly the top wealthiest person around, newly back in the country to invest in its development. He’s also her ex’s uncle! Lamenting about being tricked, Caroline Evans insists on a divorce. But her husband corners her and says unblinkingly, “That billionaire is not me. That guy had cosmetic surgery to look like me.” Looking at his handsome face, Caroline believes it. “What a curse to have the same face as someone of the Morrison family!” The next day, the world is surprised to find that the heir of the Morrison family has been kicked out and now has nothing. As for the newly crowned top billionaire, he starts wearing a mask to hide his attractive features.  

Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera )

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  • Book Title: Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera )
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  • Publish Date: 07 October 2023
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Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera )


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