Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera ( Caroline Evans ) Chapter 581

Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera ( Caroline Evans ) Chapter 581

Chapter 581 

Both Caroline and Eddy fell silent. None of them took the initiative to speak in the carTo be honestshe found the silence rather pleasant.

Unfortunately for her, Eddy chose to break the silence by sayingDon’t take what Grandpa said to


ConfusedCaroline turned to look at him. What are you talking about?” 

Eddy knitted his brows and said, “When he said he wanted you and your husband to live a good life together.

Straightening her backshe told him, “Are you going to tell me to get a divorce then? Who are you to say those words? How I live my life is none of your business!”

Eddy opened his mouth to retort, but in the end, all he could say was, “He’s not the one for you.” 

“How is he not the one for me?” Caroline snapped.

She could turn a blind eye if they were talking about something else, but not when it concerned Kirk.

“I don’t believe there’s any man who’s more deserving of me than him,” she said.

“Have you heard of soulmates before? He’s my soulmate. All he needs is just a glance to know what I’m thinking.”

Eddy exhaled slowly, but the weight on his heart didn’t diminish. It only served to trouble him more. He recalled the day he had spoken to Kirk.

Kirk said that Eddy yearned for Caroline simply because he couldn’t have her.

Still, hearing her compliment her husband made Eddy feel uneasy.

Eddy didn’t want her to continue praising that man. Instead, he wanted to be the person she spoke about. His grip on the steering wheel loosened when he realized what he was hoping for.

Did he just think of becoming her husband?

No, no, no! That definitely wasn’t what he was thinking.

However, even after he had calmed down, the same thought still occupied his mind. He took a



Caroline glanced strangely at him. He said nothing for quite some time, so she thought she had finally managed to persuade him.

Letting out sighshe said, “I hope that you won’t talk badly about him in front of me in the future. You don’t know him at allso you don’t have the right to judge him.

We won’t meet each other anymoreanyway.” 

Eddy’s heart throbbed at her words, and his mood turned foul. “What now? Are you thinking of leaving Earth then?” His tone was icy.

Caroline glanced at him and smiled. “I don’t want Layla to look for me every other day.”

Layla had confronted her because Eddy had visited her at the hospital. SurelyLayla would burn Evans Group down if she found out that he had driven Caroline home.

It wasn’t that Caroline feared Layla. It was just that she had something more important to handle now. She wanted to turn Evans Group into a more powerful business as soon as possible.

She didn’t wish Evans Group to remain a small business. That wasn’t what she’d had in mind when she had taken over the company.

She wanted to use the company as a springboard to restore the Evans‘ name to its former glory

That way, Kirk wouldn’t have to work under Eddy’s second uncle anymore or do anything against his will. Like getting registered on his behalf.

“Layla gave you trouble?”

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Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera )

Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera )

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Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera ) A top romance novel is a captivating work of fiction that explores the emotional and often passionate relationships between characters, weaving a compelling story of love, desire, and connection while engaging readers with its heartfelt and evocative narrative.. Read More Sweet Subterfuge By Trina Duo ( Larissa Seymour & Travis Hardy )

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Betrayed by her fiancé, Caroline Evans decides on a whim to marry someone else. Everyone mocks her for the decision of giving up on the heir to the Morrison family and choosing some poor punk instead. However, that poor punk is actually secretly the top wealthiest person around, newly back in the country to invest in its development. He’s also her ex’s uncle! Lamenting about being tricked, Caroline Evans insists on a divorce. But her husband corners her and says unblinkingly, “That billionaire is not me. That guy had cosmetic surgery to look like me.” Looking at his handsome face, Caroline believes it. “What a curse to have the same face as someone of the Morrison family!” The next day, the world is surprised to find that the heir of the Morrison family has been kicked out and now has nothing. As for the newly crowned top billionaire, he starts wearing a mask to hide his attractive features.  

Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera )

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  • Book Title: Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera )
  • Author:  ( Shining Riviera )
  • Genre:  Romantic Suspense
  • Publish Date: 07 October 2023
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Bogus Billionaire ( Shining Riviera )


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