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Book Requests

  • Request 1 Book at a time
  • Request only published books
  • Write the complete book title and author name
  • Don’t make duplicate book requests
  • Wait for 2 to 4 hours for books (In some cases it might be late)
  • Please send book requests to

If you follow all these instructions, we will process your book in 30 mints. Thank You

Note: In case, if author/publisher requests us to remove the specific book, we remove it immediately.

235 thoughts on “Book Requests”

        1. Book request, pls update all the chapters to Wanted by the alpha by SiobhanJk because there are only four updated!
          Thank you very much

          1. I don’t know …it’s a Chinese novel.. Another name is You have been exposed my dear

  1. Hi. I requested for a book on the 4th of March – Welcome To Lagos by Chibundu Onuzo – and I haven’t gotten a reply yet. Is there any problem?

  2. Can you please upload Deep affection: Honey come back to me it’s written by Jenny Simon it’s available on moboreader

  3. Can i request better play it low-key, mr wife spoiler . I found on keennovel app . I didn’t know author names

  4. Fated to the alpha by Jessica Hall – the last 10 or so chapters seem to be incomplete. They are cut off halfway through.

    Also, the site used to have an overview of book series at the bottom, this list disappeared. Can I find a proper overview somewhere?

      1. Yeah I was wondering what happened to all the book lists? It’s like no more options to chose from.. please update your site and have us book readers have the book lists. Thank you!

      1. Book request:Task no 1 how to pursue Miss CEO…Selena Yard and Pierre Fowler …it’s a Chinese novel on bravonovel so I don’t know the author’s name

  5. Can you finish uploading Fated to them chapters by Jessica Hall? Not to be confused with Fated to the alpha by same author.

  6. Can you fix the My Two Alphas chapters 54-61? They seem like the latter half of the chapter is missing from each of those. Thanks!

    1. Can you please upload a text version of Fated to them chapters 56 – 60? I really don’t like the new MP3 format… I prefer to read over listen, I don’t always have the opportunity to listen to something which is why I read!

  7. I dont know if i can request this book or not.. the title is ‘too late to run’ .. however, there’s no details of the author.. but this is the story of Yvonne Page and Henry Kingston… thank you in advance..

    1. I also want to read this has two titles

      Bravonovel *Too late to run*
      Joy read * Trapped by my ghostly husband

  8. Hi
    I think i am the one with most comments and requests.

    My requests are

    1. Pls update his lost lycan luna its been lots of days since its stuck on chapter 42
    2. Pls upload novel TEMPTATIONS OF THE CONTRACT BRIDE its completed novel
    3. I am requesting another novel to upload in your site and that is BEYOND NOISE AND ANGER. ( Availabe on app Popnovel its an ongoing one but interesting one)

    Thankyou in advance for the books…

    1. One more thing dont go for other apps for the 3 request as on other apps the chapters available are not that many. On the popnovel app there are more than 70 chapters i think aprox 75

  9. One more thing dont go for other apps for the 3 request as on other apps the chapters available are not that many. On the popnovel app there are more than 70 chapters i think aprox 75

  10. Hi
    Where can I find list of novel/book names… Previously it was available bottom of d novels but now cudnt find any… Dnt know which all novels u have uploaded new…
    Pls let me know d process to find d list of novels…

  11. Can you please fix chapters 55-60 of “My two Alpha’s” by Jessica Hall? The chapters are not complete and the series hasn’t been updated for a while now.

  12. Hi

    Thanx for novel beyond noise and anger…
    And pls update the novel ” coolest girl in the town” ..its on joyread app and has already reached more than 380 chapters so pls update it…

    And pls upload the novel temptations if the contract bride…its available on novel cat app

      1. I know its there but its stuck on chapter 268 since many days pls update coolest girl in the town novel thats what i requested

  13. Hello Noveljar,
    Can you please upload the following book/s:
    – My cruel, Jerk of an alpha by (Author) mangi
    – Blood Shades by (Author) DeathxDemon
    I have tried to request the books multiple times but the comments are not there.
    Thank you in advance

  14. Hi all , I recently come to know about Novel Jar and I love this site.
    I don’t know how comments work because my last one is showing – ” your comment is awaiting moderation ” what does it mean ,
    Also below comment box there is a space next to mail as Website what’s that for ?
    If any user explain this

  15. Pls upload

    infactuated with my adorable wife…

    And the novel
    Temptaion of the contract bride is not an old novel so pls check it well and its request if possible upload it

  16. Does anyone know how often chapters are added or if they upload the whole book if its completed. I’m new here and trying to figure out how this works.

  17. Hello, can You upload the book ” The alpha’s regret my luna has a son by Jess. From chapter 130 onwards, please.

  18. Book request…task no 1: how to pursue Miss CEO
    Pierre Fowler and Selena Yard.
    App bravonovel or joyread

  19. Hola, me gustaría saber si me pueden compartir por favor la novela de Lucky C.L No soy tu esposa, muchas gracias ☺️

        1. Buen día, disculpa si es posible que esté disponible? El libro de Lucky LC ( no soy tu esposa) de la app Dreame
          Mil gracias ☺️

  20. hola buenas tardes! quisiera saber si tiene las novelas de VUELVE UN AMOR DEL PASADO Y RENACER EN EL TRONO DE UN JEFE VANIDOSO.

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