Bride Behind The Mask Novel by Frederick Chapter 583

Bride Behind The Mask Novel by Frederick Chapter 583

Chapter 583 

“Marguerite, don’t waste your time with this woman! Me, I’m made of tougher stuff-I ain’t scared of nothin’.” 

Miley spat out the words with a sneer before turning her glare toward Yuna, her voice dripping with menace, “Zip it, Yuna. You may look like a million bucks, but underneath, you’re nastier than a snake in the grass. I’m warning you, if you keep running your mouth at Marguerite, do you really think I won’t rip that fake facade right off your back? 

And whether you’re truly a Fitzgerald or not, that’s up for debate. Maybe you don’t know, but Robert’s already on the case. You better savor these moments on your high horse while you can. ‘Cause if you take a tumble, it’ll be by my hand, sweetheart!” 

With that, Miley pinched Yuna hard enough to leave a mark, then let go as if disgusted by the contact. 

Yuna clutched at her neck, gasping for air, her heart pounding with a mix of fear and shame. 

Robert was digging into her background! What was he planning to do? 

Meanwhile, the elevator dinged its arrival at the underground parking lot. 

As the doors slid open, Yuna was caught off guard and stumbled backward, landing with a humiliating splat on the cold concrete floor. 

Miley clapped her hands with satisfaction, stepping over Yuna’s crumpled form alongside Marguerite, without uttering another word. 

Lying there, Yuna seethed with rage. She couldn’t bear to be humiliated like this! 

She scrambled to her feet, her voice shrill with anger as she yelled after them, “Miley, don’t think you can do whatever you want just because Robert’s your boyfriend! Do you have any idea how much my parents despise you? They find you filthy, low-class, a nobody from a family that struck it rich with a lucky lotto ticket! 

As long as I’m around, you’ll never marry into the Fitzgerald family! Mark my words, you’ve crossed me now! If you know what’s good for you, you’ll come crawling back this instant, begging for my forgiveness on your knees!” 

But Miley might as well have been deaf to Yuna’s tirade. She turned to Marguerite and casually asked, “Did Mr. Winston send you the address yet? Or should I just drop you off at Thunderbolt Enterprises?” 

Yuna paused, confused. Freddie wanted to see Marguerite? What was going on? Her dim-witted brain quickly pieced it together. 

Marguerite had tortured Manley, so Freddie must be out for blood! Calling her in now meant only one thing-he was ready to tear her apart! After all, when Barnes had shot 



Hayes, Freddie didn’t hold back! Now, Marguerite was in for it, too! 

The thought of Marguerite at Freddie’s mercy filled Yuna with malicious glee. 

Eager to rub it in, she shrieked, “And you, Marguerite! You think Freddie’s calling you in for a date? Dream on! You hit his beloved son. Do you really think he’ll let you off the hook? Marguerite, you’re as good as dead!” 

Her voice echoed through the empty parking garage, twisted with spite and satisfaction. 

The sound was loud and grating, prompting Miley to rub her ears before letting out a chuckle. 

Marguerite, unable to help herself, asked, “What’s so funny?” 

Miley shrugged with a smirk, “I was just thinking-if Yuna knew Mr. Winston called 



to clear your name, I wonder if she’d still be cackling like that.” 



Bride Behind The Mask Novel by Frederick

Bride Behind The Mask Novel by Frederick

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Bride Behind The Mask Novel by Frederick" is an intriguing novel about a bride who hides her true self behind a mask. It tells a story filled with mystery, love, and secrets that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Read More The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin )

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He ruled as the powerful and ruthless king of the magnificent realm of Stonebridge, with the ability to shape his fortunes effortlessly. However, fate led him into a carefully planned marriage of convenience with her. While he projected an image of invincibility, keeping others at a distance, deep down, he held her close in his heart, yearning for her both physically and emotionally. “Marguerite, I searched tirelessly for fifteen long years just to find you. Please, I beg you, never leave me again, alright? I love you more than words can express. From the darkest nights to the first light of dawn, from twilight to every season, my love for you knows no bounds.” He whispered gentle words of affection and endless declarations of love, wanting to share them all with her. Despite her unassuming appearance, she became the precious..

Bride Behind The Mask Novel by by Frederick

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