Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 242

Bring Your A Game, Mr Chapter 242

Elise glanced up at the two handbags. Then, she said, “The one on your right, I think. It looks simpler and more elegant.” “Is that so? But I think the one on my left looks pretty nice, too. What do you think, Godmother?” Madeline replied with a smile, “I think both of them are pretty nice. Why don’t you just buy both?” Maya promptly replied, “Well, you’re right. These two handbags are of different styles, so they can match different dresses. I’ll buy both of them, then.” As she spoke, she handed the two handbags to the saleswoman. “I’d like to settle the bill. How much are these altogether?”

The saleswoman was so astonished that her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. What a rich client! To think that she’s buying two limited-edition handbags right away in one go, she thought. She hurriedly replied, “Both the handbags are limited-edition products, so they cost 300,000 altogether.” Without turning a hair, Maya took out a credit card and handed it to the saleswoman right away. “I’ll pay by card.” The saleswoman then swiped the credit card and handed Maya the receipt. Having finished paying for the handbags, Maya walked up to Elise, saying, “I’m so happy today!

I bought my favorite handbags.” Elise’s face was expressionless, though. She merely replied, “Congrats.” Maya then turned around and said to Madeline, “Godmother, I think the dresses over there look pretty good, too…” As she spoke, she took a few dresses and went to the fitting room. Just then, Madeline walked up to Elise and said with feigned thoughtlessness, “We ladies should be nicer to ourselves. You may choose a dress that you like, but…” She paused for a moment and looked Elise up and down. None of the clothes Elise was wearing were designer clothes, and they were probably just cheap off-the-rack clothes.

At the sight of this, Madeline’s eyes grew even darker. “Judging from your outfit, I suppose you rarely go to a shopping mall. Never mind, you may choose from the dresses here. If you find any dress you like, I’ll buy it for you.” “It’s not necessary, Mrs. Griffith. Thanks for your kind offer, but I don’t really like the clothes and handbags here.” Madeline seemed to have expected Elise to turn her down. Seeing that Elise had done so, she didn’t insist, thinking that Elise had finally known her place. After Maya came out of the fitting room, she said to the saleswoman right away, “Bag them all up, please.” Maya looked surprised. “You don’t have to do this, Godmother. I’ll pay for them myself.”

“It’s alright, Maya. You don’t have to be so reserved with me.” Without the slightest hesitation, Madeline bought Maya several new pieces of clothing without turning a hair. Elise didn’t feel much about this, but the saleswoman handed all the shopping bags to her. For a moment, she followed Madeline and Maya closely while carrying all the shopping bags. However, Madeline thought that these clothes weren’t enough. She took Maya to buy some pieces of jewelry, spending several million before she finally stopped. Maya suggested, “Let’s call it a day, Godmother.

We’ve bought so many things today, and you’ve spent a lot of money for me.” Madeline felt incredibly smug as she looked back at Elise, who was carrying many shopping bags behind her. Well, I’ve taught her a lesson today by letting her know that Alexander’s totally out of her league, she thought. “It’s just a few million. As long as you like it, I’ll buy anything for you.” “Thank you so much, Godmother!” Madeline then said, “For families like ours, this money doesn’t matter at all, but ordinary people might not be able to earn several million in their lifetime.”

As she spoke, she couldn’t help but dart a glance at Elise. “I suppose you’ve never bought these luxury goods before, Elise. Well, it’s good for ladies to see the world.” Both her voice and her words reeked of disdain. Only then did Elise realize that Madeline had called her over to laugh at her for being unable to afford these so-called luxury goods and to let her know her place. But such snobbish behavior is really stupid, she thought. “Indeed, I’ve seen the world today, Mrs. Griffith. Only now did I know there are such bumptious people in the world.” “What did you say?!”

Madeline’s voice instantly went up several octaves. Apparently, she was displeased by Elise’s words. Just then, Elise’s cell phone rang in her pocket. Ignoring Madeline, she took out her phone, glanced at its screen, and answered the phone. “Boss, someone just told me that you’re shopping at Moore Plaza. Is that true?” Elise was caught unprepared when Jamie’s voice rang in her ear. Surprised, she asked, “How did you know that?” Jamie replied, “Did you forget that Moore Plaza is a part of my family’s property? As it happens, I’m here for an inspection.

When my assistant told me that you’re here, I decided to call you to ask about it. Boss, just tell me right away if you need anything; I’ll have it delivered to your home. Why come here yourself? It’s a waste of your money, not to mention your energy.” Elise raised her eyebrows slightly while glancing at Madeline and Maya nearby. Then, she replied, “I’m shopping with Alexander’s mother.” “Huh?” Jamie was surprised. “You’re shopping with your future mother-in-law?” “Yeah,” Elise replied. Then, she continued, “But it seems that I’m not here to shop with her, but to work as her coolie…” Upon hearing this, Jamie could no longer sit still. How dare someone have my boss work as her coolie?

he thought. “Don’t go anywhere, Boss. Stay where you are and wait for me,” he said. Then, he hung up and said right away to the manager behind him, “Get me two men.” “Yes, Young Master Jamie.” Jamie came downstairs with several bodyguards, attracting many people’s attention along the way as he walked straight up to Elise. When he saw that her hands were full of shopping bags, his face darkened somewhat. So these people bullied my boss like that while I was absent, huh? He ordered the two men behind him, “You two, take these bags and have them delivered to the Griffith Residence.” With that, the two men came forward and took all the shopping bags from Elise. Elise said, “You’re quick, Jamie.”

It took only a few minutes before he stood in front of me, she thought. Just as Jamie was about to say something in reply, Madeline and Maya walked up to them. Madeline looked at Jamie with a hint of puzzlement in her eyes, whereas Maya knew Jamie, the man at the helm of the Keller Family and a promising young businessman with excellent business skills. She greeted him, saying, “Hi, Mr. Keller. Nice to meet you.”

However, Jamie had no impression of her, so he merely replied out of courtesy, “Hi.” Madeline asked, “Who is this guy, Elise?” Elise shot a glance at Jamie, who immediately introduced himself, saying, “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Griffith. I’m a friend of Miss Sinclair, as well as the owner of this shopping mall. I heard from my subordinate that Miss Sinclair’s here, so I’m here to keep her company while she goes shopping.” A friend of Elise?

To think that a country bumpkin like her knew someone from the Keller Family! Madeline thought. She was doubtful deep down. Besides, judging from Jamie’s manner toward Elise, their relationship seemed more complex than it appeared. What a country bumpkin! Hasn’t she had enough after seducing Alexander?

How dare she fool around with other men! At the thought of this, Madeline thought even worse of Elise. Obviously, Elise is trying to get ahead and climb up the social ladder by relying on men. Hmph! Women like her are a dime a dozen, she thought. “Ho ho! You’re talking like you’re her boyfriend, Mr. Keller.”



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