Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 250

Bring Your A Game, Mr Chapter 250

After she rolled out of bed, she walked toward the door and overheard Alexander’s phone call. “Things are going smoothly, President Griffith. The dirt on Maeve is now all over the internet. Other than my ‘contributions,’ many accounts, too, have appeared to post nasty stuff about her. Who would have thought she had undergone plastic surgery, and even worked as an escort before she grew famous? Most importantly, she’s exposed for selling drugs and evading tax, and those two alone are enough to earn her a life sentence!”

Cameron sounded rather ecstatic on the phone. On the contrary, Alexander simply blurted, “Good job.” “Government forces are now looking into her case. Young Master Alex, we don’t even need a week! Three days are enough to get her out of showbiz!” “Good.” Once he finished speaking, Alexander saw Elise walking out of her bedroom. “That’s all for now. You know what to do next.” Ending the call, he quizzed, “What’s wrong?”

Elise silently went to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. “I can’t fall asleep.” Smoothly, Alexander answered the embrace. “You’re thinking too much.” As the two wordlessly snuggled against each other, the woman suddenly felt at ease. “You’re the best.” Alexander rubbed his chin on the top of her head. “No, you’re the best.” “Ah, right, seafood stew! I’ll order some seafood from the store and have them sent over.”

Subtly frowning, he inquired, “Are you really planning to cook it yourself?” Elise chuckled. “It’s about time you get a taste of my culinary skills! But I do have to remind you to keep your opinions to yourself in case the stew tastes bad.” Hearing that, he let out a snicker. “Uh-huh.” Thereupon, Elise joyously made the call, and the grocery store delivered her order within half an hour. As she was about to start preparing the meal, she was surprised by how the apron was already on Alexander.

“W-What do you think you’re doing?” Swiftly, he reached for the bag of ingredients from her hand. “I’ll do it. You go rest up.” “I said I’d do it!” “It’s fine. I’ll do it.” Innocently, she handed him the grocery bag. “Thanks, I guess.” Gracefully, Alexander removed the heads of the shrimps and deveined them.

His movements were the exact same as those of any other people. Yet, he emitted a distinctive aura while cleaning mere shrimps. Seeing that, Elise smiled and got out of the kitchen. She then sat on the couch and watched some TV. After some time, a subtle fragrance of seafood wafted in the air. “It’s dinner time. Wash your hands.”

As such, she sprung up from the couch and hurried to the dining room, only to be blessed by the sight of appetizing, salivating food, to which she wholeheartedly exclaimed, “Have you been hiding your career as a chef from me?” Right when she said that, the doorbell suddenly rang, which apparently frustrated her. Who’s visiting in the middle of the afternoon? She skeptically went to answer the door, only to be dumbfounded by the identity of the visitor.

“G-Good afternoon, Mrs. Griffith. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Madeline glared at her and subconsciously let out a scoff. This scheming b*tch. Should have known she’s moving out with Alexander when she so obediently chose to leave. “Let’s talk, Miss Sinclair.” Her tone was obviously hostile, and Elise definitely sensed it. “Why, we can talk here.” Madeline took a glimpse into the house and interrogated, “Hmm.

Not willing to let me in, are you?” After saying that, before Elise could respond, she invited herself in. When she entered the dining room, she was surprised by Alexander’s presence. “Alex, why are you here?” The man slowly put down his cutlery and calmly countered, “What’s wrong with me visiting my girlfriend?” That’s… He’s right though… Madeline, having no comeback, somehow felt extremely displeased. All my effort into raising this boy into a man, and he’s now being drawn away by a woman?

 “I was worried sick because you didn’t come home yesterday. To find you here… I mean, you should’ve at least informed us that you’re not coming back.” Soon, Elise entered the dining room. Despite her urge to disregard Madeline’s existence, she couldn’t get herself to completely ignore a living person who was right beside her. After all, the woman was the mother of her lover. “You can say whatever you have to say to Elise here, Mom. You’re both the most important people in my life.

I’m sure there’s no need to be sneaky.” Madeline was stupefied by the fact that her own son was defending Elise. Since what she had in mind was intended for Elise, she wouldn’t have any issue talking directly to her. However, if she were to say it in front of Alexander, she would surely hurt the relationship between her and her son, and she was fully aware of that. With that, she made a U-turn and beamed at Elise, pulling out an invitation card from her bag.

“Works for me. It’s good news anyway. Elise, this is an invitation to SK Group’s anniversary banquet, which will be cramped with noble people from the upper class. Since you’re with Alex, people will be assuming you’re one of the in-laws from the Griffith Family, so your attendance is naturally inevitable.

So, I brought the invitation card over. Why don’t you see if you’re free to attend then?” Regardless, Elise hadn’t the slightest interest in said banquet, though she was amazed by how quick Madeline changed her stance. Honestly, I gotta hand it to her. She’s wasting her talent for not pursuing an acting career. “I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to attend such an event, Mrs. Griffith, so I guess I’ll sit this one out. I’m sorry.”

Immediately at her rejection, Madeline walked up and pulled her hand. “Oh, you silly girl! You’re one of us! It’s more than appropriate for you to attend the banquet! It’s only a matter of time until you and Alex are in charge of the company, so it’ll be beneficial to socialize and forge a network with people from the field. Just see it as paving a way toward the future. Am I right, Alex?” She turned to Alexander, who reacted with a frown.

He then passed the freedom of choice onto Elise. “It’s all up to Elise. I’ll accompany her if she wishes to; if she doesn’t, well, forget it.” Madeline simply smirked. Before Elise could give her answer, she pompously made the final decision. “So it’s set, then. Better prepare yourself, Elise. Show the world that the Griffiths’ in-law is better than them!” Elise was at a loss for words. “Mom, like I said, it’s up to her. Don’t force her to go if she doesn’t want to.”

Alexander put his words rather bluntly, which slightly embarrassed his mother. “What’s wrong with it, Alex? It’s for your sake. How could you not see that? Besides, it is SK Group’s banquet, and I heard the company’s director is pretty close with Quentin Fassbender, who will also be attending the event. Well, you know who Quentin Fassbender is, right? If our family manages to establish a solid connection with him, it’d be a huge boost to our company’s name.

From there, it’ll be only a matter of time until we go global.” At Madeline’s mention of Quentin, Elise’s eyes darkened. It had indeed been quite a while since her last meeting with her godfather. If he really were going to attend the banquet, she thought it would be worth it to see her godfather.

“Quentin Fassbender, you said? The billionaire, Quentin Fassbender?” Madeline wasn’t at all surprised that Elise knew who Quentin was. After all, he sat at the top of Forbes’ Real Time Billionaire, so naturally, anyone would know his name. “The one and only!” Assured, Elise intuitively revealed a smile. “Then I shall attend SK Group’s banquet.”


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