Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day Chapter 201

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day Chapter 201

Chapter 0201 

Mrs. Qin rarely involved herself in the work discussions between 

father and son, but now she interjected with a rare question, “What is 


“Business strategies, or perhaps, for a beloved’s smile,” said Qin Hualin with a light chuckle. 

“He knows he’ll run at a loss with the Airbus A380 purchase, but there 

are two reasons. First, all major international airlines possess the 

A380-it’s a kind of standard issue. Whether it’s necessary or not is irrelevant, but you must have one. Moreover, Mukino International aims to compete internationally, making this a logical step.” 

“And…” Qin Hualin’s fingers tapped lightly on the steering wheel. 

“I’ve read the domestic reports; he seems to love his girlfriend very much. The Airbus A380 is every pilot’s dream. If both points hold true, 

then it all makes sense. Furthermore, the first step towards 

international competition is to become the leader domestically, naturally aiming to suppress Air China.” 


Ethan, having just finished a business engagement, sat in his car with 

William as assistant and Michael beside him. 

“Everyone knows about your A380 purchase now, and your ambitions are clear. Aren’t you afraid of being suppressed?” Michael inquired. 

Ethan lit a cigarette, gazing out at the chilling wind, “Isn’t it a bit late for suppression now?” 

Michael was somewhat puzzled, “You weren’t this adamant about 


buying the A380 last year. Why the sudden decision? And to finalize it in one day? Launching it is a guaranteed loss.” 

They had just discussed the A380 delivery. 

Ethan exhaled smoke, slightly buzzed from the alcohol, “I bought it expecting a loss. To avoid being controlled by Air China, we need an independent route. I need the initiative. And secondly…” 

Michael waited for him to continue. 

“Madison likes it.” 

From the moment they’d met, Ethan knew Madison’s dream was to pilot an Airbus A380. 

So he bought her a brand new one. 

During the talks today, Ethan had emphasized the urgency of the delivery, even naming a price to expedite it. 

Fortunately, a few were unclaimed, promising delivery within three 



“How grand,” Michael sighed. 

He hadn’t anticipated Madison being part of the reason. 

“Ethan, you’re such a lovebird, you know?” Michael stated solemnly. 

The man nodded calmly, accepting, “Yes, I am a lovebird. So what?” 


Why do even mature men have such childish sides? 

Michael pondered this.. 

No, it indicated that he truly, deeply loved Madison. 


Michael sighed. 

He hoped the couple could peacefully tie the knot. 

After finishing her late-night snack, Madison, under the envious gazes 

of two figure-conscious chief stewards, answered Ethan’s call. 


“I’m feeling a bit dizzy,” Ethan said right away. 

Madison wiped her mouth, stepping out onto the balcony to talk, 


The wind was biting with an oncoming winter chill. 


“Not drunk.” Ethan seemed to be outside too, his voice accompanied by wind. 

“I’m a bit too cheerful today, so the alcohol went to my head.” 

“Want to share why you’re so happy?” Madison smiled. 

Ethan’s voice was warm and soft, “It’s a secret.” 

“You have secrets now?” 

“A temporary one. I’ll tell you later.’ 

“Alright.” Madison wrapped her coat tighter, “Are you on your way home?” 

“Yeah, on the road. If you’re not comfortable there, come back.” 

The thought of a lonely night troubled Ethan. 

He had tasted bliss just yesterday, and now he was back to monkhood! 

“Madison, let’s negotiate.” 

“Go ahead.” 

“Can I visit you on odd days?” 

Madison laughed, “But I’m flying all over the world. There’s no such thing as odd or even days.” 

Ethan sounded truly affected by the alcohol, “Right, you’ll be flying everywhere.” 

Lately, Madison had been so busy they’d hardly had a quiet moment together. 

Ethan asked softly, “Since we met, you’ve always been working hard, independent and strong.’ 


Such a person is charismatic, especially a woman. 

“But when will you stop for me?” 

His tone dropped further. 

The wind outside grew fierce. 

Madison sensed it might snow. 

Just as the thought crossed her mind, a snowflake-the first in a year -drifted down and landed on the balcony railing before her, disappearing seconds later. 

“Get some sleep. I’ll be home soon,” Ethan’s voice came again. 

Madison looked up at the sparse snowflakes, lost in thought. Why 

had she poured her passion into that scoundrel Lucas, leaving Ethan, who treated her so well, feeling slighted? 

This wasn’t right. 

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Jessica, with her face mask on, saw Madison hastily changing clothes. 

“I’m going to see your brother.” 

The door closed behind her, and Amelia blinked, “You miss him after just half a day?” 

Jessica sighed, “Love.” 

Amelia chimed in, “Expensive.” 

Jessica broke into laughter, “Not everything is about money!” 

“It is though.” 

In the Mukino Lakeside Estate. 

“President Grant, can you manage on your own?” William watched anxiously as Ethan changed, worried he might collapse. 

Ethan was already unsteady, but the chill on the ride home worsened 

“It’s alright,” he responded hoarsely. 

William considerately prepared a glass of water and set out headache and stomach pills. 

Meanwhile, Michael leaned against the doorframe, an onlooker. 

“Should we really leave?” 

Ethan, now changed and back in his chair, his neck and chest flushed from the alcohol, replied, “Go ahead.” 

Shortly after, the sound of the door closing echoed from downstairs. 

In the quiet estate, Ethan was left with just the servants. 


Madison’s sudden move had thrown him off balance. 

Sometimes, habits could be more excruciating than love. 

Yet Madison wished it, and he couldn’t object. 

He wanted to grant her everything she desired. 

Outside the floor-to-ceiling window was a lamp, and in the distance, 

more lights, though far enough to merge into the landscape. 

It was snowing. 

The season’s first snowfall descended upon the world. 

Ethan’s gaze grew distant as he watched. 

The phone rang long before he answered, “Madison? You’re still awake?” 

The wind was strong on the other end. 

Madison’s voice came through, “What are you daydreaming about by the window?” 

Ethan quickly looked outside. 

“Captain Madison is here to join you in watching the snow. I wonder if President Grant would be so kind as to indulge her,” her voice was gentle and inviting over the phone. 


Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day

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Capturing the Millionaire's Heart on Divorce Day" After two years of fruitless devotion, Madison is callously dismissed by her now ex-lover, with a pitiful plea for her to 'do him a favor.' On the very day of her divorce, she unexpectedly ties the knot with the world's richest man, Ethan Grant. Her dramatic shift from an ordinary woman to an affluent matriarch, from a homemaker to a top-tier aviator, leaves the world in shock..
Capturing the Millionaire's Heart on Divorce Day
 Her ex-lover, filled with regret, attempts to make amends, only to find himself financially crippled by the wealthy Mr. Grant. When reporters inquired, "How do you feel about marrying a 'second-hand woman'?" Ethan's response was the talk of the town. "Firstly," he stated, "my wife is the only woman captain in domestic civil aviation and the youngest and most outstanding woman captain globally. Secondly, it is me who is unworthy of her." At that moment, someone shouted, "President Grant, your wife just landed with a passenger plane to pick you up!" The tycoon, holding his daughter, immediately dashed towards the rendezvous, exclaiming, "Let's go find Mommy!"


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