Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day Chapter 203

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day Chapter 203

Chapter 0203 

Where exactly did her affection for him lie? 

Ethan set his spoon down, the high-neck sweater accentuating his fairness. Even without his bespoke suits, amidst a crowd, he was the enviable pinnacle of allure-an absolute magnet of attention. 

“Just say it. No need to hold back; I won’t get upset,” he said, warming Madison’s heart with his smile. 

So she told him, “You’re handsome.” 

His action of wiping his mouth paused, but then he resumed, “Hmm, 

what else?” 

“At first, it was because you were kind to me. That’s what made me consider being with you.” 

Ethan listened, sipping his porridge, his head bowed, expression. 


“Later, I realized there’s something different about your character. Genuine, frank, and honest.” 

“And then…” Madison’s expression was a mixture of earnestness and slight embarrassment, “and then it’s because you’re so much better 

than Lucas.” 

Though embarrassed, she was serious. 

So, Ethan decided not to be angry. 

Instead, he laughed, “Madison, should I be happy about your comment?” 

“Absolutely.” Madison chuckled suddenly, “You asked me to be 




Watching her playful charm, all of Ethan’s irritation melted away. He nodded indulgently, “Okay, good.” 

“The most important thing is, I find myself feeling uncontrollably happy when I look at you.” 

That confession nearly touched Ethan’s softest spot, “Really?” 

“Yes.” Madison rubbed her face, “I don’t usually smile much. Most of 

my smiles are out of politeness. But with you, I genuinely want to smile.” 

Ethan frowned, a hint of alarm in his gaze, “It’s not because I look funny, is it?” 

The comment rendered them both silent for a few seconds, after which they couldn’t help but burst into laughter. 

Madison’s eyes shone brightly, reflecting Ethan’s figure, while his eyes were filled with her image. 

Ethan’s life had always revolved around opulent buildings, comfortable planes, expensive meals, and a network of industry moguls-a numbingly monotonous existence. 

But since meeting Madison, he had descended from his lofty skies to delve into the lively alleyways of everyday life, never looking back. 

He was content and happy. 

Suddenly, Madison felt her hand being clasped. She looked up. 

Ethan was gazing at her earnestly, “Promise me you’ll marry me, okay? 

In that moment, Madison caught a flash of deep-seated insecurity in 

his eyes. 


مان استان در 

“Okay,” she responded promptly. 

Was this a rehearsal for a proposal? 

Their late-night snack cost a mere eighteen yuan, a bargain. 

Ethan held the change, momentarily lost in thought. 

“Ethan, do you still feel unwell?” 

“I was never unwell to begin with.” 

Madison pointed in the distance, “There’s a night market. Shall we check it out?” 

A night market? 

Ethan raised an eyebrow, “Let’s go.” 

With that, he stuffed the loose change into Madison’s pocket. 


Ethan took her hand, “You manage the money.” 

Madison’s heart skipped a beat, a clear and melodious sound. 

The night market, bustling next to the harbor, was a melting pot of people and wares. 

“Handsome, how about buying a hairpin for your girlfriend? They’re handcrafted,” a vendor called out enthusiastically. 


Madison shook her head, “I don’t know how to use them.” 

Neither did Ethan. 

But the vendor insisted, “I’ll teach you, come on!” 

Reluctantly, the couple stood side by side by the stall. 


+25 BONUS 

Ethan with his hands in his pockets, Madison propping her arm on her bent elbow, chin in hand, they both watched seriously as the vendor demonstrated how to use a hairpin with his wife’s hair. 

With their sharp memories, they learned the technique after just one demonstration. 

“Sit down,” Ethan gestured. 

Selecting a particularly nice hairpin, he loosened her hair and deftly fixed it in place after a few twists. 

Madison touched it in awe, “You really did it! Impressive.” 

The vendor lavished praise on Ethan, then on his merchandise. 

Ethan paid with a smile, and when they had walked a bit away, he asked, “Like it?” 

Madison’s eyes crinkled with joy, “Of course, I do.” 

“Then I’ll make you a real one.” 

“A real one?” 

Ethan clarified, “This one is made of fake wood, bamboo. I’ll have William get you a nanmu hairpin.” 

“No need,” Madison declined, “It’s too precious. This one is great too, especially since it’s from you.” 

“Real or fake, I’ll be the one to buy it for you, but I can’t let you wear something fake,” Ethan said, weaving her through the crowd. 

“There’s sand art.” 

Ethan’s eyebrows lifted, “Want to give it a try?” 

Feeling joyous, Madison agreed, “I’ll try.” 


+25 BONUS 

He paid in advance, then stood aside as she sat on a small stool, working on the sand art. 

Ethan’s demeanor and looks were ill suited for the dense crowd. 

“Hello, handsome,” a woman approached him. 

Ethan glanced down, his expression indifferent. 

Undeterred, she pulled out her phone, “May I add you on WeChat?” 

Ethan glanced at Madison and gestured towards her. 

The woman blinked in realization. 

“My wife.” 

“Sorry, my mistake.” 

Ethan standing there inevitably drew the attention of young ladies. 

He wasn’t concerned, finding the crowd too much, so he moved 

behind Madison. 

Just as he settled, Madison stopped her work. 

Ethan was taken aback, “You really can do it?” 

He thought Madison was just having fun, trying something new. 

Her creation was simple yet vivid. 

A plane, incredibly lifelike, with a figure visible in the cockpit and a man on the ground. 

Pointing at the figure in the plane and then at the man on the ground, Madison said, “My plane will always fly towards you. You just have to wait for me to come.” 

Ethan’s hand in his pocket clenched. 

+25 BONUS 

“Can this be preserved?” 


Ethan snapped a photo of the sand art, then asked the vendor to keep it safe for him to pick up later. 

Madison pulled him along to continue exploring the market. Ethan fiddled with his phone with one hand. 

Leading the way, Madison was unaware that just moments ago, a 

post appeared on F******k and was climbing the trending searches at a visible pace. 

In the wee hours at Slandon Harbor… 

The Chairman of Mukino International had posted an update. 



My future wife’s masterpiece. She says her home will always be wherever I am. 

I need to save this, lest she reneges later. 

The sand art was attached, and the accompanying words were strikingly vivid. 

Top comment: 

Netizen: I thought I was seeing things! The love-struck Chairman is indeed at the harbor night market with Captain Madison ahhhhhh!!!! 

Netizen: Watching the Chairman’s love story has become my daily routine. So tycoons also stroll through night markets, I suddenly feel much more impressive.. 

The comment section grew, level by level. 


+25 BONUS 

Then, ten minutes later, Ethan himself replied. 

Ethan: Love-struck Chairman? Me? 

Innumerable netizens emerged- 

– Yes, that’s you. 

– No doubt. 

-Love-struck Chairman is bewildered online. 

– After all, whose F******k feed is filled with love and romance but our dear Chairman? 

– Shouldn’t you be posting about the company instead? It could help you reach new heights in your career. 

Another ten minutes passed, and President Grant weighed in. – Sorry, that’s the job of the marketing department, not mine. 


Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day

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Capturing the Millionaire's Heart on Divorce Day" After two years of fruitless devotion, Madison is callously dismissed by her now ex-lover, with a pitiful plea for her to 'do him a favor.' On the very day of her divorce, she unexpectedly ties the knot with the world's richest man, Ethan Grant. Her dramatic shift from an ordinary woman to an affluent matriarch, from a homemaker to a top-tier aviator, leaves the world in shock..
Capturing the Millionaire's Heart on Divorce Day
 Her ex-lover, filled with regret, attempts to make amends, only to find himself financially crippled by the wealthy Mr. Grant. When reporters inquired, "How do you feel about marrying a 'second-hand woman'?" Ethan's response was the talk of the town. "Firstly," he stated, "my wife is the only woman captain in domestic civil aviation and the youngest and most outstanding woman captain globally. Secondly, it is me who is unworthy of her." At that moment, someone shouted, "President Grant, your wife just landed with a passenger plane to pick you up!" The tycoon, holding his daughter, immediately dashed towards the rendezvous, exclaiming, "Let's go find Mommy!"


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