Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day Chapter 76

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day Chapter 76

Chapter 0076 

Madison felt a dull scrape on her left arm from the car’s brush, not painful, but enough to knock her off her feet, tumbling twice on the ground. 

It all happened in the blink of an eye; the car drove past and sped 


“President Grant! Captain Madison” William shouted as he ran from the vehicle. 

Madison, lying on the ground, clutched her arm immediately, her 

face ashen. 

Ignoring his own tumble, Ethan knelt and pulled Madison into his arms, his voice trembling, “Madison?” 

“I’m… I’m okay…” 

She was just a bit sore from the fall, nothing crushed-a minor issue. 

But the soreness was undeniable. 

Before Madison could get up, Ethan suddenly roared, “Are you out of 

your mind?” 


She blinked innocently. 

Ethan’s eyes reddened with rage, “Why did you pull me? Couldn’t you dodge yourself first?” 

Madison instinctively responded, “I was afraid you’d get hit, so I pulled you away without thinking.” 

It sounded like a plane had just landed nearby. 

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The noise of the wheels hitting the tarmac was loud, mixing with Madison’s words, weighing heavily on Ethan’s heart. 

Such a heavy, sinking feeling. 

She was worried he’d get hit… 

Ethan pulled her up, unconcerned about the passersby who stopped 

and stared, bending over to brush the dust off her himself. 

“Are you hurt anywhere?” His tone was terse. 

Madison’s arm was numb, “Just the arm, nothing else. You?” 

Ethan straightened up, his gaze following the direction the car had fled, growing darker and heavier. 

“I’ll have William take you back first.” 

“And you…?” 

“I’ll be along later.” 

Ethan instructed a shaken William, After you drop her off, have 

Silver Helm come over.” 

William’s expression changed, “Okay.” 

Madison was personally escorted into the car by William, her eyes 

ed on the man standing at the curb’s edge through the glass window until he was out of sight. 

After about fifty minutes, William returned and picked up Ethan to leave the airport. 

In the backseat, Ethan’s left pinky was scratched and bleeding, the blood now coagulated, the wound slightly swollen. 

He looked down, “Take me to the Grant residence.” 

The driver hesitated for a moment but then slowed down and 

heeaded in the direction of the Grant family estate. 


Grant Home. 

Since Ethan’s birth mother passed away years ago, there hadn’t been a genuine daddy of the house. 

Instead, there was someone who acted like they ran the place with an iron fist. 

A warm-hued living room filled with harmony was abruptly disrupted by an unexpected aanval. 


The speaker was Ethan’s ather, Mason, in his sixties. Thanks to never lacking money, he toocked well preserved and energetic, his face now flushed with joy and bareety concealed smiles. 

Three people were comfonably nestled on the living room sofa, chatting leisurely, exuding the warmth of a close-knit family. 

Ethan entered, ignoring Masons geeting, not bothering to change. his shoes, heading straight for the secreation room. 

“Master Ethan?” 

The family butler followed anxiously What do you need, Master Ethan? I can get it for you…” 

Ethan walked into the recreation room, casually pulling out the sturdiest-looking baseball bat and weighing atiinimiis hand. 

“Master Ethan?” 

With the bat in hand, Ethan returned to the living coom, where William promptly took Ethan’s discarded coat andd…. 


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han had just pulled off. 

But Cu Bu 

the bothe 

whed, “Ethan, what are you up to?” 

Bang Ba 

marwoman named Charlotte appeared every bit the welthe well- galing grace and privilege. 

Thud Th 

te wasite was a twenty-something young man within with inding oading out explosively, which matched his features atures 

Clang Cla 

Ahhhh Ah 

mble annuile an alpaca. 


alf-brotherbunther, Julius, Charlotte’s son, full of her hopes topes 

Julius shr 

m all, fixing his canis gaze on Julius lounging carelessly, Charlotth till want to be sto be sitting there?” 


th his nails, turned noned nonchalantly, “Heh, what’s the ss me so much you wa your wanted to chat?” 


white shirt, stood impad massive, his presence 

ct and fear. 

Ethan gla because y 

ing mercilessly towards Julius’s heuss head. 

o dodge, and the bat shattered the the solidly built 


Charlotte, “Mom…” 

m…” Charlotte was shaken. 

his hand down, scolding, “Ethan, don’t bring yoring your 

mother bot 

The punci 

Julius’s n 

Ethan chc 

do this. So 

be the first 

The car tl 


Ethan had 

If he had 


175 Beds 

But Ethan was beyond caring about Mason’s reprimands, swinging the bat again with a glint of murderous intent in his eyes. 






Julius screamed out. 

Charlotte cried and tugged, but William blocked her, denying any chance to rescue Julius. 

Meanwhile, Julius was pinned to the floor, taking blow after blow. 

Ethan glared fiercely, “Last time you messed with me, I let it slide! because you were young and foolish. But it turns out you and your mother both love to poke your noses where they don’t belong.” 

The punches landed with a thud. 

Julius’s nose bled profusely. 

Ethan choked Julius’s neck, his veins bulging, “Julius, I don’t want to do this. So I hope this doesn’t happen a second time. If it does, you’ll 

be the first one I come for.” 

The car that almost hit him and Madison today was from Julius’s people. 

Ethan had a memory of it. 

If he had been alone there, he might not have lost his temper, but Madison… 

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Madison was almost crushed under that car! 

Ethan’s revulsion grew, and as he stood, his gaze towards Mason carried cold disdain. 

“You…” Mason clutched his chest in anger. 

Charlotte, still crying, accused him, “Ethan, how could you beat your brother like that!” 

“Brother?” Ethan picked up the bat, his shirt unbuttoned, his eyes. 

indifferent, “Who’s my brother?” 

Charlotte was speechless. 

Ethan turned to Mason, preempting him, “Mr. Jiang, I expect them to -be gone in five minutes. If not, I’ll escort them out myself. What do 

you say?” 

“You…” Charlotte, fuming, “I am your elder, after all!” 

“What kind of elder are you?” Ethan didn’t mince words. 

“A mistress counts as a person?” he pointed at Julius behind him, Or does that make a bastard a person too?” 

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Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day

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Capturing the Millionaire's Heart on Divorce Day" After two years of fruitless devotion, Madison is callously dismissed by her now ex-lover, with a pitiful plea for her to 'do him a favor.' On the very day of her divorce, she unexpectedly ties the knot with the world's richest man, Ethan Grant. Her dramatic shift from an ordinary woman to an affluent matriarch, from a homemaker to a top-tier aviator, leaves the world in shock..
Capturing the Millionaire's Heart on Divorce Day
 Her ex-lover, filled with regret, attempts to make amends, only to find himself financially crippled by the wealthy Mr. Grant. When reporters inquired, "How do you feel about marrying a 'second-hand woman'?" Ethan's response was the talk of the town. "Firstly," he stated, "my wife is the only woman captain in domestic civil aviation and the youngest and most outstanding woman captain globally. Secondly, it is me who is unworthy of her." At that moment, someone shouted, "President Grant, your wife just landed with a passenger plane to pick you up!" The tycoon, holding his daughter, immediately dashed towards the rendezvous, exclaiming, "Let's go find Mommy!"


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