Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day Chapter 77

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day Chapter 77

Chapter 0077 

“How dare you speak like that! Do you have any manners at all?” 

Charlotte screamed. 


A single slap silenced the entire Grant family living room. 

Charlotte clutched her face, slumped in the corner of the sofa with her hair in disarray, her ears ringing, her cheek swelling as if in an instant. 

“Ethan, you hit my mother! I’ll fight you!” Julius struggled to rise, ready to lash out. 

But William was quicker, intercepting Julius with deft precision. 

No matter how much Julius struggled, William didn’t let him escape. 

Ethan’s slap had been swift and full of force. 

His left hand resting on the bat, his gaze slowly shifted between 

Charlotte and Mason. 


Mason looked up at the man so close yet felt a stranger to him. 

He remembered a different Ethan, not like this. 

Ethan’s hand rested by Mason’s side, blocking his path, his voice low, “I don’t want to see or hear of those two here. Not even once, for 

any reason.” 

“You…” Mason’s face darkened, “Since when do you dictate my affairs?” 

“Is that a problem?” Ethan’s eyes were cold and merciless. 

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After a moment, Ethan straightened up, his voice clear to all, “Let everyone here understand. If those two from the Xin family appear here even once, I’ll hold each of you accountable… and you will face the consequences.” 

“Ethan!” Mason bellowed. 

“So, you do remember my last name is Jiang,” Ethan mocked coldly.” Since we’re on the topic, let’s lay it all out.” 

He turned to Mason, “Mr. Jiang, if you continue this reckless behavior, I’ll leave you with nothing. I wonder if that old woman will still fawn over you then, without a dime to your name.” 

Charlotte was humiliated, “By what right do you kick me out?! Tianhao is also of the Grant bloodline!” 

“Do I acknowledge that?” Ethan retorted. 

Speechless, Charlotte had no argument left. 

Ethan, leaning on the bat, ordered, “Throw these two out, along with all their belongings. Leave nothing behind.” 

“Don’t you dare touch me!” Charlotte fought back, her struggles futile. 

William easily dragged the mother and son out the door. 

Ethan dropped the bat and slowly made his way to Mason’s side, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it up. 

After a while, he asked hoarsely, “Mr. Jiang, can’t you live without that woman?” 

Mason glared at him coldly. 

Ethan laughed, a mocking, mirthless one, devoid of any father-son sentiment, “If you really can’t live without a woman, I can find you a few to satisfy you. How’s that?” 

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When Mason swung at him, Ethan caught his wrist. 

His eyes were icy, “Since my mother’s death, we’ve been enemies. Don’t expect respect. I haven’t killed you only out of shame for my mother.” 

Releasing Mason’s wrist, he stood, Take care of yourself.” 

Leaving the Grant residence, Ethan saw the ousted mother and son cursing by the roadside, their destitution evident. 

Charlotte came from a rural background, meeting Mason in a nightclub when she was young. An accident led to Julius’s birth. 

She had her ways, keeping Julius by her side. After that, Mason often neglected his wife at home. 

During that time, Mason had another indiscretion, resulting in 


Ethan’s mother was the first to know about Jessica, whose own 

mother had passed away, entrusting the child to the Grants. 

Ethan’s mother was heartbroken for a long time but eventually 

d three-year-old Jessica, raising her as her own daughter. 

Ten years later, Charlotte, with Julius in tow, showed up. 

Seven days after that visit, Mrs. Jiang took her own life. 

That’s why Ethan could accept Jessica but not Julius; they grew up together, and Jessica was especially filial to Mrs. Jiang. 

Hatred had taken root in Ethan’s heart long ago.. 

What Ethan didn’t expect was that less than a year after his mother’s death, Mason shamelessly moved Charlotte in for a few days. 

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Since then, Ethan severed any father-son relationship with Mason. 

He maintained a facade of obedience while taking over the family business, eventually ousting Mason from Grant Industries. 

Over the years, Ethan expanded his own Mukino International. 

Today, Mason stood no chance against Ethan. 

In the car. 

William hesitated, “President Grant, where to now?” 

“Where’s Michael?” 

“I’ll check.” William made a call to Michael. 

After hanging up, “Michael’s at the bar.” 

“Let’s go.” 

Wood Lake Vistas. 

Upon returning, Madison was immediately pinned to the sofa by a trained group… to treat her wound. 


woman treating her arm was stern-faced with flowing hair and 


ark, it’s taken care of.” 

“Thank you,” Madison said, clutching her arm. 

Then she watched the woman leave. Outside the gates of Wood 

Lake Vistas were uniformed men, hands clasped in front, backs to the mansion. 

Like a phalanx of bodyguards. 

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Unbeknownst to her, these twenty-four men were Ethan’s top guards, many ex-military, called to protect her because Ethan couldn’t accompany her back. 

Galaxy Bar. 

When Ethan entered the private room, Michael nearly choked on his drink, “You… did you kill someone?” 

His white shirt was splattered with blood, unnerving to witness. 

Ethan sat down, pouring himself a drink in silence. 

William followed in, quietly explaining the situation. 

After understanding the events, Michael raised his glass to Ethan, Well done. That alpaca deserved a good beating, always acting so high and mighty.” 

He rambled on for a while. 

Ethan suddenly said, “You actually might be right.” 

What?” Michael was taken aback. 

Michael had warned him: any hint of Ethan’s feelings for Madison could be exploited by others, implicating her. 

Julius had sent someone to hit Madison with a car. What about next 


Would they sabotage Madison’s plane? 

God only knew how terrified Ethan was when the car charged toward 


It felt like his heart might explode. 

For a moment, a chilling coldness washed over Ethan’s gaze. 

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Late at night. 

Madison had not gone to bed, waiting in the living room for Ethan. 

Her phone buzzed suddenly, and she quickly opened WeChat, her gaze freezing on the screen. 

The message read- 

President Grant: About your earlier request to move out… President Grant: I agree. 

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Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day

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Capturing the Millionaire's Heart on Divorce Day" After two years of fruitless devotion, Madison is callously dismissed by her now ex-lover, with a pitiful plea for her to 'do him a favor.' On the very day of her divorce, she unexpectedly ties the knot with the world's richest man, Ethan Grant. Her dramatic shift from an ordinary woman to an affluent matriarch, from a homemaker to a top-tier aviator, leaves the world in shock..
Capturing the Millionaire's Heart on Divorce Day
 Her ex-lover, filled with regret, attempts to make amends, only to find himself financially crippled by the wealthy Mr. Grant. When reporters inquired, "How do you feel about marrying a 'second-hand woman'?" Ethan's response was the talk of the town. "Firstly," he stated, "my wife is the only woman captain in domestic civil aviation and the youngest and most outstanding woman captain globally. Secondly, it is me who is unworthy of her." At that moment, someone shouted, "President Grant, your wife just landed with a passenger plane to pick you up!" The tycoon, holding his daughter, immediately dashed towards the rendezvous, exclaiming, "Let's go find Mommy!"


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