Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day Chapter 79

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day Chapter 79

Chapter 0079 

For the first time, Madison saw the ferocious side of Ethan. 

His cuff links undone, his collar open, he pulled out his expensive leather belt and lashed it across Lucas with unrestrained force. 

The bodyguards’ vehicles parked at a prudent distance, headlights on, combined to illuminate the night as if they could light up half the sky. 

Lucas cried out in pain under the assault. 

Throughout it all, only Ethan was visible outside, making the scene seem like nothing more than a brawl between two men. 

When Lucas no longer had the strength to fight back, Madison watched Ethan crouch down, using Lucas’s suit jacket to wipe his belt clean. 

Afterward, he refastened his belt, turned, and walked toward her. 

William rolled down the windows on the left side of the vehicle. 

Ethan, his pression still fierce, revealed a collarbone and chest 


of dark red. He leaned on the windowsill, locking 


ouch you?” he asked. 

son caught her breath, “No, I hit him.” 

hat did he do to provoke you?” 

Ethan’s gaze was intense, making her momentarily forget to answer. 

“Did he insult you?” he pressed. 

Madison’s lips tightened, “Yes, that’s why I took action.” 

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Ethan then stepped away, and William rolled the window back up. 

That’s when the bodyguards from the other vehicles stepped out. 

Madison noticed for the first time that they all seemed to be of similar height, dressed in black and masked, evidently well-trained. 

The leader among them, apparently the captain, approached Ethan. He was Silver Helm, looking to be in his early forties, who bowed slightly and addressed Ethan, “President Grant.” 

“He’s short on cash. Make it a reasonable amount,” Ethan said as he lit a cigarette handed to him by Silver Helm. “And his mouth isn’t the cleanest, have it washed.” 

Silver Helm nodded in comprehension, “Understood.” 

Lucas was then led away by Silver Helm to an unknown destination. 

When the car door opened, Ethan entered, and William stepped out. 

For a while, the car was filled with the faint scent of alcohol. 

Ethan had drunk a lot. He leaned back in his seat and closed his 


Madison noticed the veins on his hand were still prominent, his aural one of deadly calm. 

“I’m sorry,” he suddenly apologized. 

Madison didn’t avert her gaze, “Why?” 

Ethan opened his eyes, “The reason for that car’s appearance was me. It almost involved you, and I’m sorry.” 

His voice was laced with intoxication but was earnest. 

Madison caught on quickly, “So you agree with me moving out because you’re afraid it will implicate me?” 

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Ethan’s eyes lingered on her face, heavy with a look she’d never seen before-loss, as if coming to terms with reality. 

Madison inexplicably felt breathless. 

“Michael wasn’t wrong. I shouldn’t indulge in vain hopes of what I could have; I’m just a burden to others,” Ethan said with a self- 

mocking chuckle. 

Silence filled the car. 

After a long time, the car door opened. 

Ethan heard Madison stepping out and mustered all his strength not 

to ask her to stay. 

But just as the door closed, he heard her say- 

“If I had known you thought like this, I wouldn’t have accepted the flight on the 23rd.” 

The door shut firmly. 

Ethan remained frozen. 

What she say? 


an… she accepted that flight on the 23rd for him? 

“Captain Madison?” William noticed Madison walking towards the end of the road, calling out to her but receiving no response. 

Madison set her sights forward, her face void of any smile. 

When the lighthouse’s light from the distant coast passed over her, her arm was suddenly seized, forcing her to look back. 

Ethan, slightly out of breath with eyes still red, “What you just said…” 

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“Can you explain it to me?” 

Madison withdrew her arm, her demeanor already calm, “I always believed that genuine feelings shouldn’t be mixed with anything else, they would spoil. We are indeed different, inside and out, so we’re incompatible. Thanks for your care during this time, President Grant, but from now on, I’ll just be your most loyal employee.” 

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day

Capturing the Millionaire’s Heart on Divorce Day

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Capturing the Millionaire's Heart on Divorce Day" After two years of fruitless devotion, Madison is callously dismissed by her now ex-lover, with a pitiful plea for her to 'do him a favor.' On the very day of her divorce, she unexpectedly ties the knot with the world's richest man, Ethan Grant. Her dramatic shift from an ordinary woman to an affluent matriarch, from a homemaker to a top-tier aviator, leaves the world in shock..
Capturing the Millionaire's Heart on Divorce Day
 Her ex-lover, filled with regret, attempts to make amends, only to find himself financially crippled by the wealthy Mr. Grant. When reporters inquired, "How do you feel about marrying a 'second-hand woman'?" Ethan's response was the talk of the town. "Firstly," he stated, "my wife is the only woman captain in domestic civil aviation and the youngest and most outstanding woman captain globally. Secondly, it is me who is unworthy of her." At that moment, someone shouted, "President Grant, your wife just landed with a passenger plane to pick you up!" The tycoon, holding his daughter, immediately dashed towards the rendezvous, exclaiming, "Let's go find Mommy!"


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