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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers

Resent, Reject, Regret

Even the coldest heart would soon grow warm if she kept holding on to it. That was what she believed. That was why she became his unloved placeholder of a wife. Unfortunately, all her devotion only led to a heartless divorce. “She’s awake now,” he told her. “Step down and step away, you miserable knock-off.”Then, he left. When he came back, it was because he needed her to do something only an impostor could do: go to jail for his dream girl’s crime. Deirdre McKinnon was condemned to perdition. She lost her baby before it was born. She lost her face to violence. She lost the ability to see. It was two months of a hell-like nightmare. At last, something died inside her heart. Two years later, she found herself another man, but when Brendan Brighthall met her by pure happenstance, a new feeling was born in his heart: jealousy. There were no means too terrible, no scheme too underhanded—not if it meant he’d possess Deirdre’s heart again. And yet, she simply refused to love him anymore.“What do you want me to do, Deirdre McKinnon?! What must I do to go back to the good old days?” His eyes turned red. “I’ll give you everything I have!”“You gave me a copper trinket two years ago. It was a sorry excuse for a wedding ring, and yet I cared for it as though it was the most precious jewel in the world…“But now? Nothing you can give would be even remotely worthwhile. Not even you.”

Resent, Reject, Regret by Aqua Summers Chapter 34

Chapter 34 If You’re Out to Condemn Someone, You Can Always Trump up a Crime ‘Ah?’  Brendan could not believe it upon witnessing Deirdre’s reaction. How could she actually be so nonchalant after causing someone else’s leg injury?  He clutched the woman’s throat in a strong grip. “How can you be so malicious, Deirdre! Your …

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Resent, Reject, Regret by Aqua Summers Chapter 31

Chapter 31 The Condition of My Eyes Is All Your Fault  “You didn’t receive surgical intervention during the best treatment time, so it would be too difficult to treat the condition now. The success rate of the surgical intervention would be low, so I don’t recommend taking the risk to undergo surgery.”  “It’s fine, I …

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Resent, Reject, Regret by Aqua Summers Chapter 30

Chapter 30 You Brought This Upon Yourself  “Detest you? Who detests you?”  “Who?” Deirdre almost burst into laughter. “Do you have even half of Sterling’s courage? Enough courage to take me out there? Introduce me to everyone? Do you even have the guts to tell the world my name-my real name?”  Brendan froze. Of course …

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