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We provide the best services and excellent support to our users. Any of you can contact us without any hesitation in case of any query or issue or to appreciate our work. You can drop your message via Email, comment, Social profiles or even direct message to us. We will respond to your queries within next 48 hours. Keep visiting us and supporting us by sharing our website with your friends and social circles.

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  1. Hi! Good morning I’m just wondering why I don’t get the novel list anymore? I read Multiple books on this site. I also don’t see the home option? Those two option makes it easier to get to my books I’m just wondering why. Thanks

  2. To whom it may concern, would there be a chance to have the novel lists on the end of every page? I do read multiple novels/book on your site, which made it really easy for mr to navigate and find the newly updated chapters everyday, and I do believe that my fellow bookworms have the same problem. I hope you guys can address this problem of ours. Thank you!

  3. Why are the books not being updated? I read multiple books I don’t want to read the same chapter over and over. Please update. Thank you

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