Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen Chapter 198

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen Chapter 198

Chapter 198 

Egbert cast a glance at Eileen, his voice icy, “Planning on singing my praises?” 

Eileen was taken aback. 

Egbert Continued coldly, “Go ahead.” 

Eileen was a bit frightened, she took two steps back, “I wasn’t planning on singing your praises…” 

At this point, Egbert suddenly looked behind Eileen. 

He asked, “So, besides NightKing, who else do you find attractive? Is Colin attractive?” 

Well, Colin was attractive, otherwise, he wouldn’t be a star. 

But Eileen wouldn’t dare to tell the truth, so she said, “I have never seen a man uglier than Colin in my life!” 


From behind her, Colin’s aggrieved voice suddenly rang out! 

Eileen Was speechless. 

Turning her head, she saw Colin standing behind her. He had been standing there for who knows how long, his eyes red as if he was about to cry! 

Eileen was extremely embarrassed, she shot a glare at Egbert! 

Egbert was obviously doing this on purpose! 

Eileen quickly tried to explain to Colin, “I didn’t mean it that way, listen to me…” 

“I don’t wanna hear it! I don’t wanna hear it!” Colin sniffed, wiping his eyes. 

He pointed in Egbert’s direction, his voice choked up, “I know in your eyes only Egbert is attractive, but you don’t have to say that about me! Are we even family anymore!” 

With just one simple statement, Colin had won over the man who was just hating on him. 

A smile appeared on Egbert’s face, he looked at Colin, “Eileen was just joking.” 

Colin was speechless, so was Eileen. 

Egbert turned to Eileen again, “You were joking, right?” 

Eileen thought, “Even if I was joking, what’s up with Egbert’s tone? Why is it so strange?” 

Just then, the cameraman followed them out, seeing three people still standing outside, he pointed the camera at them. 

Egbert glanced at the cameraman, he handed his umbrella to Eileen, “Don’t catch a cold.” 

With the cameraman present, Eileen didn’t say much. 

She grabbed the umbrella, glared at Egbert again, opened the umbrella and walked off. 

After Eileen left, Colin, still sniffing, was about to leave. 

But Egbert stopped him. 

In front of the camera, Egbert told Colin, “Take care of her.” 

Colin was a bit stunned, “Huh?”: 

Egbert patiently reminded him, “I won’t be here, you, as her brother, need to take care of her, call me if anything happens.” 

Colin was a bit dazed. 

He stuttered a response after a while, “O-okay…” 



-[HAHA, Egbert sounds like he’s reading his last will, so funny.] 

-[?? Hey, watch your mouth, you must be a crazy male fan!] 

? What’s wrong with being a male fan, did we eat your food! I’ve noticed that you female fans have a lot of malice towards male fans!] 

-I’m not being malicious, I just hope male fans would watch the E&E couple’s mix video!] 

As fans, we’re here to urge everyone, don’t believe rumors, don’t spread rumors, Egbert and Eileen are good friends in private, it’s normal for good friends to look out for each other, there’s no need to overinterpret their relationship. Hope Egbert continues to shine alone, and hope Eileen continues to do well in the future, keep it up.] 

-[Stop pretending, your other account is called “E&E get in bed today” I remember your account!] 

-[Oh, really? I’m going to change my account right now! Stop spying on me!] 

Egbert was there for an inspection with the leader, who left that evening. 

Naturally, Egbert also left. 

When Eileen heard from Colin that Egbert had left, she was puzzled, “What does his leaving have to do with me?” 


Chapter 198 

Colin blinked, he looked at Eileen, then thought of Egbert’s repeated reminders before leaving. 

After a bit of hesitation, Colin suddenly declared, “Eileen, no matter what happens, I’m on your side.” 

Eileen was confused, “My side, what? 

Colin explained, “I mean, I’m on your side! I’m family!” 

Eileen went silent. 

Oh no, was there something wrong with Colin? 

The atmosphere in Navy Battalion was great, and everyone had gotten used to the military environment. 

In a blink of an eye, a week and a half passed by without anyone noticing. 

When the production team announced that the Defender’s Honor program would end tomorrow, everyone was very reluctant to leave. 

Especially the four female guests, they sighed and lamented when they heard about the ending. 

Eddie was puzzled, he asked Edna and the others, “We men may like the military camp, but don’t you women dislike it? Jaqueline, didn’t you pretend to be lame in the beginning so you wouldn’t have to squat?” 

Jaqueline muttered, “I had a hard time at first, but I’ve gotten used to it now. And once I leave, I won’t see the lovely soldiers anymore…” 

Over the past week or so, Edna and the others had been playing with the navy soldiers every day, and it was said that they often went to the dormitory to get snacks, all given by their admirers. 

Eddie turned to Eileen, “What about you, do you also miss these soldiers?” 

Eileen shook her head, “No, I’ll miss them.” 

She was referring to Edna and the others. 

Eddie was surprised, “I thought you guys didn’t get along.” 

At this point, Patti interjected coldly, “We don’t, that’s why she comes to steal our snacks every night! The snacks that the soldiers gave us, we haven’t had a single bite, she ate them all!” 

Eileen sighed again, “Ah…” 

Eddie was speechless.: 

The night before the end of the program, Navy Battalion held a farewell party for them. 

The party was lively and didn’t end until after midnight. 

The next day, at six in the morning. 

The eight of them, reluctant to leave, packed their bags and got on the production team’s bus one after another. 

On the bus, the crew finally returned their phones to them. 

As they turned their phones on, they sighed. 

“I’ll miss this place.” 

“I’ve had a really full-on time here.” 

“The soldiers are all worthy of our respect.” 

“Bee-bee-bee-bee.” That’s the sound of the phone turning on. 

Five minutes later, the whole bus was dipped in silence. 

As the time ticked by, after a while, eight heads slowly lifted. 

Eight pairs of eyes all looked forward at the camera that was still filming them! 

-[Ha ha ha ha ha!] 

-[So, we’re live, surprised?!) 

-[I knew it! I was about to burst!) 

-[I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, I’m so satisfied now!] 

It was live! The seven guests were all dumbfounded! 

Eileen stood up from her seat at this moment, walked to the camera, and curiously asked the camera, “So, we’re live, huh?” 

Edna couldn’t comprehend Eileen’s casualness. “Aren’t you afraid?” she said. “You’ve done a lot of unconventional things on the show, there must be a lot of viewers criticising you!” 

dn’t do anything out of the ordinary, they’d still criticise me, 

Turning to face Edna, Eileen blinked her eyes, putting on an innocent face, “Well, even if t right?” 

Edna didn’t say anything anymore! 

Then, Eileen proudly straightened her body, hands on her hips, and proclaimed, “Let me tell you, when it comes to handling criticism, I’m the pro!”

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen

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Defying Fate The Unstoppable Eileen

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