Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen Chapter 199

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen Chapter 199

Chapter 199 

-[I don’t know why, but when this little goofball says such stuff, it really hurts me… For real! Who dares to insult her, come out and explain yourself!] 

-[…Aren’t you the one calling her names? You just called her a goofball…] 

-[I mean anyone other than me!] 

-[Well, I…] 

-(Uh, I…] 

-[I only said something a few words, just a few words…] 

-[I’ve never insulted her! I’m proud of that!) 

-[Stop playing innocent, look at your username. It’s ‘Eileen eats like a gluttonous pig’, isn’t that insulting?] 

-[Ah, fine, I’ll change it, it should be okay now.] 

-[?? ‘Eileen eats more than a gluttonous pig’ is better than ‘Eileen eats like a gluttonous pig’, how?] 

-[Ugh, you fans are so annoying, I changed it again, are you happy now?] 

-[Buddy, you might as well not change it anymore. ‘Eileen is a gluttonous pig’ is really unnecessary.] 

The bus took the guests to the airport. 

When Eileen boarded the plane, she saw that the seven guests were constantly on their phones. 

They were explaining the events that occurred during the live stream to their families, friends, and agents. 

They all looked really nervous, whereas Eileen seemed very calm! 

Because her phone never rang at all! 

Eileen looked at her phone with no missed calls and sadly put it back in her pocket. 

The cameraman noticed Eileen and saw her standing alone in the corner. 

He pointed the camera at her and curiously asked, “Ms. Lopez, we still have a while before boarding, why don’t you make a call?” 

Eileen looked upset, “Nobody is calling me.” 

The cameraman felt a pang in his heart and hesitated, about to say something to comfort her. 

At that moment, Colin shouted, “Eileen, Ophelia is calling you! She said if you dare to put her on your block list again, you can kiss your future salaries goodbye! And Janice, you blocked her too, did you know? Janice called you nine times!” 

Eileen retorted loudly, “Janice is Ophelia’s spy now, I’ll unblock her later.” 

Then, Eileen turned to the cameraman and continued to complain, “Nobody is calling me…” 

The cameraman walked away with his camera, not wanting to deal with her anymore! 

As the boarding time arrived, the eight guests boarded the plane one after another. 

The moment they entered the boarding gate, the Defender’s Honor program officially ended. 

At one o’clock in the afternoon, Eileen and Colin arrived back at the Capital. 

As soon as they got off the plane, they saw Janice and Ophelia, who had come to pick them up personally. 

In the car, Ophelia started scolding Eileen! 

Once she had said her piece, she made Eileen unblock her and Janice from the blacklist. 

Ophelia then started discussing business, “Both of you were not the only ones live streaming. Compared to Edna, your images were not bad. Because of them as a contrast, your reputation is quite good, especially you, Eileen, you attracted many male fans.” 

Eileen looked a little smug. 

She said contentedly. “That’s not surprising. Normally, goddess-level figures easily attract male fans.” 

Ophelia gave her a look, “Don’t you know whether you’re a goddess or not? Normal people attract male fans because the fans see the female idol as their dream girl. But the male fans you attracted, they all see you as a man!” 

Eileen was speechless. 

Colin laughed, “Hahaha!” 

Colin laughed so hard he couldn’t straighten his back. After he finished laughing, he patted Eileen’s shoulder and comforted, “Eileen, it’s okay, as long as your boyfriend sees you as a woman…umm…” 

Before Colin could finish, Eileen covered Colin’s mouth, almost suffocating him. 

Ophelia turned around unhappily and asked, “What boyfriend, Eileen, are you dating?” 

Eileen hurriedly said, “I’m not!” 


Ophelia squinted and said, “You’re not allowed to date, you’re in your career rise! Have you seen any rising female artists dating! And that Egbert! Stay away from him! Do you hear me!” 

Eileen lowered her head, saying nothing. 

Ophelia then gave Colin a script, “The third male lead in a TV series, take a look at the script first. Even though it’s a web series, the plot is good. The original novel is very popular, and it’s scheduled to start shooting next month.” 

Eileen then let go of Colin, Colin immediately took the script and started reading excitedly. 

Ophelia turned to Eileen again, “There are even more projects for you. But like I said before, we only take high-quality projects. The projects you took before Eyes on the Rendezvous were too low grade. Currently, there aren’t many dramas worth your time.” 

Eileen nodded and obediently said, “I trust your judgment when it comes to professional matters.” 

Eileen didn’t want to take on bad projects either. 

After all, in her previous life, she had shot too many bad films. 

Ophelia was pleased to see Eileen not being arrogant or rash. 

Although she always criticized Eileen, Ophelia actually cared about Eileen the most. 

Ophelia then gently said, “Actually, I’ve been hoping you could take a break since last year. You’ve been working non-stop for so long. But I know you want to earn more money. So, I got you another variety show.” 

Eileen looked at Ophelia and asked immediately, “Is the pay good?” 

Ophelia chuckled, “With your rising popularity, this variety show is your highest paying one yet. $20,000 per episode.” 

“What!” Eileen was stunned. 

She immediately shouted, “I want to go, I have to go to this one!” 

Ophelia nodded indulgently, “Okay, okay, go on.” 

Colin, who was listening on the side, suddenly asked, “Eileen, you’re just going without even asking what kind of variety show it is?” 

Without a second thought, Eileen blurted out, “I’ll go to any variety show! Even if I have to climb a knife mountain or descend into a sea of flames, I will go!” 

Two weeks later, at half past eleven at night! 

Eileen, poker-faced, stared blankly at the very “knife mountain” and “sea of flames”… 

She was completely dumbstruck. 

The head director of Haunted Chronicles, speaking into his wireless microphone, urged Eileen, who was standing before the “Satan’s Lair” set, “Don’t be scared, just keep going! The ghosts won’t harm you, they’re all caged up, just keep walking! Once you’ve crossed the Bridge of Perdition and pushed open the door to reincarnation, you’re done!” 

Eileen was so tense that her heart nearly stopped. 

Seeing that something was amiss, the director asked the assistant director, “Is there a problem with the microphone? Can’t she hear me? Send a ghost to tell her then.” 

So, a minute later, a ghost with special effects makeup, twisted shoulders and arms, and half its body covered in blood, slowly shuffled over to Eileen. 

The ghost whispered eerily in her ear, “The director said…” 



Chaos suddenly ensued on set! 

The director was shocked out of his wits. He quickly unplugged the background music for Satan’s Lair. 

He switched on the loudspeaker, yelling in a mixture of panic and fury, “Eileen! Let go of him!! Let go of our staff!! That’s his neck!! You can’t twist their necks! You’re about to snap his neck!! God! He’s rolling his eyes back! Stop it! He’s really gonna die!!”

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen

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In her previous life, Eileen's tragic end seemed final. But now, she's thrust back into a time when the entire internet turned against her. Determined to shatter the chains of negativity, she embraced her true power. The tempestuous goddess stormed onto a popular variety show, captivating countless fans instantly. Meanwhile, the influential Lopez family's CEO, Egbert, felt an uncanny connection to Eileen. Biological parents and protective siblings of her appeared, embracing their long-lost kin. As her star soared, rumors swirled of a romance with the award-winning actor, Egbert. Eileen took control, denying all involvement in a captivating live broadcast, with unwavering family support flooding the chat. Read More The Kiss That Sparked it All Just as the dust settled, a half-naked Egbert emerged from Eileen's bedroom during the live broadcast, igniting a frenzy that will change

Defying Fate The Unstoppable Eileen

  Question: What led to the resurgence of Eileen's popularity and the reconnection with her biological family in the story? Answer: In her previous life, Eileen faced a tragic end, but she found herself thrust back into a time when the entire internet turned against her. Determined to break free from negativity, she embraced her true power and made a captivating appearance on a popular variety show. Simultaneously, the influential Lopez family's CEO, Egbert, felt a strange connection to Eileen, leading to the reunion with her biological family. As Eileen's star rose, rumors circulated about a romance with the award-winning actor, Egbert. Eileen took control of the situation by denying any involvement during a live broadcast, with unwavering family support from her long-lost kin. However, just as things seemed to settle down, a half-naked Egbert emerged from Eileen's bedroom during the same live broadcast, sparking a frenzy that would change their lives. Read More Novel Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband   The main character in this story is Eileen. Eileen's life takes a dramatic turn as she faces a tragic end in her previous life and then unexpectedly finds herself back in a time when the internet has turned against her. Determined to overcome the negativity, she discovers and embraces her true power, leading her to make a captivating appearance on a popular variety show. This newfound fame also brings her in contact with the influential Lopez family's CEO, Egbert, who feels a mysterious connection to her. Together with her long-lost biological family's support, Eileen navigates the challenges of her rising stardom and faces rumors of a romantic involvement with Egbert. The story takes a dramatic twist when Egbert's unexpected appearance during a live broadcast sets off a frenzy that promises to alter their lives forever. Read More Novel The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha


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