Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen Chapter 52

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen Chapter 52

Chapter 52 

While waiting for the bus, Eileen had her hands in her pockets, with a nonchalant and gloomy Egbert standing beside her. She glanced at the timid-looking Aurora and Hubery on her other side. 

She said to Egbert, “You dont have anything to say?” 

Egbert lowered his head to look at her and replied softly, What do you want to hear?” 

Eileen took a step back, giving room to Aurora and Hubery. “It’s not about what I want to hear, it’s what they want.” 

Egbert frowned. 

Just then, Aurora happened to look over 

Ignoring Aurora, Egbert glanced at the road across and coldly said to Eileen, The bus is here.” 

The bus stopped in front of them. Eileen got on first, followed by Egbert 

Right behind them, Aurora and Hubery also boarded. 

There were plenty of empty seats on the bus. Eileen found a single seat. As she sat down, she noticed Egbert standing beside her, grabbing the overhead rail. 

Eileen was puzzled, “There are seats at the back! 

Egbert lowered his head to look at her and said, “I feel like standing for a bit” 

Eileen then ignored him. 

However, Aurora also came over and stood next to Egbert 

Seeing this, Hubery also followed suit. 

Eileen was speechless. 

Beside Eileen’s single seat, there were now three tall people standing. One was a famous 

Eileen crossed her legs and looked at them, feeling surrounded. 

actor, another a top actress, and the third a newbie idol. 

“Mr. Reed,” Aurora stood beside Egbert, looking down at the tip of her shoe, and said in a sulky tone, “It’s my first time on this show, and I didn’t know the rules. I didn’t mean to not complete the task. Please don’t be mad” 

Seeing Egbert didn’t react, she boldly reached out and grabbed the hem of his clothes, giving it a little shake. 

Eileen saw this and was taken aback. 

-Then, Egbert’s cold voice suddenly rang out, “Don’t touch me.” 

Aurora was startled and let go, looking upsel 

“Aurora, stand here,” Hubery suggested, trying to break the awkwardness by swapping places with Aurora. 

Aurora knew that Egbert clearly was not fond of her. Getting closer to him would only make her more embarrassed. 

She reluctantly swapped places, only to see Egbert’s gaze fixed on Eileen, who was sitting down. 

Aurora frowned and also looked at Eileen. 

She remembered what her agent had said the day before. 

“That Eileen, not well-liked online and not famous, but Egbert, who’s usually cold towards women, treats her especially well. They often chat alone during 

the live broadcasts. You should keep an eye on her. By the way, and she just topped the trending list…” 

Aurora hadn’t taken these words to heart, but now seeing the way Egbert looked at Eileen, she felt uneasy 

Could this relative nobody actually be a threat to her? 

With this thought, Aurora’s gaze towards Eileen turned icy. 

Feeling an unfriendly gaze, Eileen initially thought it was Hubery, but to her surprise, it was Aurora, 

Aurora was frowning, her eyes full of hostility 

Eileen was momentarily at a loss for words. There really was something wrong with Aurora. 

The bus soon arrived at their destination. Eileen was the first to get off. 

Egbert followed behind her. 

Behind them, Aurora and Hubery also got off. 

After their last stop in the afternoon, their tasks for the day would be complete 

Their last stop was at a grand theater, with a sea of people at the ticket booth 

Eileen and Egbert went to line up for tickets. 

When it was their turn, Elleen bought only two tickets. 

Aurora saw this and immediately nudged Hubery. 

Hubery quickly squeezed in, indicating to the ticket seller that he wanted two more tickets. 


Eileen turned to him, “What are you doing?” 

Hubery replied, “Buying tickets” 

Eileen raised her eyebrows, “Can’t you line up and buy your own tickets?” 

Hubery was taken aback, “Arent we together?” 

Eileen scoffed, “Do I look like I know you?” Then, Eileen addressed the people in line behind her in Japanese, This guy wants to cut in line.” 

Suddenly, the tourists who understood Japanese started pointing at Hubery 

A security guard nearby heard the commotion and came to inquire. When he heard that someone was trying to cut in line, he gestured sternly at Hubery, “Sir, please go to the back of the line.” 

While Hubery didn’t understand Japanese, he could understand the gesture. He tried to explain, “I’m with her.” 

The security guard saw Hubery pointing at Eileen and also looked at her. 

Eileen said to the security guard in Japanese, ‘He said he won’t queue, what can you do to him? Call the police” 

Believing her, the security guard glared at Hubery and spoke into his walkie-talkie. 

Hubery didn’t understand what the security guard said into the walkie-talkie, but judging by his expression, Hubery felt that things weren’t looking good. He kept explaining, “I’m really with her.” 

The people in line behind them were losing patience. Some started berating him, even yelling, ‘Go to the back of the line.” 

Hubery turned pale. Aurora came over and tugged at his sleeve. 

In the face of public anger, Hubery had no choice but to go to the back of the line, looking disgruntled. 

As Aurora followed Hubery to the back, she gave Eileen a deep look. 

With tickets in hand, Eileen playfully bumped Egbert with her shoulder 

Egbert turned to look at her. 

Eileen grinned, ‘I helped you shake off the troubles. Aren’t you going to thank me? 

Egbert stared at the soft, loose strands of hair falling across her forehead, reaching out to steady the girl by her back. He gave her a gentle nudge forward, “Go on in.” 

Eileen moved forward with his push, took a few steps, then turned back to Egbert, furrowing her brow, You didn’t even thank me, I won’t help you next 


They were worried that Aurora and Hubery would catch up, so as soon as they entered the theater, they started to walk quickly. 

The theater was really huge, they wandered around and by the time they left, Aurora and Hubery were nowhere in sight. 

Consider their mission accomplished. 

At least, Eileen and Egbert’s task of checking off three sights was done 

Eileen made another call to Bblythe, asking about the progress of their tasks. 

Bblythe said they still had one place to go in the afternoon, so they wouldn’t be done until the evening. 

After hanging up, Eileen started calculating the remaining funds in her bag. 

She still had five thousand yen left, and she gave Egbert half of it. 

Egbert looked at the money handed to him, then back at Eileen. 

Eileen waved her hand, “Take it, this is the task money for each of us after the team split. We have five thousand left, this two thousand five hundred is yours, keep it 

Egbert kept both hands in his coat pockets, not taking the money, and he just said, “I’ve told you before, you’re in charge of the money” 

Eileen clarified. This isn’t our team’s money, it’s yours personally.” 

Egbert responded casually, ‘Fine, I want you to handle my money.”

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen

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Defying Fate The Unstoppable Eileen

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