Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen Chapter 53

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen Chapter 53

Chapter 53 

After hearing this, Eileen remained silent for a while 

A moment later, she glanced at Egbert, then at the 2,500 yen in her hands, and finally put the money back into her bag, saying, ‘Let’s save this for another 


Egbert didn’t object. 

“Shall we go?” Eileen asked. 

“Sure” Egbert replied indifferently. 

The bus stop was close by. 

There was a small cart selling Japanese pancakes nearby. 

As they walked past the cart, Eileen suddenly felt the person next to her stop. 

She turned her head and saw Egbert standing next to the cart, watching the vendor make the pancakes. 

“We re about to go back and eat sushi. There’s still a lot left from yesterday Eileen said. 

Egbert glanced at her hand holding his, then looked into her eyes and hesitated before asking, “Can you give me some pocket money?” 

Eileen was at a loss for words. 

In the end, Eileen bought Egbert a pancake, 150 yen each. 

Egbert took the warm pancake, tore off a small piece and put it in his mouth. After chewing it, he handed the pancake to Eileen. 

Eileen shook her head, saying, “No, thanks” And walked onto the platform. 

The bus was late. 

Five minutes later, Eileen was eating the pancake and nodded. ‘It tastes pretty good. She then tore off another piece and put it into her mouth. 

Egbert didn’t eat any more. He held the remaining pancake, occasionally offering it to Eileen to make it easier for her to eat. 

After getting on the bus, they found seats next to each other. Eventually, the pancake ended up in Eileen’s hands. 

After she finished eating, she handed the empty bag back to Egbert. 

Egbert took the bag and glanced at her. 

When they returned to the hotel, they were surprised to find that Aurora and Hubery had arrived before them. When Aurora saw them, she stood up from the sofa on the first floor and walked towards them with a smile. 

Eileen glanced at Egbert, chuckled mockingly, and then walked straight to the elevator. 

Unexpectedly, Aurora wasn’t approaching Egbert, but blocked her, “Since the task is completed. Ms. Lopez, our small team should also return to the main team, right? I heard that the boys and girls used to share rooms separately Hubery and I have already checked out of our hotel, we should also follow this rule, Ms. Lopez, tonight I will share a room with you and Bblythe.” 

Eileen was speechless. 

When Bblythe came back in the evening and saw Aurora in the room, she was almost furious. 

She threw her handbag at the couch and stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her and glaring at Eileen who was brushing her teeth. 

Eileen was forced to stop brushing, innocently saying, “I didn’t want her to move in either.” 

Bblythe asked angrily, “So what are we going to do now?” 

Eileen spat out the foam in her mouth, III share a bed with you tonight. Actually, even if we don’t live together now, the next episode should…” 

Tm not coming next episode” Bblythe cut her off. 

Eileen was stunned and looked at her. 

Bblythe coldly said. “I can’t get along with her. If she’s a regular on the show, I can only quit. I can afford the penalty for breaking the contract.” 

Eileen frowned. 

Bblythe closed her eyes and rubbed her temples, saying, “I shouldn’t make it hard for you, after all, you don’t have any conflict with her. Never mind, I have some money left, I go book another room. 

Saying this, Bblythe walked out, picked up her handbag from the couch, and left the room without a glance at Aurora. 

After Eileen finished brushing her teeth, she came out with a towel, wiping her mouth while glancing at Aurora, who was sitting on Bblythe’s bed, reading a magazine 

When Aurora saw Eileen come out, she gave her a triumphant smile. 

Eileen didn’t understand what she felt so proud of, and she also turned and left the room. 

Blythe went to the first floor to book a room. 

They still had 1,000 yen left in their travel fund, but it was not enough to book a room. She was discussing with the staff to get back her personal wallet. Eileen, in her pajamas and with a towel around her neck, casually appeared behind Bblythe, bumped into her, and handed a room card in front of her eyes 


Bblythe was stunned, looked at the room card, then at Eileen, “What…” 

Eileen smiled, “I don’t like her either, I’ll move out with you” 

Bblythe looked at Eileen in shock, then hugged her tightly, saying, “Eileen, you’re so considerate.” 

Five minutes later, Aurora, who was sitting on Bblythe’s bed smugly, saw Bblythe and Eileen return. 

She put down the magazine in her hand, smiled politely, and asked softly. “There are only two beds, how shall we sleep tonight? I don’t like sharing a bed, I want to sleep alone.” 

Bblythe ignored her, pulled her suitcase out from under the bed, dumped all her makeup into the suitcase, stood up and asked Eileen, “Are you good to go?” 

Eileen didn’t have much luggage, she picked up her bag and said, “Yeah.” 

Neither of them looked at Aurora directly from beginning to end. They picked up their luggage and walked out without looking back. 

After they had left, Aurora realized that they had moved out to avoid her! 

“Humph!” Aurora clenched her fists, feeling wronged. She got up from the bed and decided to go to the boys’ room next door to complain about her troubles. 

She wanted the boys to know that she was isolated. 

But as soon as she left the room, she saw a hotel employee approaching her. The employee said a lot to her with a smile, occasionally pointing to the door of the room she had just left. 

Aurora didn’t understand a word. 

The employee kept talking. 

Aurora gestured to him to wait and quickly said, “Hold on a second” 

Then she quickly knocked on the door of the room next door. 

The door was quickly opened, and the person who opened it was Hubery. He looked very surprised when he saw Aurora and said, “Aurora?” 

Aurora waved at him, noticing Egbert in the room, she said, “Mr. Reed, this staff here seems to be trying to tell me something, but I’m not getting it. Could you translate for me?” 

Egbert was drying his hair. He gave a frosty glance at the two by the door, then redirected his gaze onto the staff member. 

The guy repeated what he just said, Egbert, after hearing it, paused for a second, then lowered his head and let out a quiet chuckle. 

Aurora asked in confusion, “Mr. Reed?” 

Egbert nonchalantly said. “He wants you to leave room ASAP cause it’s been checked out. If you’re still there in ten minutes, they’re gonna call the police.”

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen

Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen

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In her previous life, Eileen's tragic end seemed final. But now, she's thrust back into a time when the entire internet turned against her. Determined to shatter the chains of negativity, she embraced her true power. The tempestuous goddess stormed onto a popular variety show, captivating countless fans instantly. Meanwhile, the influential Lopez family's CEO, Egbert, felt an uncanny connection to Eileen. Biological parents and protective siblings of her appeared, embracing their long-lost kin. As her star soared, rumors swirled of a romance with the award-winning actor, Egbert. Eileen took control, denying all involvement in a captivating live broadcast, with unwavering family support flooding the chat. Read More The Kiss That Sparked it All Just as the dust settled, a half-naked Egbert emerged from Eileen's bedroom during the live broadcast, igniting a frenzy that will change

Defying Fate The Unstoppable Eileen

  Question: What led to the resurgence of Eileen's popularity and the reconnection with her biological family in the story? Answer: In her previous life, Eileen faced a tragic end, but she found herself thrust back into a time when the entire internet turned against her. Determined to break free from negativity, she embraced her true power and made a captivating appearance on a popular variety show. Simultaneously, the influential Lopez family's CEO, Egbert, felt a strange connection to Eileen, leading to the reunion with her biological family. As Eileen's star rose, rumors circulated about a romance with the award-winning actor, Egbert. Eileen took control of the situation by denying any involvement during a live broadcast, with unwavering family support from her long-lost kin. However, just as things seemed to settle down, a half-naked Egbert emerged from Eileen's bedroom during the same live broadcast, sparking a frenzy that would change their lives. Read More Novel Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband   The main character in this story is Eileen. Eileen's life takes a dramatic turn as she faces a tragic end in her previous life and then unexpectedly finds herself back in a time when the internet has turned against her. Determined to overcome the negativity, she discovers and embraces her true power, leading her to make a captivating appearance on a popular variety show. This newfound fame also brings her in contact with the influential Lopez family's CEO, Egbert, who feels a mysterious connection to her. Together with her long-lost biological family's support, Eileen navigates the challenges of her rising stardom and faces rumors of a romantic involvement with Egbert. The story takes a dramatic twist when Egbert's unexpected appearance during a live broadcast sets off a frenzy that promises to alter their lives forever. Read More Novel The Billionaire’s Regret By Symplyayisha


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