Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar Chapter 909

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar Chapter 909

Chapter 909

For a moment, everyone fell silent, wondering if they had said. anything to offend Briana Cameron the day before.

The entire morning, the design department was eerily quiet, everyone was worried about their own future.

After all, Briana Cameron had connections, but they did not.

In Elliot’s office, upon hearing the news of Anastasia’s detention, a glint of coldness flashed in his eyes.

What fool, couldn’t even handle such a small matter, and was completely outmaneuvered by Briana Cameron.

But this was also good, if Briana Cameron had fallen so easily, it wouldn’t have been interesting anyway.

It seemed that he still had to take matters into his own hands.

Around noon, Briana Cameron returned to the company.

Yesterdaythose who were still scolding her, one by one, ran to her office to apologize to her.

Not only that, but they also took the opportunity to step on Anastasiapushing all the blame onto her.

Briana Cameron despised such fencesitting behavior the mostand directly drove everyone out, saying coldlyremember clearly who insulted me yesterdayand will not forgive you. So I advise you to be careful in the futuredon’t fall into my handsotherwise I will not show mercy.


Chapter 909

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After she said thiseveryone looked at each other, all seeing guilt and fear in each other’s eyes.

Briana Cameron didn’t bother about what they thought, she simply shut the office door.

In the evening, Briana Cameron went to a well–known Western restaurant in Haseton with Maxim.

Just got off the car, and ran into Isaac and his group.

Upon seeing Maxim, Isaac immediately approached him like a dog seeing a bone.

“Cousin, younger sister, you guys also came here to eat?”

Regarding Isaac’s change of attitude, Briana Cameron had only one thought in her mind – no one would offer help without a reason, they must be either a villain or a thief.

She looked at Isaac with a cold expression, saying icily, “If I remember correctly, you were driven out of the Yoder family three years ago. There are no cousins here for you.”

Isaac’s face changed, “Sister, your mouth is as sharp as ever, I just wonder if it tastes as sharp?”

As he spoke, his gaze at Briana Cameron was filled with lewdness.

No sooner had the words left his mouth than he was punched in the face. 

Maxim didn’t hold backIsaac was directly knocked to the groundthe whole person was in extreme disarray.

The faces of the people nearby all changed


Chapter 909 


Mr. Yoder!

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Several exclamations sounded at the same time, and few people hurried to help Isaac.

However, Isaac didn’t pay them any attention, directly pushing away their extended hands and stood up by himself.

He looked at Maxim with a smile, “Who would have thought that your temper has worsened quite a bit over the past three years?” 

Maxim looked at him coldly, “You’ve been in the basement for the past three years, haven’t we seen each other every day? Whether my temper has improved or worsened, don’t you know?” 

Maxim’s words reminded Isaac of the humiliating experience he had in the basement for three years, a glint of coldness flashing in his eyes.

“Maxim, don’t think I wouldn’t dare to touch you. I will

definitely make you regret it. Everything I’ve been through, I will make you experience them one by one!”




Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 10/13/2023 Native Language: English
Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar"A top romance novel is a captivating work of fiction that explores the emotional and often passionate relationships between characters, weaving a compelling story of love, desire, and connection while engaging readers with its heartfelt and evocative narrative

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 Briana Schneider believed she could win Maxim Yoder’s love. Yet, after three years of marriage, all she got were photos of Maxim in bed with another woman-Kiley Schneider, who happened to be Briana’s twin sister. At that point, Briana chose to let go of her quest for Maxim’s affection and moved forward. It seemed like the right decision for both of them. However, when she handed the divorce papers to Maxim, he angrily tore them apart and cornered her against the wall. “We’re not getting a divorce unless I die.” Briana was completely unfazed by Maxim’s wrath. “You can only have either Kiley or me. It’s your decision.” Eventually, Maxim opted for Kiley. Yet, after losing Briana for good, Maxim realized that he was truly in love with her…  

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar


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