Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar Chapter 922

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar Chapter 922

Chapter 922 

Realizing he was referring to the previous plagiarism incident, Briana Cameron chuckled, “I didn’t want to bother you with such a trivial matter. Besides, I would definitely seek your help when I really need it. Didn’t I ask you to check that overseas account before?” 

Speaking of this matter, a glint of coldness and guilt flashed in Maxim’s eyes, “I didn’t help you much with that account, I still haven’t figured out who it was, it’s already been deactivated.”

Briana Cameron raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing at the corner of her mouth, “It’s not like we didn’t find anything. At the very least, we can confirm that the person behind this is aware that we’re investigating him now. He’ll be more cautious in his actions from now on.”

“Well, take it slow. We’ve been bothering senior Mr. Ferber for quite a while now, let’s go home.”

Grandpa Wang on the side quickly said, “It’s okay, Briana, Mr. Yoder, you guys stay here for dinner. The young master is usually busy and there are rarely people coming over to chat with the old man and have meals.” 

Briana Cameron turned to look at Maxim, “I can have dinner here with senior Mr. Ferber tonight. If you have something to do tonight, you can leave first.” 

Maxim noddeddo have something to deal with right now. I’ll come to pick you up after you finish dinner.” 


Chapter 922 

288 Vouchers

Briana Cameron waved her hand, It’s okay, can take a taxi back by myself.” 

“Alright, call me before you go home after dinner. If I’m free, I’ll come pick you up.”


Briana Cameron had dinner with the senior Mr. Ferber and stayed for whileit was already past 9 o’clock in the evening.

She took out her phone and called Maxim, but despite several attempts, she couldn’t get through.

Thinking that he must still be busy, Briana Cameron put down her phone and stood up to look at the senior Mr. Ferber.

“Senior Mr. Ferber, it’s already late today, I’ll go back first, and come to see you another day.”

Senior Mr. Ferber nodded and turned to Grandpa Wang, saying, “Arrange a driver to take Briana home.“‘

Briana Cameron quickly shook her head, “It’s okay, I can go back by myself, just need to take a taxi.”

“Anyway, our driver at home is not busy now. I’m not

comfortable letting you take taxi home. Let the driver take you.”

Under the insistence of senior Mr. FerberBriana Cameron had no choice but to agree.

The villa where elder Mr. Ferber lived was located outside the city. On the way backthere was stretch of road that was sparsely populatedApart from Briana Cameron’s carthere was no one else on the road

Chapter 922 

288 Vouchers

Suddenly, there was a series of “puff” sounds from outside the car, and then the car abruptly stopped.

Briana Cameron’s body jolted forward violently, and if it weren’t for the seatbelt, her head would have surely slammed

into the seat in front of her.

“Evan, what happened?” 

“The tire burst, I’ll go down to check it out, Ms. Cameron, you wait in the car for while.”

After getting out of the car, Evan walked to the front to check the tires and indeed found a flat tire. He said, “Ms. Cameron, I’ll change the tire. It should take about ten minutes.” 

After speaking, she stood up and was about to walk towards the trunk, when her body suddenly stiffened, and she fell straight down.

Briana Cameron’s face changed color, just as she was about to get out of the car, a dozen or so people wearing masks surrounded the vehicle.

Two of them immediately hoisted Evan up, a dagger placed against her neck.

“Briana Cameron, come down yourself, or I’ll kill her!”

A glint of coldness flashed in Briana Cameron’s eyes. These people knew her nameit was clear they were after her

She pushed open the car door and got outand as soon as she steadied herselftwo people came towards her with rope

Hand over the phone! If you dare to play any tricks, be ready 

Chapter 922 

to collect this man’s body!”

288 Vouchers

Just as she handed out her phone, one of the men slapped it onto the ground and stomped on it hard twice.

The phone screen cracked instantly, and quickly went black.


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar

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Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar"A top romance novel is a captivating work of fiction that explores the emotional and often passionate relationships between characters, weaving a compelling story of love, desire, and connection while engaging readers with its heartfelt and evocative narrative

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 Briana Schneider believed she could win Maxim Yoder’s love. Yet, after three years of marriage, all she got were photos of Maxim in bed with another woman-Kiley Schneider, who happened to be Briana’s twin sister. At that point, Briana chose to let go of her quest for Maxim’s affection and moved forward. It seemed like the right decision for both of them. However, when she handed the divorce papers to Maxim, he angrily tore them apart and cornered her against the wall. “We’re not getting a divorce unless I die.” Briana was completely unfazed by Maxim’s wrath. “You can only have either Kiley or me. It’s your decision.” Eventually, Maxim opted for Kiley. Yet, after losing Briana for good, Maxim realized that he was truly in love with her…  

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel By Noveljar


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