Fates Hands by Lori Ameling Book-3 Chapter 18

Chapter 18-Book 3  

There was a flash of bright light, and everyone was back in the living room once again. When everyone got back to their senses, they noticed that the beast’s man looked different from before.

He stood taller, and though he had on the same clothing, it looked new, but it was old, almost medieval in appearance. He looked like a dark knight from an adventure romance novel. (

He was naked before, but no one asked where the clothes had come from. He looked different, still with the same dark hair, but his eyes were a bright golden with flecks of green.

He now had a penetrating gaze before it was dark and threatening. Now it was gentle with the look of ages of wisdom behind them.This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com

They were all looking at each other for a moment, and then Archer went to Rachel, who looked like she was about to fall over. Archer lifted her off her feet and carried her to the

Harry and August did the same until everyone was on the couch or chairs. All except Dargon. He slowly walked over to them, looking at everything as he came closer.

He stood in the middle of them. He tilted his head as he talked to his lion. Everyone waited for him to speak first, knowing that he needed time to come to terms with things.

Finally, he sat down on the floor, crossing his legs. His face was twisted in pain and sorrow. He put his head in his hands and rested them on his legs; he began weeping and growling it made everyone’s hearts twist with the sounds.

They all waited; no one spoke, just patiently let the warrior vent it all out. It was then, in the blink of an eye, a great lion stood before them as he let out a deafening roar of pain.

It vibrated off the walls into the open desert; miles away, it could be heard. Everyone felt it in their soul. Rachel, Ava, and Anna were all weeping into the chests of their mates.

The Lion burst out the door and out into the desert night.This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com. When he was far enough from the house, he let out another roar of pain; this time, you could hear both man and Lion wail into the night.

No one went after him; they all knew he was coming back. He just needed to let out all those years of rage and pain.

Dargon walked back into the house; everyone was waiting for him. Ava came out of the kitchen with a tray of drinks as Harry came behind her with a massive food tray. They sat it down on the coffee table, and everyone helped themselves.

Dargon walked up to the food, picked up a piece of cheese, sniffed it, and popped it in his mouth. His eyes lit up as he tasted the cheese.

Then he grabbed a soda, and a look of surprise came over his face as he drank some more. Everyone just let him eat; they could tell he was about to tell them the whole story. He also needed a little bit

more time to be.

After eating, Dargon sat in the chair closest to the fireplace. He twisted the gold and jewel ring on his finger as he began to speak.

“It happened hundreds of years ago; a young and beautiful witch fell in love with me; I didn’t love her, though. To me, she was one of the many we called family. She was nothing more to me than perhaps a sister would be.”

– “Shortly after the witch, Selena confessed that she loved me. I found my true mate, Arianna. Arianna

was gorgeous and the high mage of The White Mage Coven.”

“Shortly after, we were married and mated. The next night was the reception for us; Selena tried to enchant me with a love potion.”

“My second, Joran. He figured out her plan and drank the potion himself; he had taken the counter potion that my mate had made beforehand. At that moment, before everyone in the great hall, Selena was sentenced to banishment.”

“Joran and the guards stripped her of everything she owned, including her clothes. She was given the standard greys of the criminal class and then tossed out the back gates of the castle.”

“We thought that that was the end of Selena’s scheming. We were wrong. She came up with one plan after another plan. It became hard to know what was coming next.”

“Finally, although we didn’t know the reason, Selena stopped attacking. My mate was pregnant at the time with twins. I wanted nothing more than for Arianna and myself to have some peace and happiness in celebration of our soon to come cubs.”This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com

“One night I was out on the watchtower, a fog came rolling in, and that was when we all could hear singing; it was a dark but beautiful sound. I knew it was Selena trying to enchant someone out of the castle right away.”

“That was when I saw Joran walking into the fog after the enchanter, I ran from the tower, shifting into Ra, and we went after Joran. Only it wasn’t Joran; when we called out to Joran, he turned, and instead of Joran, there stood Selena.”

“I can just kick myself in the ass for being so careless, so stupid.”

“Before I could do anything, a dark oily liquid was falling over me; we couldn’t move. We couldn’t do anything not even speak or mind link.”

veThis novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com

“The last thing I remember before we became something else was Selena laughing as the darkness took us. Then I woke up here. I now have all the memories of both times, my past, and everything done after that.”

He put his head back into his hands and rested them again on his legs, the look of a man defeated as he falls into despair.

Hundreds of years in the past………

Joran rushed to the battlements after hearing the singing, knowing it was the witch Selena again. He searched and tried to mind link Dargon. There wasn’t an answer, and no one knew where Dargon was.

He was at the front gates before he realized what he was doing; the mist hung heavy in the air, and when he tried to run out into it, He felt his arms burning as if on fire. Everywhere he tried to get out, the fog blocked the way no matter the direction.

He fell to his knees in frustration and anger; She did it that evil witch finally got to Dargon.

When the morning light hit the fog, it dissipated as if it was never there, to begin with. Joran and the guards ran frantically, trying to pick up a trail there was nothing.

There was a massive circle of black oil on the road, nothing more. Joran had to go back and talk to Arianna. She was frantic because she couldn’t feel Dargon anymore. He had to tell her that Dargon was not coming home, at least not anytime soon.

They waited and waited; the twins were born without their father, time marched on. Joran took Arianna into his castle to take care of her and the twins. Just in case Selena was to hear of them. It didn’t matter. They never saw Selena again.This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com

Time moved on, the twins grew and had children of their own. Thus passing on Dargon’s line. Arianna died alone. She never recovered from losing her mate. Somewhere in the timeline, the Dargons’ line of lionesses was blessed with certain powers and could also become witches.

Finally, two sisters are born with both abilities to be a lioness with special powers and witches. With the sisters’ help, Dargon will return and end the Witch Selena. 3

For the first time in hundreds of years, Selena was afraid. She felt the bond snap. All ties to Dargon were gone. The Beast lives no more. She also knew that Dargon was going to be livid.

As she thought on it, she shrugged. He can’t do anything to me anyway; I can only be killed by another immortal or a god. There are no more Immortals except me.

They are all fools, and they always will be fools. Once all the shifters are dead, I will rule the humans and have so much fun. She picked up a whip and snapped it at her female slave. O

“Stupid little Jessica, you never imagined that this was how your life would turn out, did you?” 2

“She decided that she needed to vent out some of her rages at losing her best toy. She wanted to be there when Dargon realized his fate. She wanted to laugh in his face. That was taken from her; no one takes anything from her!!”

As part of their training, she had kept her two shifter sex slaves locked up in cages; she put a spell on them to keep them in their lion forms. She intentionally didn’t feed them for a week. They were insane with hunger. This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com

She used the whip and made a noose; with a minor spell, it twisted itself around Jessica’s neck, slithering like a snake till it was in place. It lifted Jessica off her feet as she struggled to get it off.

It was then that the doors to the room opened, and in came two very starving lions. Selena pointed to Jessica.

“You have taken everything she could give you; she has nothing left to give but her life. Feast my lovelies, quench your thirst in her blood and quell your hunger in her flesh.”

“Become one with me now, become my loyal slaves, and I shall reward you greatly.”

Selena always loved watching the predator take the fill of its prey. It was a primal thing, and it excited her. Once her lovelies were done, she was going to have them quench her hunger with their bodies.

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