Fates Hands by Lori Ameling Book-3 Chapter 20

Chapter 20-Book 3  

All the bikers came roaring in, and it was a vibrating deafening experience. It was also the best experience that Ashton had ever had. He had been worried that he would have to get everyone out before the enemy came. He wasn’t even sure they would have enough time.

Then they heard the roaring thunder of hundreds of motorbikes come rolling in, and he knew that Duncan and Jack had sent help just in the nick of time. 2

Ashton very excitedly twirled Marnie in his arms with a whoop of joyful excitement, and then they ran for the front doors.

Ashton and Marnie stood at the front doors to the mansion, greeting everyone. Finally, the ones they were waiting for pulled up to the house, and everyone got out.

Ashton and Marnie ran up to Archer and August giving each other hugs of relief. Archer and August both introduced their mates to the family. They all went inside to discuss the situation, make plans, and discuss strategy.(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com)

All the warriors broke off into groups, and each group selected a leader. The leaders joined everyone inside. It was time for war. They didn’t know exactly what they faced or how many.

There wasn’t much time, so everyone worked quickly. By the time half an hour passed, all was ready and organized. Now all they had to do was wait.

As they waited, Dargon looked over at the sisters who saved him. The older of the two looked a little like his mate. The younger took after his mother. He smiled at them and waved them to come and sit with him.

“So I am your great great great grandfather or something like that anyway.

“It is odd because I don’t even feel like a father, let alone a grandparent. Time is an odd mistress, that is for sure. I want you both to know that I am grateful that you have awakened me.”

“There is soo many things I would love to know about you and this time you live in. I would love to talk to you about your ancestry and my memories. There are just so many things I would love for you to know.”

“It seems though we are out of time, I feel that my time is almost at its end. Please do not mourn for me; I go home to the wife and children I never got to see. This is your time. Mine has passed as it should be.”

“No mortal can kill Selena. When she repeatedly gave me her blood over and over to keep me in control, she inadvertently made me Immortal as well.”

“When the time has come in the battle, I will go after Selena alone.(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com) There is another fate waiting for her, a new master she isn’t going to want to deal with, but she made the deal, and now she will have to dance”

‘I do this for all of you so you can have the bright future that I never had. It is time for this darkness to


With that, Dargon got up and went outside. He was leaving Rachel and Anna in silence. They both suspected that Dargon was somehow tied to Selena, but not this. He never really got to live his life, and now he is tossing it aside for them.

Ava came up beside them with a sigh…

“I am afraid that this is his destiny until Dargon became immortal;(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com) there was no hope. Now there is hope for us all with his sacrifice.”

“Anna was not willing to accept this; Surely, Ava, there is something we can do to save him. He shouldn’t have to die.”

Ava shook her head in defeat; it had been decided long before any of us came along. She walked back over to stand by Harry. We have a little moment here if there is anything you all would like to do.

Archer pulled Rachel aside and into a little hidden alcove. He didn’t say anything, just pulled her in to kiss her. He kissed her with everything he had inside of him. Nothing was left behind; she kissed him just as deeply. It wasn’t a kiss of passion. It was a kiss of love and a promise that it wasn’t the last.

It seemed that everyone was doing this, no one was too far from their stations, but they were all expressing their love.

Everyone that wasn’t in the fight was not safe in the caverns. His parents were in the panic room to watch the monitors and tell them if anything made it past the warriors and into the main living areas.

As a last resort, they rigged the entryway of the caverns to explode should any of them make their way that close; those inside the caverns would have to walk the three miles of underground tunnels to reach the safety of the open desert.(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com)

The Mages reported that the barriers around the whole area were up; no humans would stumble across this war or know about it. It was the only protection they could offer the humans. They hope it will be enough.

At that moment, a hundred mind links went off in their minds.

*Theyre Coming!!!!

Dargon was in the front lines. It was dark and silent. It seemed that everyone was holding their breath. They all looked formidable, but Dargon had a feeling that he was the only one here with this kind of battle experience.

He did all he could do for them. Now it was time to fight; things would be sorted for good or bad,  forever. He looked around, and it was an odd feeling being out of time and at the wrong time at the same time.

So many things he wished to do will never be done. All those he knew and loved have long gone at this moment in time, all except one. She is going to pay a long time in hell for all this.

He had on the clothes that he came to this time with; he pulled out the sword that was hidden for so long, it was time to cut off the head of the witch.

Everyone on the front line, with Dargon, was looking at him in surprise.

He looked back at them, giving them a mile-wide smile. He shrugged and said…

“Magick” (2(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com)

In the distance and dark, they heard several roars. They started up one at a time until they were all roaring

Dargon got into position like the knight of the ages he was. There wasn’t any fear, no indecision, only focused intent. He was going to fight his way through all her ranks and take her head off her ugly shoulders once and for all. Let the Devil sort out the rest

He knew that at the moment of her death, he would die as well. That was fine with him; he had been away from home for far too long.

He could feel all the mind links, but he paid them no attention. He knew what all being said was. It was time to kill. Time for this world to find peace, if only for a little while.

With that last thought, he ran into the darkness as silent as death, moving over a grave.

The rest of the warriors let out a roar and followed Dargon into the battle as their foes became visible in the light. It was all death and blood; they were a bit taken aback by their enemy.

They were shifters as well, but they were different. It was as if they had no soul, no thought of their own. They were nothing but mindless killing machines. It didn’t even appear that they could feel pain.

Reports were coming in as Archer told everyone what was going on. It was decided that they would not be in the first wave. They were the last of the Bennets and leaders of the community. No one wanted to lose them and have to choose someone less.

Everyone who wasn’t a fighter was in the hidden safe rooms in the cave below the house. Only the three brothers and Harry were left topside. It was decided that the females would wait in the panic room with their parents.(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com)

This caused a big fight, but the four males had none of it. They were to stay there till the time that their magick was needed, which meant they had to wait for the signal from Dargon.

They knew that they came off as sexist, but it didn’t matter. There was no reason to risk their lives needlessly and not have them for when the right moment came.

They also knew that the girls knew this. They didn’t want to lose them either. The four males took their place amongst the second wave and waited for their turn. It was not easy to do while hearing and seeing all that was going on in the first wave.

It wasn’t easy to watch them die when you knew who they were, your mind could get around it because you knew that whoever they were was no more. Still, your heart wants to scream.

The worst of it is that you know soon you will be the one to give that final death blow, killing all the people you thought you knew and loved. How could so many of them be so corrupt? It made the brothers sick to see so many.

With a roar, the second wave began its assault.

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