Fates Hands by Lori Ameling Book-3 Chapter 23

Chapter 23-Book 3  

The shadow spy watched in silence while shaking his head at Selena’s stupidity.

“You know what they say about insanity? It either makes you smarter or sloppy. She has gone to the sloppy side.” 2

It won’t matter, though; they always regain all their reason when they cross over. It was part of the punishment. One of the first steps was to realize what path they could have taken but instead chose evil.(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com)

Wonder how she will feel when we show her that her true mate was Joran. Right there in front of her the whole time. But because she chose to take the easy path of evil, that dream died at the moment of her choice.

So many fun things he hoped his master would let him have a turn this time; it was fun to watch. It was always more fun to do.

He was so happy to get things started that he almost gave his position away.

Rachel wanted nothing more than to run and find a safe place to kiss the stone. Isae had other plans he wouldn’t shut up. It was like he finally found someone to have a conversation with, and he didn’t want it to end.

He kept going on and on about specific stones and pretty trinkets. He was like talking to a raven.

“Isae, please understand, I would love nothing more than to stay and chat with you, but I am running out of time.”

“Soon, Selena will be coming back for me to do whatever evil thing she is planning. I don’t know what is happening to my family. I can not stay. I have to go and find them so we can stop Selena.”

The Great snake looked at her curiously like something important was missing from her understanding of things. Something that was amusing him. He spoke again, this time with amusement.

“Why don’t you just kissss your pretty sstone and have them come here? It is the sssafest placce to hide.”

Rachel looked at Isae, the snake, in a little bit of shock; how did it know. As if it knew what she was thinking.

“I know of everything that comess to my placce between the realmsss. Nothing may enter or leave without my ssay ssso Go ahead kissss your pretty ssstone.”

With that Rachel pulled out the stone and kissed it. (1)

Everyone stood in surprise at their surroundings, and then they all noticed the extraordinarily large snake coiled up behind Rachel. Before they could take action, Rachel held up her hands,(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com) telling them that the snake was not an enemy.

The only one that didn’t look all that surprised was Dargon. Rachel suspected they must have crossed paths somewhere in their timelines. Maybe he knows something about it; there wasn’t any time to ask.

The snake smiled again.

“There sssee Isae hasss help you get your friendsss.”

With that, they could hear footsteps coming down the stone corridor. It had to be Selena. When they turned around again, the snake Isae was gone.

Everyone got into defensive positions and waited as the footsteps got closer.

When Selena turned to the room, she was shocked and angry. You, stupid humans, always stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.

She was about to go on with her rant, that was till she saw Dargon come out of the shadows.

“Hello Selena, In truth, there aren’t any humans in this room.”

She was struck silent her face was becoming red, and her eyes were black as coal. The room got colder and colder till everyone could see their breath. Ice started to form on the walls and floor. It made an ominous cracking sound as it spread throughout the room.

An ice wall was forming between all of them and Selena; her face became distorted as her proper form

Everyone stared at her as if in a trance. Then with a loud shatter, the ice wall fell as Dargo’s sword pierced through it to her heart. She stared at him in absolute hatred.

She slowly changed back into her human form as the ice dripped down the walls. She fell to her knees. Everyone held their breath, watching her die.

Then she let out a hideous laugh and stood again. She pulled out the sword; her blood splashed around her; she raised her left hand and dropped a dark grey ball on the floor behind her; it rolled down the hall a little ways, they could all hear it hissing.

Then in another wicked insane voice…

“You are going to have to do better than that.”

Another ball, this one black as ink, fell at her feet, and in a flash, she was gone.(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com)

Right at that moment, they realized what was in that other ball; it was the fog again. Just in the nick of time, they all got out of the cell as the fog was creeping their way.

They ran in the only direction they could, up the same stairs Selena had come down from. Dargon led the way. Dargon split the door in two when they reached the top and rushed through it.

They were in a vast chamber; it looked like a lab of some sort; there were all kinds of unrecognizable things in cages and tied to the walls. Dargon paid them no attention and kept right on into another doorway.

That led them to a more private-looking chamber, Selena’s bedroom, perhaps? Still, Dargon continued by splitting the next door in half again.

He rushed through that door, and they all heard a scream of fear and anger. Dargon found Selena. As they all came into the room, they noticed that Selena was naked. She was about to drink a potion. Dargon slapped it out of her hands.

She gave out a scream of rage and launched herself at Dargon. It didn’t take more than a blink of an eye as Dargon swung his sword down and took her head.

It was at this time that once again, their scenery changed; they were all standing in the desert again before them was the giant snake Isae.

This time, he gave off an evil aura as he bent down his head and ate Selena’s dismembered head. Then he did the same with her body. After all the crunching and chewing, all the while making gagging noises like he was eating something rotten. He let out a belch of terrible-smelling green gas when he was done.

Everyone looked at him in horror and disgust. Unsure what to do.

Isae looked at them then with a smirk.

“Well, that was fun, wasn’t it. Still, I’m not too fond of the taste of humans, and that one was way past her expiration date.”

He took another look at their faces and smiled. “You do not have to fear me at this moment. I want to thank you for your help.”

“You, see, the old laws didn’t allow me to kill her with my own hands, so I had to find others to do it for me. You did a most excellent and entertaining job. Then he gave them a courtly bow.”

“If you will excuse me, I have a new guest to entertain; I don’t want to keep a lady waiting after all.”(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com) o

He winked at them, and then with a flash of bright towering fire, he was gone.

Everyone was silent for a moment; Dargon spoke.

“Well, everyone, I believe we just met the Devil himself.” 3

With a sigh of relief that it was over, everyone started to hug and mates to kiss. It was then that they realized that Dargon was still there with them and alive.

Just as everyone was happily congratulating Dargon on not dying, a bright warm glow came over them in the night. Smaller little lights floated in the warm glow like fall leaves floating on the wind.

Everyone was struck silent once again in awe. The feeling from this light was that of good. It felt like heaven if heaven felt this way.

Then another light, it looked like a tiny star, gently drifted towards them.

Rachel reached out to touch it when she did; the world around them fell away until they stood only in warm glowing light. The smaller light got bigger and bigger and took the shape of a beautiful woman.

She was glowing with the warm light; she looked like an angel straight out of heaven. They all noticed how much Rachel looked like her.

Dargon fell to his knees as he whispered…


She smiled at Dargon.

A hush of peace came over them all as she held out her hand to Dargon.

“It is time to come home now, my love.”

Without question or even looking back, Dargon took her hand, and they walked further into the light; at the last second, both of them turned around and waved. They looked like peace and perfect love if emotions were tangible things.

Behind them was one other it was a smiling Joran. There were others in the deeper distance out of focus; As they got closer to them, they surrounded the two lovers welcoming them home. 2

It was then that they could hear two voices coming from the light. Rachel and Anna stood side by side, for they knew who the voices belonged to. O

Before them in the distance stood their mother and father. They waved to them and in the air, they heard their voices…

“We love you, our daughters; we are proud of you. We will be here waiting for you when it is your time to come home.”

With that, they turned and followed the others into the vast distance, becoming the light itself.

The light faded and then was no more. They were now standing in the exact spot where they had

broken the barrier. It was quite the war had ended. 2

N(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com)

Rachel and Anna held each other with happy tears running down their faces. At the same time, everyone else enclosed around them.

A small star twinkled brighter than the others for just a second and was gone.

Dargon came home after the long night.

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