Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter Chapter 145

Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter Chapter 145

Chapter 145 

After the meeting with Sid, my mind was churning as I drove to a nearby clothing store and simply bought a few jeans, tops, and lingerie. 

So far, I had only been using what Callahan had bought for me and, though it was still his money, I needed something of my own. 

Soon, I would take on some tasks and ask him to pay me a salary or something so that I did not feel I was robbing him and splurging using his card. 

For now, I bought a few clothes and hygiene essentials and left the shop in ten minutes after hurriedly paying the cashier. 

There was no time to waste. With the knowledge Sid had given me, I needed to plan my next steps carefully. 

That involved stepping out of the mansion more often. My fingers gripped the steering wheel harder than necessary, imagining it was Celeste’s neck. 

The fact that she had been feeding my father some drug to slow him down and his senses made me want to drive home and just snap her neck. 

But it would not be that easy. She had to be exposed before I did that or that will only turn her into a martyr and a villain in the eyes of my pack. 

And then there was this Rogue King who was hellbent on making Callahan’s life miserable. I gritted my teeth and drove through the winding streets before reaching the mansion. 

I had gotten familiar with the streets and driving around by myself already. That infused me with some confidence. 

Smiling to myself, I parked the car in the garage and had barely managed to step out when I ran into something…or someone. 

Two strong hands embraced me from behind, and I felt Callahan dip his head to bury it in the crook of my neck. 

“I thought you were busy with meetings and work…” I spoke, letting him pull me closer. 



Chapter 145 

I felt him inhale sharply as he answered. 

“Do you know how hard these past hours for me have been?” He asked, and I slowly turned around to face him. 

Linking my arms behind his neck, I looked him in the eye and asked. 

“Were you afraid that I was going to run away and never return again?” 

Callahan raised his hand to cup my cheek. 

“You scare the hell out of me” 

I chuckled, and he narrowed his eyes. 

“This is not funny, Zee.” 

I suppressed another chuckle and answered, 

“It feels nice to see the Lycan King all worked up, especially if it is due to 


A sly grin appeared on his face. 

“You got what you wanted?” 

I nodded. “Yes, but I cannot sit in the mansion doing nothing. I need to find some work to keep myself busy or I would go find it elsewhere.” 

His grip on my waist tightened just a little as he lowered his forehead, placing it on mine. 

“You are stuck with me, you know that, right?” 

“Yes, Mr. Lycan King. But I want to do something of importance.” 

“And what is that?” He asked, his lips hovering just above mine. 

“I want to be the one leading the operations of the Rogue King.” 

He had leaned forward to brush his lips upon mine and my eyes fluttered shut, waiting for the contact that never happened. 

I waited for a few seconds but slowly felt his hands slipping away from 

Confused, I opened my eyes to see him stepping away. 

“What happened?” I asked and reached for his face as he shook his head. 




“That is not happening. Matteo is leading the search and rescue mission. Helis is my beta.” 

I replied in a confident voice, “And I am your anchor. Pretty sure, my rank is in higher than your beta or gamma.” 

Helraked d hand through his hair, troubled expressions chasing his face one after thithetother. 

“This is notatpp for discussion, Zee. You want to go out, fine, go out. You want to dolsonne work, make yourself useful in the garden, or learn some baking or stuffiff dan sure Martha would be happy to teach you.” 

“No, that is not what want. I am not going to hide behind the walls of the mansion whilelyou and the others put yourself at risk every day.” 

Callahan grabbed my hand when he saw one of the servants come by to do the cleaning.g. 

“Not here,” He said and daraised a hand in warning as I looked back to see the servant look at us wararily. 

“We are leaving,” Callahan sasaid to the servant who nodded his head as he took the shopping bagsgouno fof the car while leading me to my room. 

I stayed quiet as we climbed uponthe stairs and Callahan entered th with me in tow, closed the docsis behind us, and threw the shop on the bed. 

His hands went around my waistsnaid he next second his mouth mine, hot and demanding. 

I leaned in just as easily, letting him kisses me. 

Heavens, I did not even know how mucich my body, and my soul were aching for him and his touch. His kiss shitoneup like a matchstick and the fire was burning through me. 

He pushed me to the door, his mouth hungilylyl claiming me as I kissed him back feverishly. A smile tugged at his lipspasas his hands reached up in my hair and I heard him moan audibly. 

The sound was enticing and it made me lean inifofor more as his hands. ran up and down my body. 

But then I realized something. Callahan was not someone who did this. He just never gave in to temptation easily. 



Chapter 145 

Wait, what were we doing before he brought me into the room? 

Clever man. He thought this little trick of his would make me forget all about my plans of leading Operation Rogue King. 

Too bad. 

Though, I was not going to let go of the opportunity to kiss him. So, I twisted my fingers in the fabric of his shirt and pulled him closer as his hand slipped down my thigh and tried to pull me up. 

He began leaving a trail of kisses down my jaw, and throat as I shuddered. It was very hard for me to get my tongue to work and say the next words when his mouth was leaving sweet kisses down my neck. 

“I am still going to want that task, just so you know.” 

Callahan’s reaction was instant. He pulled back and looked me in the eye, his eyes looking like orbs of molten gold. 

“What?” His tone was raspy and his lips just a little puckered. 

“This little manipulative trick of yours is something I like, but not something I would fall for.” 

A smile tugged at his lips. “You are getting smarter, huh?” 

I pushed back the hair falling in his eyes. “Blame yourself, your maje Now, if you would let me, I have some serious meetings to attend.” 

“I did not even permit you to it,” Callahan said, claiming my mouth or again as I whimpered. 

A long, drawn out kiss later, I replied, “The word you wanted to use is agree not permit” 

His hands dug into my hair as he pulled it back. 

“Zee, don’t try to test my patience. I said the discussion is never going to happen. You are not going anywhere near the Rogue King, not now, not ever.” 

His tongue licked his lower lip, and I saw the touch of authority and fierceness shining in his eyes. It was something I both hated and loved about him. 

I reached for his hand and freed my hair out of his grasp. Or it was rather that he let go of me easily. He was still stronger than me. A lot stronger. 



Chapter 145 

“And you don’t test mine. You see, I can feel your emotions and everything else that goes in your head, thanks to this.” 

I said, pointing to my wrist. 

His reaction made me laugh as I pinched his nose. 

“So either you have to get better at hiding your true emotions from me or you have to take the easy way and not try to manipulate me.” 


“No ifs and buts, I will talk to Matteo, Elijah, and whoever else you want me to. I am going to put my case in front of them and you are NOT going to influence them in any way. It has to be their decision.” 

I said assertively, trying to sound bold and confident, which was hard given how close he was standing to me. But I had to get my act together if I wanted to succeed. 

“Promise me!” I placed my palm open for him and he reluctantly placed his palm on mine. 

“Fine, but they are not going to let you,” He added sternly, and I replied, 

“We will see about that” 


I could not find the Moon Goddess, but I could take on his enemies on the ground for now. And I was going to make them pay. 

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Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter

Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter

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FOUND BY THE Lycan King Romance NATALIE WINTER Bullied and harassed in her own pack, Zenovia Archer lives a quiet life with only one aim, to regain the trust and love of her father when he found his fated mate and discarded his daughter and chosen mate in an instant.Her stepmother and stepbrother leave no stone unturned to make her miserable. Yet she believes she would one day successfully make her father realize that she was his own flesh and blood. However, fate has different plans for her. Callahan Skalbeck, the notorious and cruel Lycan King decides to finally step out of his mansion in search of a cure to his curse before time runs out and is forced to make a choice that could change the life of Zenovia. However, Zenovia has no plans of staying in the werewolf world. Her escape plans are foiled when the Lycan King takes an interest in her. But, she has a plan-making him hate her so much that he would banish her from the kingdom himself. Would she succeed in her plan? Or would she end up regretting her choices? How long will she deny what she truly wants?   Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter  


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