Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter Chapter 146

Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter Chapter 146

Chapter 146 


Callahan, of course, did not agree with my suggestion, but after much back and forth, he at least allowed me to put my point in front of the others. 

I could not wait for the meeting to begin. Despite not having slept the entire night, my head was buzzing, and I felt this maddening urge to find the Rogue King and snap his neck myself. 

While I dealt with him, I would also simultaneously find out a way to communicate with Selene and make her undo the curse. Theoretically, at least that was what I planned. 

The how was a big question, but I could work on it later. 

Now, I hurried into the bathroom for a quick shower and changed into a black pencil skirt and blue blouse. 

Combing my hair and smoothing out the creases, I stepped out of my room and headed straight to the meeting hall. 

I had never attended any official meeting, but there was always a start. Today, I would be taking more responsibility in the pack and Callahan’s life. And he could not stop me from it. 

If he did, I just had a trump card up my sleeve that he had probably forgotten about. But I hadn’t. 

As I made my way to the large meeting hall, I heard murmurs of people discussing things, shuffling of papers, and the scratching of pen against 


Amidst all, there was a sound I wanted to hear. The sound of Callahan’s heartbeat. 

I was still a bit far away, but I wanted to gauge if I could hear his heartbeat from a distance. My wolf had already granted me heightened senses, but hearing his heartbeat amongst all the other noises was harder than I first assumed. 

My gaze flicked to the anchor bond on my wrist. It was not tingling or making me feel weird. That meant Callahan was in a good mood. 

At least, I hoped so. 



Chapter 146 

The door to the meeting room was partially open and I knocked on it once before clearing my throat. 

Elijah came to the door to open it and smiled upon seeing me. 

“Hello, Miss Anchor” He whispered to me and I beamed. 

“Hello, Mr Gamma” 

He gave me a long bow before holding his hand out to guide me inside. Apart from Callahan, if I trusted someone, it was Elijah. 

Clearing his throat, he requested everybody’s attention. 

“Dear Pack members, today we have with us, Miss Zenovia Archer. She has something to say to all of you.” 

He said as I scanned the crowd. There were not many people but I only knew Matteo apart from Elijah who was seated in a chair. 

He waved at me and I waved back. 

“Where is the King?” I asked Elijah who glanced at the watch. 

“He will be here shortly” 

I nodded and looked at the small group of people who were expecting me to start talking. However, I suddenly felt my throat go dry. 

“Umm, we will wait until the Lycan King arrives,” I said and had barely started to sit on the chair when I heard the sound of a soft heartbeat walking in from the hallway leading to the office. 

The door was closed but my gaze automatically flew to the entrance and I waited anxiously. It hardly lasted a second but the sound of the heartbeat was joined with muffled footsteps. 

And then there was the soft click of the doorknob as the door was pushed aside. A face that brightened my day and brought a radiant smile poked in followed by the perfectly sculpted body that I had the honor of worshipping yesterday. 

Callahan’s eyes met mine and only for a second, he gave me a smile, his golden eyes shining like two bright suns before he looked away to the rest of the people. 

They all got up from their chairs, or should I say sprang up from their seats the moment he showed up. 



Chapter 146 

But I was busy observing him and smiling to myself as I looked at that beautiful man. My heart just had the urge to walk towards him and capture those full lips again. 

He looked extremely handsome in a simple black shirt and black pants with shiny black shoes. The gold in his eyes was highlighted even further due to the black. 

Callahan smiled and greeted the others while he absentmindedly rolled 


his sleeves. My gaze fell on his wrist which had a faint white scar.., the anchor bond. 

That signified his connection to me…to the fact that what we shared was special and unique. 

I was lost in thoughts, observing him as he spoke to everybody and they all greeted him as if the sun only rose when he permitted it to do so. 

The loyalty he commanded from them all was commendable. I could see the respect in their eyes for him and hope that while he was around, they 

would all be safe and happy. 

And somehow I had taken up the mammoth task of becoming his anchor… of trying to stop him from turning into a complete monster. 

The fact both scared the hell out of me and made me feel proud of myself. 

I was so busy staring at him that I did not even realize that he had called 

out my name. 

Clearing his throat, Callahan turned his attention to me and tilted his head a little, and spoke again. 

“Right Zenovia?” 

I blinked. He had asked me something. 

I nodded hastily. He smiled in response and that is when I realized I had not even been listening to whatever he was saying. 

“So I believe we have reached a conclusion. You might leave, Zenovia.” 



Definitely not. 



Chapter 146 

I got up from my chair and smiled sweetly at him. 

“Would you please repeat your last question, your majesty?” 

His gaze narrowed at me but he repeated. 

“I was just saying that you wished to meet up with the others but had other things to do and you agreed.” 

I quickly thought of a response. 

“Correct, but I have something to tell the pack first.” 

Clearing my throat, I raised my arm, my wrist-facing outward for everybody to see clearly. 

“I wish to share an important update with you all. I would have preferred to have the entire pack when I announced this but I believe you guys will share it with those who are absent right now.” 

Callahan gave me a look of warning but I ignored that and reached for his arm, raising it just like mine and holding it close. 

“We completed the ritual two nights ago. I am officially the Lycan King’s anchor.” 

The crowd watched us in stunned silence, their gazes flicking from wrists to our faces and back at each other. 

I waited for someone to speak and react but they only kept staring My earlier radiant smile had just started to slip and for a second, I f if I had been the biggest fool to hope they would rejoice in the news. 

My hand had barely begun to pull away from Callahan’s wrist when I heard the slight creak of a chair. 

Matteo was staring at us in shock and got up from the chair with a dazed expression. He was the first to react. 

“That’s….that is great” 

He said, breaking the silence. He started to clap and soon murmurs of approval reached my ears. The others joined him too and finally, I saw them smile and sigh in relief. 

“You did not have to do that,” Callahan whispered to me but I shook my head. 



Chapter 146 

“They are your family and pack. Everybody respects and loves you. The secret is safe with them.” 

“Yes, but-” He began, but I cleared my throat loudly and spoke. 

“And today I am here to ask you all for a favor.” 

Callahan reached for my hand and his grip tightened on my wrist, but that did not stop me from talking. 

“As you all know, the Rogue King has been trying to break us apart and sowing discord in the packs for a long time. But I believe he is getting angrier and violent with time after realizing that the Lycan King has no intentions of seeking a truce or sending troops to find him.” 

“Zee, you don’t have to…” Callahan whispered again, but I continued. 

“The Lycan King does not want me to say what I am about to but I want him and all of you to know that I want to earn your trust and respect not because the King took me in the pack but because you think I am worthy of being a member of this pack. So far I have done nothing to prove my worth or loyalty to the pack. But today, I ask you all to help me. I wish to lead the search for the Rogue King and be the one to kill him.” 

I finished my words in one long breath; the words tumbling out before Callahan would try to stop me. 

“It is…risky” Elijah was the first one to remark, and I glared at him. 

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Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter

Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter

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FOUND BY THE Lycan King Romance NATALIE WINTER Bullied and harassed in her own pack, Zenovia Archer lives a quiet life with only one aim, to regain the trust and love of her father when he found his fated mate and discarded his daughter and chosen mate in an instant.Her stepmother and stepbrother leave no stone unturned to make her miserable. Yet she believes she would one day successfully make her father realize that she was his own flesh and blood. However, fate has different plans for her. Callahan Skalbeck, the notorious and cruel Lycan King decides to finally step out of his mansion in search of a cure to his curse before time runs out and is forced to make a choice that could change the life of Zenovia. However, Zenovia has no plans of staying in the werewolf world. Her escape plans are foiled when the Lycan King takes an interest in her. But, she has a plan-making him hate her so much that he would banish her from the kingdom himself. Would she succeed in her plan? Or would she end up regretting her choices? How long will she deny what she truly wants?   Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter  


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