Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter Chapter 147

Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter Chapter 147

Chapter 147 


Callahan let go of my hand and replied, “That is exactly what I have been telling her, but she doesn’t want to listen.” 

I looked at the pack members for support. 

“Nobody thought there was a way to break the curse. You all have been looking for a solution for a long time, but I am standing right in front of you. Even I did not believe at first that I could become an anchor, but even before I became one, I was able to calm down the Lycan King once when he had almost lost his self-restraint. Ask Matteo and Elijah. They were around. Am I lying, Matt? Elijah? 

I directed my last two questions at them, and they threw a worried glance at Callahan. 

“Answer me” 

Elijah replied, “You are not a liar, Zee” 

Matteo answered, “No, that is the truth.” 

I turned to look at the rest again. 

“See. And now I am already an anchor. I have inched a step closer to breaking the curse. I don’t know how I am going to do that yet, but I will figure it out somehow. For that, I need your support. Will you guys help 


I looked at them expectantly. They all looked at me and then at Callahan before exchanging confused glances with each other. 

“You promised you would not force them to listen to you.” I turned back to look at Callahan, who was glaring at the others. 

“I promised you to grant an audience. And I have not even said a word to them yet” Callahan had that look on his face when his mind was trying to come up with a devious way to make things happen like he wanted. 

“Please, don’t treat me like I am made of glass. I want to do this. Let me” 

I pleaded, and there was a troubled look on his face, but he did not argue with me. 



Chapter 147 

“I need a vote. Right here, right now. How many of you want to let me drive the search for the Rogue King?” 

“What makes you think you can lead the search?” 

Callahan asked, looking me in the eye. 

I should have thought of an answer to this before. I hesitated for a second before answering. 

“He wanted to find me earlier. So, I propose we do just that?” 

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” 

Callahan roared, and everybody fell into stunned silence. His voice was loud enough to reach the forest outside the mansion, not just in every corner of the meeting room. 

I gulped as I felt a tingling sensation in my wrist. 

He was slightly pissed. 

“Um, I mean you have trained me to fight. You spent hours with me in the gym and you were also the one to guide my wolf when I first awakened her. Do you not trust your training, your majesty?” 

I was not trying to be cheeky but somehow the way I worded it made i look like that. 

A muscle in his jaw ticked, and I saw him grit his teeth while trying t yell at me again. 

“That is not the point.” 

“It is, your majesty. I was trained by the best of the best. Plus, I have my wolf too. And, I am your anchor. I am stronger than before. And I strongly believe we need an insider who would keep us informed of what the Rogue King plans.” 

“I will just kill him instead” 

I shook my head. “We cannot do that and you know why” 

Matteo answered, “Because of the kids 

I nodded, “Bingo. He has influenced kids heavily, and they treat him like a role model. Though a few have returned home, most of them still do 

not want to return to their parents. And if we simply find and kill him, 



pter 147 

at would alienate th the kids further away from their home.” 

jah scratched his chim trying to summarize what I was suggesting. 

you propose to infilfiltrate his pack and become one of our informers rs ile simultaneously tryiving to change the minds of the kids so that they uld return home harnroded.” 


llahan snorted. “You all glolossed over the fact that this stupid Rogue ng knows what she looks likkelde will kill her the moment she walks in 


ave him a smug look. “I have a plainfo for that as well. But first, I need 

rybody’s vote. How many of youagagree with me?” 

body raised a hand at first and wasdsdgeginning to feel low, but Matteo s the first to raise his hand. 

niled at him as Callahan glared at hinisimultaneously. 

att? How could you?” 

tt shrugged. “I have been thinking about it from a man’s point of view. ybe a woman’s point of view would give ustebetrer results. She ca n into giving more information that we as ouesitsiders are failing t 

lahan walked up to Matteo and stared down at him. 

e you agreeing to the fact that you are failing misceserably at the task, I wish to turn Zenovia into a scapegoat? 

lat? No. The last thing I wanted was for them to fighylidbecause of me. 

tteo’s face was flushed, and he fumbled with a reply buujumped in ween them. 

as nothing to do with my decision. If anyone is to blame, it is me.” 

arare insane,” Callahan replied, raking a hand through hisisalainin 


debebate was getting hotter with every passing minute. Thoughgh hamadidid not directly threaten or order anyone to listen to himintihis language and his gaze were enough to tell the others that hdwwavas lylagainst the idea. 

Chapter 147 

After almost an hour of endless back and forth, I had my hands rubbing my temples, trying to find a solution. 

I raised my hands and my voice a little and spoke loudly, “Enough” 

I was not supposed to do that. The King was here and so were the beta and gamma. I was not even a ranked member of the pack. 

But somehow I had silenced them all. They all stared at me in confusion as I sighed. 

“I only want to help. And I have a not so violent plan to find out what the Rogue King is up to. Matteo himself said that he does not mind if I take over, so I know I have his vote. Elijah, what about you?” 

Elijah shrugged. “If your plan is not completely stupid and does not involve you risking your life, then yes, I am in.” 

Callahan cursed under his breath as I coaxed more and more people to agree with me. 

By the time I was done, 70% of the crowd was convinced that their King’s anchor would solve the mess. 

But Callahan spoke loudly, “I am the Lycan King and I order you to listen to me. You are not going to do any such thing” 

He looked at me, all the warmth from his eyes gone. His gaze was and he was staring at me as if he could touch my soul. 

He had done that already; he had no idea. 

And I had known that he would never listen to me. I had not wanted to use the trump card for this thing, but I guess it had come to that. 

Looking him in the eye, I spoke loudly. 

“I demand that I take over the operations and team that is currently handling the search mission relating to the Rogue King and that all my demands and conditions be met.” 

Callahan took a step forward, his eyes unreadable, and looked down at 

“What makes you think you can demand that?” 

I tried to keep my voice steady and clear as I answered. 



Chapter 147 

“My right to demand one gift from the Lycan King for winning the trials back at the open grounds a few months ago.” 

I did not have to look at Callahan’s face to know that he was furious. The anchor bond was tingling, as if somebody was poking hot needles in my skin. 

I stepped back involuntarily after seeing the rage build in his eyes. 

Callahan did not say a word, but he simply stormed out of the room, the door banging shut behind him. 

It was loud enough to make the hinges come off. 

Now, he was royally pissed. 

Send Gift 




Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter

Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter

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Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter" A werewolf novel is a type of fiction that revolves around the concept of werewolves, mythical creatures that are often portrayed as humans who can transform into wolves or wolf-like beings, typically during the full moon. These novels typically explore themes of transformation, identity, the struggle between humanity and primal instincts, and the consequences of living with a hidden, monstrous side.

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FOUND BY THE Lycan King Romance NATALIE WINTER Bullied and harassed in her own pack, Zenovia Archer lives a quiet life with only one aim, to regain the trust and love of her father when he found his fated mate and discarded his daughter and chosen mate in an instant.Her stepmother and stepbrother leave no stone unturned to make her miserable. Yet she believes she would one day successfully make her father realize that she was his own flesh and blood. However, fate has different plans for her. Callahan Skalbeck, the notorious and cruel Lycan King decides to finally step out of his mansion in search of a cure to his curse before time runs out and is forced to make a choice that could change the life of Zenovia. However, Zenovia has no plans of staying in the werewolf world. Her escape plans are foiled when the Lycan King takes an interest in her. But, she has a plan-making him hate her so much that he would banish her from the kingdom himself. Would she succeed in her plan? Or would she end up regretting her choices? How long will she deny what she truly wants?   Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter  


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