Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter Chapter 153

Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter Chapter 153

Chapter 153 

Chapter 153 


I blinked at him in confusion as he walked away, leaving me staring at him. 

Callahan had been so adamant that I go to rest and sleep but now he suddenly wanted to go visit the morgue? Not just that, he also invited me to come over? 

What was going on? 

I scratched my head as I figured out where Callahan was going with this. Elijah had hurried out of the room to make the arrangements and Callahan walked out of the room to get ready, leaving me blinking. 

He had given me a choice for the first time instead of forcing me to stop wanting to meddle in his affairs. 

There was no doubt I was going to the morgue. If we got any additional clues about the murders, it would help us locate the Rogue King’s whereabouts. 

Sid might take time to find more information given that he was not in direct touch with anyone. And the pub visit was another thing I was willing to do. 

I hoped going to both the places would give me enough information to get my plan moving. 

Thus, after taking a few breaths, I walked outside the office and bolted straight to my room. I was not going to back away now that I had the chance to possibly inspect a crime scene and proof closely. 

Opening the door, I hurriedly opened the wardrobe and put on jeans, a white top, and a light hoodie should I have to hide my face anywhere. 

I was not sure who all Sid was talking to and I did not want anybody to see me with Callahan and then report back to the Rogue King. I did not want to get kidnapped again when I was going to willingly step into his cave, disguised with Drusilla’s help. 

In five minutes, I was sprinting downstairs, tying the shoelaces, and rushing outside the main door. 

Callahan had changed into fresh clothes as well though he had a grim 


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Chapter 153 

look on his face. 

“Never saw someone so happy to visit the morgue” He quipped and Elijah snorted before walking towards the garage to get the car. 

“I told you I wanted to be involved,” I said with more conviction than I felt. 

Dead bodies are not something I was comfortable looking at. The idea of visiting a morgue itself was unsettling. 

I had barely managed to stare at the photos when Sid showed it to me the first time. The only reason I had not puked when I saw them the second time was because the element of surprise was lost. 

Yet, the photos did make me feel queasy. So seeing the bodies in person would be a lot more harrowing. 

Callahan saw the nervousness on my face and asked, “Are you alright? You can go rest in your room if you are not feeling okay.” 

However, I shook my head. 

“I am coming and I feel fine. 

Callahan shrugged, “Suit yourself” 

Elijah brought the car outside and got in the driver’s seat while we both got in the backseat. 

“Don’t kill each other with your death stares, please.” 

Elijah mocked and started the engine. I gave him a look while Callahan did not even do that. 

He simply pulled out his phone and began scrolling through it. 

My phone was in my jeans pocket and I felt like I should talk to Sid to tell him about the developments and also ask him if he got any leads 

But I could not do that with Callahan sitting beside me. So, I simply looked outside the window. 

Cllahan’s phone rang and he picked up the call. 

That meant he knew who it was because he did not receive calls from unknown numbers. 

I strained my ears to hear who he was talking to and heard Drusilla’s 



Chapter 153 voice. 

I felt a sudden moment of panic and feared she had called him to tell him about my not so glorious and foolproof plan. 

But she was speaking in an annoyingly low voice for me to make out anything. 

Callahan too did not speak much and only grunted or replied in one word- yes or no. I waited for him to shout at me after the call but that did not happen. 

He simply disconnected the call and began scrolling through his phone again. 

All the while, I sat in nervous anticipation of if he was just letting the 


boil inside of him and blast at me any second. 

Suddenly, I felt the small cabin of the car suffocating. Luckily, we reached our destination in record time as Elijah drove effortlessly despite the muddy, offbeat road. 

He parked the car outside the entrance and stepped out to open the door for Callahan but he had already stepped out as well. 

I looked at the plain gray colored building that looked gloomy and forlorn. A single guard was seated outside and he straightened up upon seeing Callahan. 

Bowing down so much that his face almost touched the ground, he greeted. 

“Your majesty. We don’t have many visitors often so it is an honor to be graced by your presence.” 

Callahan only gave him a curt nod as he walked past the guard who me and Elijah a bow too. 

The building was not huge, it was a two storey building with a small entrance and flickering yellow lights placed at regular intervals. 


The guard hastily led us inside after opening the locks to the front metal door. It was old and creaked horribly when he turned a large metal key that required some strength to turn. 

The lock was probably a little jammed 

The creaking sound of the key turning inside the lock reached my ears. 



Chapter 153 

Callahan took the key from the guard after he struggled a little. 

With one swift move, the lock clicked open. 

“Oil it” Callahan grunted and the guard nodded nervously. 

Elijah patted the guard who had a deer caught in the headlights look before walking ahead and pushing the huge metal door open. 

“The morgue has very less visitors for obvious reasons. We generally hand over the bodies to the families who wish to bid farewell to their loved ones as they choose. However, since this was a… rather peculiar case…their bodies were first sent here as protocol.” 

Elijah informed me as we walked in. 

I was glad to have him by my side. Callahan was always the man my heart could not get enough of but Elijah was the best friend I needed when Callahan would go into his Lycan King mode. 

Callahan did not speak much as Elijah kept informing me about how the place came into existence etc. 

In general, morgues were more of a human concept as werewolves did not handle crimes as humans did, and pack wars were a norm. 

But it turns out, Callahan had instructed them to set up a morgue just in case there was an unnatural crime and he needed to inspect things with his own eyes. 

That explained the worn out condition of the morgue. It was not decaying or rotting but the place was not on everybody’s list of 

sightseeing so it had received a certain neglect. 

While I looked around at the dull gray walls and gloomy passages, a man hurriedly came rushing towards us. 

He was a middle-aged man and was sweating profusely. He had a lean build, patches of grey hair could be seen in his head and there were bags under his eyes. 

“Your majesty, I am Alpha Rick of the Shadowfall pack. Gamma Elijah informed me that you wanted to talk to me so I am here to answer all your questions.” 

Callahan looked at him once, letting his gaze travel from head to toe before looking away. 



Chapter 153 

“Why was the incident not reported immediately?” Callahan’s tone was 


“I…we just thought we could handle things on our own and find the culprit instead of worrying you for such a small thing.” 

We had walked inside a chamber of sorts where there were walls filled with drawers. It was all pale gray in color and a single yellow bulb cast a gloomy light on us. 

“Open them” 

Callahan instructed the alpha instead of the staff member who had just reached for one of the drawer handles 

“Not you.” he then turned to Rick, “You, alpha Rick. Open the drawers” 

Rick blinked but pushed the kerchief in his pockets and pulled open the drawer. I subconsciously stepped closer to Elijah as the drawer opened. 

Inside it was a body, pale and ghastly looking. It was covered in a plain 

white cloth and the stains of blood and bits of flesh sticking to the body were cleaned. 

Though, it was a little nerve-racking to see two hollow holes in place of the eyes. It was as if somebody had scooped the eyes out of the living body and left them to rot. 

“Looks like you failed in your mission, Rick” Callahan spoke again and Rick only bent his head low. 

“I apologize for the error, my King” 

“Please tell me you found out something in these two days rather than just trying to hide the murders and your failure to provide safety to your pack members.” 

Rick’s hand twitched nervously. 

“We did, King. But I am afraid it is nothing concrete.” 

Callahan was staring at the corpse the whole time, not taking his eyes off it for even a second. I had only stolen a glance and looked away before my gag reflexes would work up my throat. 

The air stank of the strong smell of disinfectants and medicines already. 

Callahan lifted the cloth off the body and looked at it as if he were 



Chapter 133 

inspecting a vegetable, not a dead man, 

Elijah too stepped closer but I stayed where I was, gripping the edge of a table placed on the side for support. 

“Hmm, let us hear it then” 

Callahan remarked and then looked at Elijah. 

“Bring the body to the table.” 

I was horrified for a second. He had seen it already. What was more to see by bringing it out? 

Elijah did not even flinch as he opened the drawer completely and called the staff members to transfer it to a table. 

Two men dressed in pale grey uniforms came rushing in, carrying a stretcher but again Callahan stopped them. 

“Rick, you do it” 

Rick exchanged confused glances with Elijah and me, as if seeking support but we stayed put. I was in no mental condition to defend him and Elijah too didn’t bother. 

“Uh, of course, your majesty” 

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Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter

Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter

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FOUND BY THE Lycan King Romance NATALIE WINTER Bullied and harassed in her own pack, Zenovia Archer lives a quiet life with only one aim, to regain the trust and love of her father when he found his fated mate and discarded his daughter and chosen mate in an instant.Her stepmother and stepbrother leave no stone unturned to make her miserable. Yet she believes she would one day successfully make her father realize that she was his own flesh and blood. However, fate has different plans for her. Callahan Skalbeck, the notorious and cruel Lycan King decides to finally step out of his mansion in search of a cure to his curse before time runs out and is forced to make a choice that could change the life of Zenovia. However, Zenovia has no plans of staying in the werewolf world. Her escape plans are foiled when the Lycan King takes an interest in her. But, she has a plan-making him hate her so much that he would banish her from the kingdom himself. Would she succeed in her plan? Or would she end up regretting her choices? How long will she deny what she truly wants?   Found by the Lycan King by Natalie Winter  


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