Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 191

Chapter 191
Veronica’s heart tightened, and a bad feeling arose.
The reporters were always interested in her because she was Tiffany’s younger sister, which was why she had always kept a low profile.
But this time, the incident happened suddenly, and she was worried about the company’s employees, so she took the risk to go to the office. In the end, she was still pursued by reporters.
Veronica didn’t want things to be publicized, as she was worried that her adoptive parents in the countryside would be worried when they found out about it, so she said to her employees, “If you want to resign, go to the finance department. Those who want to stay and continue working will get double pay this month and half a month off with pay. Remember, as long as I’m around, your salary will never be reduced!”

With that, she gestured to her assistant, “Help me keep them out. I’m leaving now.”
Shirley Wilson was Veronica’s newly recruited assistant. After a week of contact with Veronica, she still admired her a lot, so she nodded and said, “Okay, Veronica. You can go first. Leave this to me.”
“Thank you.”
Veronica patted Shirley on the shoulder, then slipped away through the back door.
After leaving the office, Veronica had nowhere to go. She reached out and touched the access card in her pocket, then finally chose to walk to Twilight Condominium to avoid being pursued.
Now that Matthew’s affairs had been exposed by the media personnel who had sneaked into the wedding, not only had she become the target of reporters, she was also afraid that it had angered’the Larsons. For all she knew, at some point, she might be assassinated by a killer sent by the Larson Family.
For half an hour, she walked the streets alone while wearing a face mask,
At this moment, the phone in her pocket suddenly rang.
Taking out her phone, she saw that it was Matthew calling
“Hello! Matt-”
“I’ve sent you a location. Come over right away.”
“What? A location? Where are we going=”Beep, beep…
He had only said a couple of words over the phone, and he didn’t even give her a chance to finish her sentence.

Veronica couldn’t help but feel a little irritable listening to the beeping sounds. She opened WhatsApp and saw the location Matthew had sent. After hesitating for a while, she stopped a taxi and went to the specified location.
It was an abandoned factory on the outskirts.
“What is he doing here?”
As Veronica muttered to herself, she paid the taxi driver, then walked out of the car.

When she approached the factory warehouse, she saw several cars parked outside the entrance, one of which belonged to Matthew, and there was another car with a license plate that she was familiar with.

An inexplicable sense of tension suddenly emerged, and she was stunned for a moment. Then, she accelerated her pace and trotted into the warehouse.

“Sob, sob… Don’t hit my brother. Sob, sob… Don’t hit him…”
“Xavier, are you okay? Xavier? Sob, sob…”
As soon as she walked to the entrance of the warehouse, she heard the wailing and painful cries, but the voice was particularly familiar.
When Veronica walked in, she saw Matthew dressed in a suit, looking like a gang leader. He had one hand in the pocket of his trousers and a cigarette in the other. Smoking indifferently, he stood in front of two rows of bodyguards who were
standing side by side.
On the other side was Melissa being held down by two bodyguards, who were gripping her arms and pressing her to the ground.
She lay woefully on the ground, tearfully looking across the room while sobbing incessantly.
In the center of the warehouse, six well-trained thugs surrounded Xavier. He was hopelessly outnumbered, but he struggled like a trapped beast.

“Stop it! Matthew, what are you doing? Stop it.”

Veronica rushed up to Matthew and shoved him. “What are you doing? Are you crazy? What are you doing with Xavier and Melissa?”

It was all happening so suddenly that Veronica didn’t understand what was going on at all.
However, she could vaguely guess that Matthew kidnapping the two of them must be related to the events of today’s wedding.

But Xavier was by no means that kind of scumbag.

Having been shoved by her, Matthew stood as steadily as a mountain. He flicked his cigarette butt and slightly raised his eyelids, then he took in the anger and anxiousness on her face.

For a while, it was impossible to say whether he was jealous of her concern for Xavier, or if he was particularly annoyed that she was fooled by Xavier.
“Now that you’re here, why don’t you ask him yourself?” Matthew’s expression was solemn, and a chill appeared in his eyes.
“Sob… Veronica, it’s great that you’re here. Quickly beg Matthew to stop hitting my brother, please… Sob, sob…”
“Veronica, please save my brother. I can give you money. I can give you a lot of money. Sob, sob… Don’t hit my brother. Sob, sob…”
Melissa burst into tears, and tears rolled freely down her cheeks along with snot. It mixed in with the ashes on the ground, which got stuck to her face.
As the daughter of a well-known family, she had never suffered such humiliation
before. But, in this case, she was more concerned about her life. How could she still care about her image?
Having been knocked to the ground by six people, Xavier lay on the ground with a bruised nose and swollen face. He curled up in pain and stretched out his hand to cover his abdomen. His head was against the ground, and his feet were propped up on the ground. He tried to get up several times, but it was a useless struggle.
At this moment, the scene of Xavier being stained with ashes and humiliated was something Veronica had never seen before.
She was used to seeing his mischievous smile, so she couldn’t help but feel her heart ache for him now.
“Xavier, are you okay?”
Veronica ran over and helped Xavier, who was lying on the ground and couldn’t get , up. Looking him up and down, she asked, “Why are you so badly injured? What did you do to make Matthew do this to you?”

Xavier was covered in mud and ash. His face, nostrils, and the corners of his mouth were covered with blood stains, and his injuries were severe.

He staggered as he stood up, and Veronica continued to hold him up when she noticed him being unsteady. “Say something. I asked you a question.”

She waited for a long while, but still didn’t get Xavier’s answer, which made her extremely anxious.
Facing Veronica, Xavier felt a little guilty, and although the words came to his lips, he couldn’t bring himself to say it.
He smiled bitterly. “Do you feel distressed to see me like this?”
“Are you crazy? It’s gotten to this point, yet you’re still joking around? Do you think this is funny?” ;
Veronica was furious.
“Sob, sob… I’ll talk. If my brother won’t, then let me.”
Melissa, who was held down on the ground, struggled a few times, but she couldn’t break free, so she cried and said, “It’s Matthew. Sob, sob… Matthew’s wedding was ruined, and he’s saying that Xavier and I sabotaged it. Sob, sob… He’s too deceiving. He
has no evidence, so how could he just insist that my brother and I did it? Sob, sob… We don’t have any motives at all. Sob, sob…”
Before this, Melissa was completely unaware of the seriousness of the matter.
It was only at the moment when she had fled to the airport and boarded the plane but was ambushed by Matthew’s men and taken away did she feel impending doom.
Fortunately, she had wiped out all the evidence. Although she couldn’t prove her innocence, there was no evidence that she had sent someone to poison Tiffany.
Veronica pursed her lips and turned to look at Matthew. “Is Melissa telling the truth?”

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