Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 192

Chapter 192
When she asked the question, Matthew’s beautiful face became colder. “You should ask him.”
He pointed at Xavier with his cigarette between his fingers, endless contempt in his eyes.
Veronica’s mind was blank, and she was unable to determine the truth of the situation in such a short period of time.
Gripping Xavier’s shoulders with both hands, she peered at his bruised face, which was no longer as handsome as it used to be. “Did what happened today have anything to do with you?”
Based on her understanding of Matthew, Veronica knew that he wasn’t someone who would make arbitrary decisions.
Without the ability to analyze and make judgements, it would be impossible for him to get to his current position, with no one being able to overturn him.
On the other hand, Xavier did whatever he wanted and was prone to lying.
So, who’s lying? Or did something go wrong somewhere?
She couldn’t figure it out.
Xavier’s eyes were swollen from the beating, but it didn’t affect his expression as he studied Veronica up close.
From the confused look in her eyes, he could almost see disappointment.
He poked his cheek with the tip of his tongue, then he licked the corners of his mouth in a bloodthirsty manner before snorting softly. “No.”
In the end, Xavier chose to lie.
“If it has nothing to do with you, is it related to her?” Matthew asked solemnly.
Everyone’s gaze fell on Melissa, causing her to turn pale with fright as she shook her head, “No, no, It has nothing to do with me. Absolutely nothing. Sob, sob… I-It has nothing to do with me…”
Veronica glanced at Melissa, who was crying miserably, then turned to Xavier again. “Is what Matthew said true?”
She stared unblinkingly at Xavier, as if trying to penetrate his mind through his eyes.
Feeling guilty, Xavier couldn’t stand her burning gaze, so he lowered his head slightly, then turned and glanced at Melissa, who shook her head with a pleading look.
Although Melissa didn’t speak, Xavier knew that it was Melissa’s strong desire to survive.
That was his younger sister, his only relative.
“Xavier, why aren’t you talking?”
Regardless of how dim she was, Veronica could sense a trace of weirdness in Xavier’s, reaction.
“Cough… It hurts…”

Xavier lifted his hand to cover his chest, then drew a painful breath before firmly shaking his head. “It has nothing to do with Melissa.”

Initially, Veronica was skeptical of Melissa, but Xavier’s statement greatly reassured her.
It was all good if she had nothing to do with it.
That meant that everything was just a misunderstanding.
She knew that Xavier wasn’t that despicable.
“Matthew, could this be a misunderstanding?”
Veronica let go of Xavier and walked toward Matthew, hoping that he could spare Xavier and his sister and re-investigate the matter.
She took step after step toward the man, who was staring at Veronica the whole time. It wasn’t until she approached him that he gave Thomas, who was standing next to him, a look,
Bang, bang
Two gunshots sounded abruptly, followed by a sharp cry’ that cut through the silence.
“Ah, my leg! It hurts so much. Help… Oh… Xavier, help me…”
“Matthew, what the f*ck are you doing? Stop it!”
Melissa was crying hysterically, while Xavier pounced on her like he had gone insane. “Melissa, are you okay? How is it? Where did you get hurt?”
The sudden action shocked Veronica for a moment. She turned around abruptly, but before she could see Melissa’s miserable appearance, Matthew grabbed her wrist and dragged her into her arms. His left hand went around the back of her head and covered her eyes from the side. “Don’t look.”

His voice was gentle as the sound of water, like the spring breeze in March, soothing, as ever.
However, Veronica wasn’t moved by his actions and struggled instead. “Matthew, let me go! You b*stard! How can you shoot Melissa?”

“Miss Murphy, you should take a look at this.”
Just as Xavier was holding Melissa and talking to her, Thomas handed a copy of a document to Veronica.
Matthew let go of Veronica and withdrew his hand, his eyes suddenly lighting up.
Veronica glanced back in Melissa’s direction, but several bodyguards stood in her way, so she couldn’t see anything.
She could only look down at the document in her hand. As she looked through it, her eyebrows furrowed, and the hand holding the A4 paper gradually tightened its grip, squeezing the paper until it was out of shape.
There were photos on the document, and the people in the photos had appeared at the scene where Tiffany was assaulted.
The person’s ID card and background information were also printed on the paper, and a bank transfer record was attached.
The person who transferred the money was… Melissa.
All of a sudden, a sense of loss arose, and it seemed to penetrate deeply into her organs, sending pain all over her body and making her feel extremely uncomfortable.
She didn’t continue to look through it. Slowly closing her eyes, she handed the document to Thomas.
This information was obtained when Thomas investigated Tiffany under Matthew’s orders. After accidentally discovering that Tiffany was assaulted, he continued the investigation and easily found out the instigator behind it-Melissa.
Even though Melissa had sent someone to silence them, Thomas had already gotten hold of important evidence.
Nevertheless, Melissa still innocently thought that with everybody dead, her crimes could be hidden from the world.
Meanwhile, Xavier fought desperately with several bodyguards. Perhaps because Melissa was injured, he was like an enraged lion. He was bursting with power, and he fought like a madman.
Melissa lay on the ground in pain, wailing bitterly, the severe gunshot wound in her leg bled non-stop.
Veronica slowly walked over, ignoring the fight happening beside her. She looked down at Melissa in a condescending manner and asked, “Did today’s incident have anything to do with you?”
“Oh… Veronica…”
Lying on the ground, Melissa stretched out her blood-stained hand and grabbed Veronica’s trousers. Her voice trembled from the pain as she said, “It really… has nothing to do with me. Save me… Please save me… I’ll give you money. I’ll give you 100,000. 200,000… is fine too. Sob, sob… It hurts… Sob, sob…”
In the past, Veronica was greedy for money because she was short of it.
But at this moment, Melissa’s words deeply burned her heart, as if she was trampling on her dignity.
For the first time, she truly felt how shameful it was to be ‘rewarded’ with money.
Having been severely injured, Xavier was weak as he got up from the ground. He stretched out his hand to cover his injured abdomen, then staggered and pointed at
Matthew. With a contemptuous smile on his face, he said, “Veronica, take a clear look. This is the man you fancy. He’s cruel and ruthless. Human life means nothing to him… Ugh…”
God only knew how disappointed, pained, ridiculed, and sad Veronica felt listening to Xavier’s remarks!
She trusted Xavier so much, so she never thought that they would use her as a stepping stone in the end!
If the truth of the matter hadn’t been clarified and if Matthew didn’t trust her, her only outcome today would’ve been death.
It was a pity that until now, the two siblings still didn’t know that Veronica already knew the truth.
Veronica looked at Melissa, who was still on the ground tugging on her trousers. The , first shot had struck her left leg, and the other shot hit the ground, but the pain still made Melissa wail non-stop:

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