Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Chapter 89

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Chapter 89
  1. Give Me a Chance 

“Give me a chance, Kara,” Frank whispered pitifully. “Let me prove that I can make you happy. You have become the most important person in my life, as have the twins and your mother. I can protect you all.” 

Kara looked down and closed her eyes again. She hated why she was 

so weak. 

“Hey,” Frank lifted her dropped chin with the side of his forefinger, “it’s okay if you’re afraid. That’s normal. But at least, don’t close your heart for me. There is still hope for us together. We can cultivate it.” 

Kara stayed still, reading Frank’s expression. Finding no falsehood, she shook her head weakly. “I can’t. It’s too risky.” 

Frank was stunned. His heart fluttered strangely. He was happy because Kara indirectly admitted her feelings. However, on the other hand, he was angry because his grandfather was still an obstacle. 

“What if I could change things? Would you open your heart for me? Give me the chance to start all over again?” 

Kara swallowed hard. She knew Frank would never give up. 

“Prove it first. Until your grandfather withdraws his threat, I won’t give you anything, including promises or hopes.” 

Frank’s lips curled up thinly. His head nodded. “Thank you, Kara. That’s enough for me.” 

After sighing, Frank kissed those sad eyes. As Kara closed her eyes, he lightly moved the kiss to her sweet lips. 

“Frank…” Kara frowned again and tried to pull away. However, her back already touched the cupboard. She couldn’t go anywhere. While Frank’s action was heating up, she could only keep up and wait until 

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“Once you get out of here, don’t ever do that again,” Kara said in a shaky voice. Her shoulders were still rising and falling rapidly, compensating for the heat that continued to swirl in her lungs. 

The corners of Frank’s lips curled higher. Even though Kara’s attitude was still cold, he at least saw the wider gap in her heart. 

“After I get rid of all the obstacles, I can do it anytime, right?” he sighed, sounding confident. Kara was lost for words. 

Sucking a deep breath, Frank took a step back. Deftly, he fastened the buttons he had previously removed. 

Kara was about to refuse. However, before she could do so, Frank had moved his hand to caress her hair. 

“Well, I’ll use it as additional motivation for me. Now, let’s go to work. Don’t worry about the guards. They won’t dare think anything wrong.” 

Kara’s cheeks suddenly turned red. After straightening her hair and clothes, she followed Frank out of the room. 

Throughout the day, Kara couldn’t hold her head up. He felt Frank’s imprint clearly written on her face. 

Frank also didn’t dare to act recklessly. He just focused on getting the job done as quickly as possible. In his heart, he was grateful that Jeremy was not there when the intimate struggle occurred. Otherwise, the assistant would definitely make fun of him all day. 


“Mr. Driver….” 

Jeremy turned to the cute girl sitting cross-legged beside him. Susan was going out to buy food. He was trusted to look after the twins. 

“Do you think Frank Harper is suitable to be our Daddy?” 

The assistant blinked. His eyebrows rose to press against his forehead. “Why do you ask me that?” 

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Emily stroked her own cheek as if there was hair stuck to it. “Because you work with them. You must have known their characteristics. Are they compatible? How is their relationship at the office? Do they often fight?” 

Jeremy smiled awkwardly. “That’s an adult’s business, Young Lady. 

Youldn’t get involved.” 

“Mr. Jeremy is right,” Louis said without taking his eyes off the phone. in his hand. “You don’t need to get involved in Mommy’s problems.” 

“But it concerns our future. So, we have to think about it.” 

Suddenly, Emily extended her neck and looked up at Jeremy. “Tell me, Mr. Driver. Are they close? Will they get married someday like the princess and prince in fairy tales?” 

Jeremy pursed his lips. “I don’t know. That’s hard to answer.” 

“I know that Mr. Kind likes Mommy and Mommy likes him too. It’s just that Mommy looks hesitant and shy.” 

Emily started to pout. Her head was tilted so that her cheek was chubbier on one side. 

“But Mommy always asks Mr. Harper to stay away. It makes me worried that they won’t be able to stay together. If that happens, Mr. Kind won’t be our Daddy.” 

“Is that bad?” Jeremy tried to empathize. 

Emily nodded while blinking. “Of course it’s bad. Mister Kind is the most suitable person to be our Daddy. If not him, I can’t imagine anyone else.” 

Jeremy involuntarily let out a laugh. He was intrigued by the fact that 

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yin mancu noi dicat euuy. 

“You seem to really like Young Master Harper,” Jeremy said spontaneously. 

“Not just like him, but crazy about him. I’m so tired of hearing that name come out of her mouth,” Louis interrupted, shaking his head. 

“It’s natural that I’m crazy about him. Mister Kind is a cool and handsome man. His voice makes me calm and his hugs make me comfortable. I would be very happy if I had a Daddy like him.” 

Jeremy was pensive. What would happen if the little girl found out that the man of her dreams was the one who had abandoned her? 

“Young Lady, if Frank Harper was your father, what would you do?” 

Emily’s eyes suddenly lit up. “I will ask him to read stories every night, accompany us to study in the library, and take him on a picnic with Mommy. In the park or beach doesn’t matter. The important thing is we can play and laugh freely.” 

“If he was our Daddy, he must take us around town in a cool car and I must sit in the front,” Louis continued, finally putting down the phone. “Besides, he has to treat us to ice cream and delicious food every Saturday and Sunday. He also has to take Mommy on holiday. It doesn’t matter whether we come along or not. The important thing is Mommy has time to rest and have fun.” 

Emily blinked at the idea of her twin. “You’re right. All this time, Mommy has been working and taking care of us without rest. Mommy must be tired and needs a vacation.” 

Furrowing her eyebrows, the little girl glanced at Jeremy. “If Mr. Kind becomes our Daddy, Mommy won’t suffer so much anymore, right? The princess has always lived happily after marrying the prince.” 

Jeremy’s breath hitched. His eyeballs trembled slightly. This was the 

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By the wUTUS JI U Unu. 

“Yes,” he said simply. He didn’t know what else to say. 

Suddenly, the door was pushed wide. The twins turned, ready to greet Susan. However, when they saw a figure that was beyond their expectations, their eyes widened. 

“Kind Grandfather?” 

Jeremy spontaneously stood up, clenching his fists. Who would have thought that Rowan Harper could come to visit Louis?

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/2/2024 Native Language: English
Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie Kara Martin was known as Miss Perfect. She was a beauty with good personality and successful career. Unfortunately, her life changed at one night. She was accused of adultery, losing her job, and abandoned by her fiance.The arrogant man who slept with her did not want to take responsibility.

Hiding the Twins from Their Billionaire Father by Pixie


He even threatened to kill her if they met again. What’s worse, Kara was pregnant with twins and she chose to give birth to them.Four and a half years later, Kara returned to work at a large company. As the secretary, she would frequently face their notorious CEO. Kara thought it wouldn't be a problem, but as it turned out ... the CEO was the father of the twins!


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