Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo ) Chapter 205

Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo ) Chapter 205

Chapter 205 

Chapter 205 

Leanne felt a bit down, realizing that people’s kindness was based on the exchange of interests. Mixed feelings also surfaced regarding Curtis. 

But Leanne couldn’t really be mad. After all, she was fond of Larissa, enchanted by the resemblance she bore to her own mother. It must be more baffling for a movie star to be mistaken for someone’s mother by a fan. 

“Why would you tell me this?” she wondered. “Aren’t you risking your investment by spilling the beans?” 

Larissa seemed unfazed. “There will be other investment opportunities. But I can’t keep maintaining our relationship on false grounds. 

Her statement could be taken two ways: either she was fed up, or she felt guilty. 

Larissa added, “You remind me of my daughter.” 

“You have a daughter?” Leanne was surprised. 

The actress’ personal life, including her marital status, was largely unknown to the public. 

“If she were still alive, she’d be eighteen now,” said Larissa, her voice tinged with sorrow. “A car accident. She was hit by a runaway vehicle on her way to school.” 

“That day, she wanted me to drop her off, but I was rushing to the set and said no. If only I had gone…” 

Leanne offered her hand in comfort, “Do I look like her?” 

Larissa smiled slightly, shaking her head. “Not at all. She was a naughty girl, quite cheeky, and loved to prank her classmates. But the way you look at me… it reminds me of her. Maybe because you see your mom in me, it gives me the illusion that it’s m looking back at me.” 

my daughter 

Leanne felt a bit embarrassed but also thought about how mysterious fate could be. 

“Does this mean we’re each other’s stand-ins now?” 

Larissa found the idea amusing. “That’s one way to look at it. Guess we’re even. 

With this heart-to-heart, their relationship seemed to grow closer, dissolving the typical fan-and-idol barner 

“But by telling me, you’ve made a big sacrifice. 

Leanne was genuinely concerned “I could pretend this conversation never happened. You 

and Curtis could continue your deal, and he’d still invest in your filin. I won’t tell him, and no one else needs to know.” 


Chapter 205 

Just as she finished, the driver shifted uncomfortably, revealing a third person was privy 

to their conversation. 

“Could you keep this a secret?” 

The driver quickly reassured, “You can count on me. My lips are sealed!” 

After getting out of the car, Larissa asked the driver to help with her bags. Leanne thanked. her and was about to head inside. 

Through the car window, Larissa added, “Anne, the reason I told you today is that I believe Curtis has your best interests at heart. It’s clear he cares deeply for you. Why not give him. 

a chance?” 

Leanne shook her head, “There’s a time and opportunity for everything, and the right people help, too. We blew it on all fronts.” 

Larissa didn’t know their history, but as an observer, she sensed a unique connection. between them, hard to sever like tangled threads. 

Yet she knew better than to meddle in lovers’ affairs. 

So, she simply smiled and said, “Timing and opportunity are just bonuses. The rest is up to you.” 

Back home, Leanne looked at the pile of paper bags with hesitation but decided not to 


There was no point in spiting Curtis. 

She began to unpack the clothes for cleaning, and in the last bag, she found the black dress she had specifically asked to be put away. 


No need to guess it was definitely Curtis’ doing again. 


Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo )

Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/18/2024 Native Language: English
Hold My Tear, I'm Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo )" Leanne Castillo had always seen Curtis Richardson as a charming but fickle man. It wasn't until after their marriage that she realized how cold-hearted he could truly be.

Hold My Tear, I'm Getting My Wife Back

She thought Curtis loved her, only to find in the end that she had been fooling herself, a joke of her own making. The one Curtis truly loved had always been someone else. When their agreed-upon three-year term had ended, she left her wedding ring, moved out of their marital home, and signed her name on the divorce agreement, decoupling herself from the entanglement. Everyone thought Curtis didn't love Leanne and that divorce was a foregone conclusion. They all assumed he would reunite with his high school sweetheart once the divorce was finalized. However, the expected divorce never came. Instead, people stumbled upon a surprising scene: a humbled Curtis Richardson, a man normally radiating wealth and power, bowing in front of Leanne, pressing her hand, begging in a near-whisper, "Leanne, could you find it in your heart to love me again?"

Hold My Tear, I'm Getting My Wife Back


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