Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo ) Chapter 220

Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo ) Chapter 220

Chapter 220 

So, Leanne found herself silently cursing Curtis once again in her mind. 

Phillip had just made his way over to her when something seemed to click. “Oh, right, it’s your birthday today. I’ve already got your gift, just been too swamped to give it to you.” 

“It’s okay,” Leanne quickly replied. 

With all the things he was busy with daily, any of those surely mattered more than her own birthday. 

“Curtis used to remind me every year, but he didn’t this year, and I almost forgot.” Phillip mentioned casually, as if it was an afterthought. “He’s always been more attentive than me, never forgot to get you a cake every single year.” 

Leanne paused. 

Curtis had mentioned before that he was the one buying the birthday cakes when they were kids. At the time, she was too upset to believe him. 

“Why didn’t he just give it to me himself?” 

Phillip chuckled, “The day he wanted to, you were mad at him and wouldn’t open the door. He had no choice but to ask me to help give it to you.” 

Mad? Why was she mad? Leanne tried to recall. 

It was her first year with the Richardson family and her first birthday there. 

On Christmas Day, there were quite a few guests coming over to exchange Christmas’ greetings. As an adopted daughter, she didn’t attract much attention, and when it came time to Christmas gifts, only the Richardsons were considered. 

But out of politeness, Leanne still had to stand by, greet each guest, and then get awkwardly skipped over when they handed out the gifts. 

Already in an awkward situation due to her introverted nature, she just wanted to get through the Christmas’ greetings and be alone. 

But Curtis, holding a gift, raised an eyebrow and said in front of everyone, “Come here. Call me ‘big bro’, and I’ll give you a gift.” 

With that, naturally, all eyes turned to Leanne. 

The faces of the guests also turned uncomfortable. Some things are better left unspoken, but once pointed out, it made everyone uneasy 

For a young and sensitive Leanne, who felt out of place, that embarrassment weighed heavily on her. 


Chapter 220 

So, after the greetings, she hid in her room. When Curtis knocked, she buried herself under the covers, not wanting to deal with anyone. 

It wasn’t until she heard Phillip’s voice that she finally opened the door. 

Back then, she was young and didn’t understand, thinking Curtis was just teasing her. Now, thinking back, it was a subtle yet bold way of pointing out the adults’ hypocrisy and opportunism, and publicly declaring that, no matter what, she was part of the Richardson family. 

From the second year onwards, whenever guests came over for Christmas’ greetings, three gifts would be prepared. 

As Leanne and Phillip entered, the elders were already waiting in the living room. 

Before Leanne had a chance to greet them, she caught sight of Curtis standing on the 


He was home today, dressed casually in a light grey-blue knit sweater and beige lounge pants, looking like he’d just woken up, with his hair slightly tousled over his forehead, exuding an air of laziness. 

His hands were in his pockets, shuffling in slippers on the wooden steps, his gaze lazily sweeping over her and Phillip, back and forth. 

It looked like he had something to say, but he held back. 

With a nonchalant stride, he came down the stairs, naturally taking the bag from Leanne’s 


And with utmost nonchalance, he asked, “Did you run into each other at the door?” 

Leanne was about to answer when Phillip said, “Take a guess.” 

The Phillip that Leanne remembered didn’t joke around like this. She gave Phillip a 

confused look. 

Phillip, as always, maintained his composed and serene demeanor, changed his shoes took off his coat, and headed straight into the living room. 


Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo )

Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/18/2024 Native Language: English
Hold My Tear, I'm Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo )" Leanne Castillo had always seen Curtis Richardson as a charming but fickle man. It wasn't until after their marriage that she realized how cold-hearted he could truly be.

Hold My Tear, I'm Getting My Wife Back

She thought Curtis loved her, only to find in the end that she had been fooling herself, a joke of her own making. The one Curtis truly loved had always been someone else. When their agreed-upon three-year term had ended, she left her wedding ring, moved out of their marital home, and signed her name on the divorce agreement, decoupling herself from the entanglement. Everyone thought Curtis didn't love Leanne and that divorce was a foregone conclusion. They all assumed he would reunite with his high school sweetheart once the divorce was finalized. However, the expected divorce never came. Instead, people stumbled upon a surprising scene: a humbled Curtis Richardson, a man normally radiating wealth and power, bowing in front of Leanne, pressing her hand, begging in a near-whisper, "Leanne, could you find it in your heart to love me again?"

Hold My Tear, I'm Getting My Wife Back


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