Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo ) Chapter 227

Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo ) Chapter 227

Chapter 227 

Curtis frowned, a sense of foreboding washing over him as the silence stretched between the gathered crowd. The evening, meant for casual drinks and laughter, had taken an unexpected turn. 

His irritation peaked, and with a clink louder than intended, his glass met the marble countertop, the fragile material showing a hairline crack – a testament to his barely contained frustration. 

Grabbing his jacket, Curtis made his way through the bustling pub, catching up to Leanne just outside. 

“You’re mad again?” he asked, gripping her wrist. 

“Not at all,” Leanne retorted, pulling away. 

“Sure,” Curtis said, his hold tightening as he pulled her back, searching her eyes. “What’s got into you? Is it because I called out his intentions, or because I made it tough for him?” Leanne’s brows knitted together. “Why drag others into our mess? You making him uncomfortable was about me, wasn’t it?” 

Curtis was steaming because of her defense of Jeremy. But when she distinguished between “others” and “our”, he felt a slight sense of satisfaction. This left him split in two half mad, half quietly content. 

“It’s not like I want him in our business. Do you think I enjoy having him around?” 

His grip loosened, his gaze softening. “If it weren’t for worrying about upsetting you, have already set him straight.” 


Leanne was unimpressed. “And I should thank you?” 

“No need,” Curtis said with a smirk, caressing her chin. “Just be a bit nicer to me.” 

Leanne, however, brushed his hand away coldly. 

“You blame Jeremy for coming between us, but have you considered his actual intentions? If you weren’t dragging your feet, we’d be divorced by now.” 

She stepped back, creating distance between them. 

“Curtis, no one can predict your mood swings.” 

His expression darkened noticeably, “So, we divorce, and he’s free to date you? Is that it?’ 

Leanne’s words had reignited his temper, his tone laced with sarcasm. 

“What, you’re tired of your old husband and want to make room for him? Touched by his silent adoration all these years and can’t wait to be with him?” 



Leanne was frustrated. “For the last time, our issues have nothing to do with him.” 

“Then why defend him?” 

“I’m not. I just don’t want him caught in the crossfire.” 

“Caught in the crossfire?” Curtis scoffed. “He’s been eyeing you behind my back for years, and you think you’re to blame?” 

“So what? He’s never acted on it. I barely knew him a few months ago.” 

Leanne wasn’t trying to defend Jeremy as much as she was pointing out that their marital issues weren’t his fault, nor were they Suzan Wright’s. 

“After three years of marriage, we’d still be in this mess without them.” 

Curtis’ anger dissipated, replaced by a cold resolve. “I’m to blame,” he admitted, drawing closer to caress her face. “We have many more sets of three years ahead of us, Leanne. Let me make it up to you, please?’ 

“What’s the use of making up for it now? I’ve already lived through those three years. Unless there’s a time machine to start over, how can I give you another chance?” 

She pushed his hands away with effort. 

“I never bothered Suzan when you were messing around, so don’t bother Jeremy. Let’s just let each other go.” 

As Leanne walked away, she hailed a cab, pausing before getting in. 

“Call me when you’ve figured things out. We’ll get the divorce papers. It’s time, Curtis. Let’s end this mess.” 

The cab pulled away, leaving Curtis alone as the night life of the pub continued to swirl around him, the clock just striking nine. 


Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo )

Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/18/2024 Native Language: English
Hold My Tear, I'm Getting My Wife Back! ( Leanne Castillo )" Leanne Castillo had always seen Curtis Richardson as a charming but fickle man. It wasn't until after their marriage that she realized how cold-hearted he could truly be.

Hold My Tear, I'm Getting My Wife Back

She thought Curtis loved her, only to find in the end that she had been fooling herself, a joke of her own making. The one Curtis truly loved had always been someone else. When their agreed-upon three-year term had ended, she left her wedding ring, moved out of their marital home, and signed her name on the divorce agreement, decoupling herself from the entanglement. Everyone thought Curtis didn't love Leanne and that divorce was a foregone conclusion. They all assumed he would reunite with his high school sweetheart once the divorce was finalized. However, the expected divorce never came. Instead, people stumbled upon a surprising scene: a humbled Curtis Richardson, a man normally radiating wealth and power, bowing in front of Leanne, pressing her hand, begging in a near-whisper, "Leanne, could you find it in your heart to love me again?"

Hold My Tear, I'm Getting My Wife Back


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