I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel Chapter 161

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel Chapter 161

Chapter 161 

Walter certainly wouldn’t object to Shark seeking his own doom. 

But Walter was still a little disappointed. He’d been enemies with Shark forever, but he still hoped that Shark could invite the real top master to bet so that he could feel the happiness of avenging himself. 

To verify there was no surveillance and other cheating techno-electronics, Walter had two entourages carry electronic devices around the room to check. 

It took them fifteen minutes to check, and they checked it incredibly carefully without missing any corner. 

After the check, they nodded to Walter and reported, “Boss, there’s nothing.” 

Walter nodded and said to Shark, “Are you sure about your agent? I’ll give you one last chance.” 

Shark forced a smile to spread out his hands and said, “Yes.” 

Walter didn’t say anything more. He spread out his hands and motioned to Oliver. “Please sit down.” 

He and Oliver were the only two sitting at the table. The others were several feet away to avoid cheating. 

Journalists had four cameras for Oliver and Walter, two for each, leaving no room for cheating. 

Walter waved for his assistant to bring a large file bag. He then took out the papers and bank cards inside. 

“These are the property documents of some places of mine. It’s unrealistic to sell them out and cash in quickly, so I converted them into current prices. Today, I brought my lawyer here. If I lose, we can sign a transfer agreement on-site. I have five properties, with a total value of 210 million Oros. In addition, I have 290 million Oros of cash deposit. I can withdraw the cash here. Please exchange them for 500 million Oros worth of chips. Do you have any problem?” 

Shark couldn’t help trembling. He thought, “Is he aiming to make me a beggar? He’s obviously have calculated my total assets.” 

The total assets and cash Shark had accumulated over the years was about 500 million Oros, including his 37% stake in the casino. 

It seemed that Walter had secretly verified and accounted for his assets. Walter’s bet was just enough to make him lose all of them. 

Walter was 100% sure that he could win. Shark began to worry whether Oliver could really help him. 

His concern was sure justified. He even wanted to take the initiative to pay 100 million Oros to admit defeat. 

But that wouldn’t work, either. Shark knew very well that Walter wouldn’t let him off the book. 

With a pale face, Shark could only wave to his subordinate to exchange chips for Walter and prepare 500 million Oros for Oliver. 

The minimum face value of the chips is 10 million Oros, 10 chips are 100 million Oros, and 500 million Oros means only 50 chips. 

Oliver’s chip was given to him by Shark himself. After giving it to Oliver, Shark touched Oliver’s ear and whispered, “Mr. Eastwood, I’ve trusted you with my life!” 

Oliver nodded, but he didn’t promise anything at this point. 

Walter stared at Oliver for a while. He couldn’t see anything special about this young man. 

“How do you want to play this?” Walter asked Oliver. 

Oliver pondered for a moment and said seriously, “I think… We should not play something complicated. How about playing poker first? We each pick a card, and whoever has the bigger point will win. Is that okay?” 

Walter chuckled and nodded. “Okay. Let’s do it.” 

Then he asked a waiter to bring in the cards. 

The waiter delivered twenty decks of cards at once and stacked them on the table. 

Walter took a deck and turned it upside down like he was doing magic. He stretched out his index finger to push the poker cards. Then the cards turned into a long “dragon” waving up and down at his hands. 

“Could you examine whether there is any problem with the cards?” Walter was very polite in asking Oliver to check cards. The cards belonged to the casino. Of course, Shark wouldn’t rig them. All of them were regular cards without any fakes. 

Oliver took one look and nodded. “It’s OK for me.” 

Walter also checked it carefully, but to Oliver, it was more like Walter was counting cards. 

Walter checked it and shuffled it a few times. Then he turned the card over with the back up and then spread them and said 


to Oliver, “Oliver, you first.” 

Walter was very polite and then reminded Oliver of the rules, “The win or lose is tied in a card. Whoever has the biggest point will win. If it’s the same number on the cards, we should follow the order of Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds. Do you have any problem?” 

“No.” Oliver nodded in response. 

Oliver was just worried that Walter obviously had a strong memory. If Walter dared to play like this, he must be sure that he could win. He’d probably get the biggest card of Spades A if he drew the card first. 

But Oliver was relieved that Walter politely asked him to draw the card first. If he was to draw first, he would definitely pick the Spades A and win the first round. 

Before Oliver picked a card, Walter smiled and asked Oliver, “How much do you want to bet on this round?” 

Oliver intended to bet all the 500 million Oros in this round. Since he was allowed to pick the card first, he would win. 

But Walter was generous enough to let him take the card first, so Oliver didn’t have the heart to win Walter money in the first round. And Walter would absolutely make excuses if the bet wasn’t fair. 

“I’ll place 100 million Oros.” 

Oliver pondered for a while, counted ten chips, and threw them into the center. 

Walter was stunned and wondered, ‘How dare he bet 100 million Oros in the first round? 

Does he really mean to help Shark?’ 

Seeing that Oliver had paid 100 million Oros in the first round, Shark’s face changed and his heart thumped. 

But since the gamble was handed over to Oliver, Shark couldn’t stop it and could only stare at Oliver anxiously. 

Walter was stunned for a moment and then laughed. Then he counted ten chips and threw them out. 

Of course, he would not refuse. 

Walter firmly remembered AKQJ and the other 12 cards while shuffling the cards. 

Originally, there were 54 cards in a deck. Excluding the two joker cards, there were 52 left. Walter could memorize 80% of them in a short time. Given more time, say four or five minutes, he could almost memorize all of them. 

But if it was within a minute, like only thirty seconds just now, he was already very impressive to memorize 16 cards while shuffling them. 

Walter also glanced at Oliver when he was shuffling cards. He found that Oliver didn’t look at the cards. 

Walter was ecstatic. With his card-counting ability and mathematical computing power, he was definitely among the top gambling masters in the world. 

“No matter how good one’s memory is, he has to look at the cards,” Walter thought. 

But Oliver didn’t even look at the cards. How could he remember? 

Walter was worried that Oliver was also good at memorizing, so he glanced at Oliver during the shuffling, But Oliver didn’t even look at the cards, so he believed that Oliver was doomed to lose. 

Therefore, Walter deliberately limited the time to show the cards. 

“Oliver, you pick the card first.”

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel

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I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel" "I Spy With My Secret Eyes" is an exciting spy novel by Michael Ellis. It tells the story of a talented spy on dangerous missions, discovering secrets, and facing personal challenges, making it a captivating blend of action and suspense. Read More The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The saying goes, "It never rains, but it pours." It was the case for Oliver Eastwood. Firstly, his materialistic girlfriend of five years ditched him. Next, his father was diagnosed with uremia and needed an urgent operation. Then, his beloved little sister's in-laws beat and chased her out because she could not bear them an offspring. Just when Oliver thought it could not get any worse, he got into an accident at home, causing his eyes to be infected. When Oliver removed the dressing for his infected eyes the next day, he discovered something strange. If he stared at something for a while, a string of text consisting of the item's description, workmanship, and value appraisal would appear. That, essentially, was an ability to appraise anything within a few seconds. Armed with his new ability, Oliver gained his employer's trust and rose through the ranks to become the manager of the second-hand luxury goods store he was working at. As his life significantly improved, more people - enemies and new friends - tried to connect with him. Would he be able to appraise them and unravel their true intentions?  

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel


"I Spy With My Secret Eyes" by Michael Ellis is a thrilling espionage novel set in the high-stakes world of international intelligence. The story follows the life of James Marshall, a brilliant but unassuming computer programmer who is unwittingly thrust into the world of espionage when he stumbles upon a nefarious plot to destabilize world governments. As James becomes entangled in a web of deceit, he teams up with a seasoned MI6 agent, Sarah Walker, to thwart the sinister organization behind the conspiracy. The two must navigate a dangerous game of cat and mouse, traveling across continents, decoding cryptic messages, and eluding relentless pursuers. With its intricate plot, unexpected twists, and vivid characters, "I Spy With My Secret Eyes" is a rollercoaster ride of suspense, espionage, and international intrigue. Michael Ellis masterfully weaves a gripping narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the final, electrifying conclusion.


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