I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel Chapter 164

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel Chapter 164

Chapter 164 

Walter seemed to be struck by lightning. 

Oliver knew he was cheating, and the details were so detailed that he couldn’t deny it! 

Oliver said it in such detail, so Oliver obviously knew everything. 

Walter looked at Oliver’s calm expression, tried to calm down, and then asked Oliver, “N-No. Mr. Eastwood. What do you mean?” 

Oliver smiled and said thoughtfully, “Mr. Walter, let’s show the cards and see who has the better luck. Isn’t it what we’re trying to find out?” 

Walter was surprised again. Oliver didn’t expose his cheating but wanted him to reveal his cards. 

Walter grabbed his cards and looked at them one by one. 

He wiped off the layer he had just painted, revealing the original cards. 

Hearts Q Spades 2, and Spades 7. 

Walter changed the cards back to the original and flipped them over. 

“Nine points.” 

Shark who was staring at him felt so painful. 

The chances of winning at 9 points were so large that Oliver could only beat Walter with 9 points from cards bigger than Spades Q and K, or three threes. 

The odds were slim. 

Walter was praying that Oliver got smaller cards than his. 

But he also felt a little ominous. If Oliver’s cards were smaller than his, would Oliver blame him for cheating? 

Although he changed the cards back, he was wearing an ultra-thin glove on his right hand. There was colored coating material in the glove, which could not be hidden. 

Oliver was staring at his cards. Walter could only guess whether Oliver would expose him or not. 

At this moment, Oliver slowly turned the cards one by one under everyone’s gaze. 

The first was Spades 3, the second Diamonds 3, and the third Hearts 3. 

Shark almost fainted with joy. This kid didn’t disappoint him and actually got the biggest number! 

In fact, Oliver’s cards were the best cards in any 



Walter suddenly felt relieved! 

He lost, completely lost. 

All the desire for revenge, all the grudges, seemed to disappear in an instant. 

His whole life had been devoted to revenge. Only had he lost completely did he let it go. 

“Mr. Eastwood, I lost.” 

Walter suddenly became calm and quiet, then took off the glove he was wearing on his right hand, put it on the table, and said seriously, “I cheated, Mr. Eastwood. I just don’t understand. I didn’t cheat with electronic materials, and the instruments couldn’t detect it. How did you know? Besides, I think you cheated too, but I can’t figure out how you cheated. You didn’t even touch the cards or look at them, which completely violated the law of gambling skills. I have admitted defeat and will not regret it, but I just want to know how you cheated. Is that okay?” 

Oliver stared at Walter, thought for a while, and then shook his head. “Mr. Walter, I didn’t cheat. If anything, it might be my sixth sense. I could feel the number on each card. Can you believe it?” 

Walter was stunned and shook his head with a bitter smile. Then he stood up and said to Shark, “The hatred between us is over now. You will never see me again in this world. I cheated on today’s bet. Do you want to send me to the authorities?” 

Shark hesitated. 

Official penalties for cheating were extremely harsh. Anyone caught cheating, whether a gambler or a casino, would be severely punished. 

If Walter was sent to an official institution, he would be imprisoned for decades due to such a large number. 

Just as the Shark was hesitating, Oliver said to him, “Shark, there is a saying in my country that it’s better to resolve disputes with enemies than to continue harboring grudges. Let me give you a suggestion. Give 100 million Oros of the profit to Mr. Walter so he can spend his old age comfortably.” 


Shark was hesitant. But hearing Oliver’s words, he nodded and said, “I’ll do as you say. Walter, I’m too old and no longer as ambitious as I was. I just want wealth. If you still want revenge on me, there is nothing I can do, but today I’ll cut you some slack.” 

Walter was silent for a long time, then stood up and bowed deeply to Oliver. He said sincerely, “Mr. Eastwood, thank you!” 

Walter left. 

And he left with 100 million Oros. 

Shark gave a gift to each of the media people who came with Walter, hoping that they would keep it a secret. 

In the end, Shark invited Oliver to a secret room alone and gave Oliver a bank check. 

Oliver glanced at it and found that the number written on it was 8 followed by eight Os. 

It was 800 million Oros. 

Shark said sincerely, “Mr. Eastwood, the credit for Walter’s loss of 1.5 billion Oros is yours, so I have decided to give you 800 million Oros. In addition, I have a request…” 

Oliver was stunned for a moment and hurriedly refused. “This is too much. Just forget it. Didn’t I win 70 million Oros in your casino before? That’s enough. I’m grateful for your help in letting my friend get away from the kidnappers safely, so this time it is just a repayment of your favor. I won’t share the money!” 

Shark immediately shook his head and said, “Mr. Eastwood, whatever you say, you did me a bigger favor. You take the money. In addition, I want to transfer 10% of my shares to you and hire you as the executive deputy director of our casino hotel. You don’t have to work 9-5 here. If the casino is in a crisis like today, we will invite you to participate in the gambling.” 

Oliver started pondering. Of course, he could tell that Shark really wanted to give him the shares. After what happened today, Shark had lost his edge. 

No matter how much money he earned, he could only enjoy it when he was alive. When he was old, he finally realized that money was not the most important thing. He needed just enough money. 

Shark knew that Oliver’s ability was more important than all his wealth. If it weren’t for Oliver today, he would lose for sure. 

If it weren’t for Oliver, his and Walter’s positions would have switched. If he had lost, the winning Walter would have kicked him when he was down. His end must be miserable. 

He was running the casino, so he had no choice but to make bets with the challenger. 

Seeing Oliver hesitating, Shark snapped his fingers again and summoned a subordinate in. Then he asked the subordinate to prepare the documents so that he could transfer ten percent of his shares in the casino hotel to Oliver.

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel

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I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel" "I Spy With My Secret Eyes" is an exciting spy novel by Michael Ellis. It tells the story of a talented spy on dangerous missions, discovering secrets, and facing personal challenges, making it a captivating blend of action and suspense. Read More The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The saying goes, "It never rains, but it pours." It was the case for Oliver Eastwood. Firstly, his materialistic girlfriend of five years ditched him. Next, his father was diagnosed with uremia and needed an urgent operation. Then, his beloved little sister's in-laws beat and chased her out because she could not bear them an offspring. Just when Oliver thought it could not get any worse, he got into an accident at home, causing his eyes to be infected. When Oliver removed the dressing for his infected eyes the next day, he discovered something strange. If he stared at something for a while, a string of text consisting of the item's description, workmanship, and value appraisal would appear. That, essentially, was an ability to appraise anything within a few seconds. Armed with his new ability, Oliver gained his employer's trust and rose through the ranks to become the manager of the second-hand luxury goods store he was working at. As his life significantly improved, more people - enemies and new friends - tried to connect with him. Would he be able to appraise them and unravel their true intentions?  

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel


"I Spy With My Secret Eyes" by Michael Ellis is a thrilling espionage novel set in the high-stakes world of international intelligence. The story follows the life of James Marshall, a brilliant but unassuming computer programmer who is unwittingly thrust into the world of espionage when he stumbles upon a nefarious plot to destabilize world governments. As James becomes entangled in a web of deceit, he teams up with a seasoned MI6 agent, Sarah Walker, to thwart the sinister organization behind the conspiracy. The two must navigate a dangerous game of cat and mouse, traveling across continents, decoding cryptic messages, and eluding relentless pursuers. With its intricate plot, unexpected twists, and vivid characters, "I Spy With My Secret Eyes" is a rollercoaster ride of suspense, espionage, and international intrigue. Michael Ellis masterfully weaves a gripping narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the final, electrifying conclusion.


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