I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel Chapter 165

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel Chapter 165

Chapter 165 

Oliver was a little overwhelmed. 

Shark patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Oliver, if you don’t agree, I’ll think it is because I didn’t give you enough. I hold 32% of the shares in the casino hotel, which is the largest shareholder. Then I will give you half of my shares.” 

“No, no. I’m not saying it’s not enough.” 

Oliver blushed and hurriedly shook his head to explain. 

The casino had given him 70 million Oros before. Now Shark gave him 800 million Oros and 10% of the shares, which was worth at least a billion Oros. 

He had planned to spend 10 million Oros to save Hailey. But unexpectedly, not only did he spend nothing on saving Hailey but also got one billion Oros without effort. 

What a lucky dog. 

The money he got these days was much more than the total amount earned in one or two months before, and a billion Oros would be nearly ten billion if converted into the currency of Oliver’s. 

When he was poor, he could barely keep his stomach full. Now he had plenty of money thrown at him! 

Shark then said to Oliver honestly and sincerely, “Oliver, I have no ambition now. I’m getting older, so I just want to follow you around the world to open my eyes and spend the rest of my life handsomely. So don’t refuse me!” 

“Does he want to be my sidekick?” Oliver wondered. 

Shark continued, “Oliver, I can’t help you if you only live in your country in the future. But if you want to enter the western regions, my contacts and experience will be of great help to you. I have an idea. If you want to develop abroad in the future, I will give you manpower and material resources, and I will only hold 10% of the shares. What do you say?” 

Hearing this, Oliver began to budge. With his ability, there was a chance he could make money from the capitalists abroad in the future. 

And Shark, a powerful and well-connected figure, would be a big advantage. 

“Okay, Shark, I’ll take it!” 

-Oliver stopped insisting. He shook hands with Shark fiercely and agreed. 

Shark was overjoyed. With a smile, he asked someone to arrange dinner for them. He wanted to celebrate it well. 

Shark asked the personal manager of Quesdia Bank to come to the hotel and open an account for Oliver. 

Oliver saved 850 million Oros. Those who deposited more than 100 million Oros were all high-end customers of the bank, not to mention Oliver was specially recommended by Shark. 

Finally, the bank manager gave Oliver a phone number and said that it was the number of Oliver’s personal bank butler- when he needed services in western countries. The butler could provide Oliver with any service items. 

Quesdia Bank’s philosophy was that there was nothing it couldn’t do when the customer had money. 

After everything was done, Hailey arrived before Oliver could have a drink. 

Hailey pursed her lips and glanced at Oliver. After a while, she said, “Oliver, thank you!” 

Oliver hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Why are you thanking me? I had every reason to come here. If it were me, you would do the same for me!” 

Hailey’s eyes reddened. She sat on the sofa and looked out of the window blankly, hands cupping her face, 

Oliver coughed and asked her, “Boss, you… What are you going to do now? Are you going back home?” 

Hailey looked back at him blankly and looked kind of lonely. She muttered, “I don’t know. I have no father or home. I don’t know where else to go.” 

་ ༠ ཚ༤ ཅ ཟཎྜ ཅ ཝཾ ཚ 

Oliver couldn’t help but say, “Then go back home. At least it is safer back at home than abroad and we live closer there…” 

Hailey glanced at him and said faintly, “I’m not worried about safety. If I get close to you, Sienna looks at me like an enemy. What’s the point?” 

Oliver was speechless. 

He was running out of words. 

But he didn’t want Hailey to continue wandering outside. It wasn’t safe for a girl. 

Hailey suddenly added, “Oliver, I have nowhere else to go. Didn’t about work here?” 

Shark just give you 10% of the shares in this casino? How 


Oliver thought, “It sounds about right. I’ll discuss it with Shark later to see if he objects, but I don’t think he’ll say no.” 

Although the casino was a glitzy and tempting place, it belonged to Shark. Now Shark was his man. Hailey would be absolutely safe to stay here, and no one would dare to mess with her. 

“Okay, I’ll tell him later to see if he agrees.” Oliver didn’t promise Hailey. 

Hailey asked Oliver again, “I just saw a beautiful girl following you. Who is she?” 

“Uh… Do you mean Denise?” Oliver took some time to wrap his head around. He then hurriedly explained, “She is the stewardess on our flight. Because she can speak our language and drove us to the hotel, we hired her as our interpreter.” 

He told Hailey about Denise honestly but left out that Denise needed money for her mother’s treatment in case Hailey complained. 

But Oliver suddenly thought, “Why do I care what Hailey thinks?” 

Hailey nodded and added, “She’s pretty.” 

Oliver replied casually, “Not as pretty as you.” 

After saying it, Oliver immediately regretted it as it sounded like he was flirting with her. 

Sure enough, Hailey blushed and glanced at him. After a while, she said, “Well… Do you think I’m better-looking, or Sienna?” 

Oliver was lost for words. 

If Oliver answered that she was better-looking, wouldn’t it be to flirt with her for sure? 

But it would be too hurtful if he said that Sienna was better-looking. 

In fact, Hailey and Sienna were both beautiful. They had different personalities and beauty but there was no doubt that they were both top-notch beauties. 

Seeing that Oliver didn’t answer, Hailey sighed. 

Oliver didn’t know how to comfort her. After a while, he said, “Are you hungry? Let’s go. I’ll take you to have some delicious food. The hotel has a seafood restaurant near the beach, which is not bad. Let’s go and try it.” 


Hailey was indeed hungry. She had been locked in her room by those kidnappers for a long time, and she didn’t eat well or sleep well. She was so scared that she didn’t have a nice talk with Oliver after being rescued. 

As soon as she said that, Denise came in. 

Oliver took a chip of 1 million Oros and handed it to her. “You can exchange this. If it’s not enough, let me know.” 

Denise was dumbfounded, somewhat overwhelmed. One million Oros was undoubtedly a huge sum for her. 

Oliver had given her 50,000 Oros in advance, so she was already satisfied. Unexpectedly, Oliver gave her another 1 million 


I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel

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I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel" "I Spy With My Secret Eyes" is an exciting spy novel by Michael Ellis. It tells the story of a talented spy on dangerous missions, discovering secrets, and facing personal challenges, making it a captivating blend of action and suspense. Read More The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

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The saying goes, "It never rains, but it pours." It was the case for Oliver Eastwood. Firstly, his materialistic girlfriend of five years ditched him. Next, his father was diagnosed with uremia and needed an urgent operation. Then, his beloved little sister's in-laws beat and chased her out because she could not bear them an offspring. Just when Oliver thought it could not get any worse, he got into an accident at home, causing his eyes to be infected. When Oliver removed the dressing for his infected eyes the next day, he discovered something strange. If he stared at something for a while, a string of text consisting of the item's description, workmanship, and value appraisal would appear. That, essentially, was an ability to appraise anything within a few seconds. Armed with his new ability, Oliver gained his employer's trust and rose through the ranks to become the manager of the second-hand luxury goods store he was working at. As his life significantly improved, more people - enemies and new friends - tried to connect with him. Would he be able to appraise them and unravel their true intentions?  

I Spy With My Secret Eyes By Michael Ellis Novel


"I Spy With My Secret Eyes" by Michael Ellis is a thrilling espionage novel set in the high-stakes world of international intelligence. The story follows the life of James Marshall, a brilliant but unassuming computer programmer who is unwittingly thrust into the world of espionage when he stumbles upon a nefarious plot to destabilize world governments. As James becomes entangled in a web of deceit, he teams up with a seasoned MI6 agent, Sarah Walker, to thwart the sinister organization behind the conspiracy. The two must navigate a dangerous game of cat and mouse, traveling across continents, decoding cryptic messages, and eluding relentless pursuers. With its intricate plot, unexpected twists, and vivid characters, "I Spy With My Secret Eyes" is a rollercoaster ride of suspense, espionage, and international intrigue. Michael Ellis masterfully weaves a gripping narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the final, electrifying conclusion.


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