I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 157

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 157

Chapter 157

This was the fourth ground.

Without exception, after the first card, Oliver made the move of pushing all the chips out without hesitating.

“Wait a minute!”

Des made a gesture of blocking with a pale face, then stammered to Oliver, “This… This is a room with a limit of 5 million Oros, and your bet is… beyond the limit!”

Oliver said casually, “Five million Oros? Didn’t I bet 10 million Oros, 20 million Oros, and 40 million Oros just now? I didn’t go beyond the limit?”

Des smiled awkwardly and then said to Oliver cunningly, “Mr. Eastwood, please wait for a moment. I’ll go deal with something and come back later.”

After Des left, the two bodyguard-like men guarded the door like iron towers instead of leaving with him.

Oliver glanced at Wayne and Simon, who were secretly evaluating the situation.

They had estimated from what they saw since they entered that there were at least 100 security guards in the casino hotel.

Of course, the security guards in other parts of the hotel were just ordinary people. Only the security guards in this area of the casino were really capable, and there were about 35 of them

If those guys didn’t use guns, Wayne and Simon could handle at least half of them.

Almost all of these security guards were retired from the various special armies.

Wayne and Simon knew it at once as they had received the same training.

If those people used guns, they couldn’t get out of this casino.

Even if those people didn’t use guns, it would still be hard to get out, as many of those people were experts.

But Wayne and Simon weren’t afraid. It didn’t matter whether they could get out. They only needed to make sure Oliver wouldn’t fall before they did.

Only Denise didn’t think that much. She didn’t think Oliver was cheating, so she wasn’t worried about it. Because this casino hotel had a good reputation, it was impossible to win yet end up with no money.

But Denise didn’t expect Oliver to win so much money. He won 70 million Oros and 80 million Oros with interest, which was a huge sum she had never imagined in her life!

Oliver was worried about Hailey all the time. He had no intention to make things in the casino like this. It wasn’t until Des went out that he came to realize: He’d angered the casino.

However, according to the rules of regular casinos, as long as the staff couldn’t prove that he cheated, the casino had to pay him politely.

Oliver was certainly not worried that the casino would catch him cheating, but he won 70 million Oros at once. It was indeed a little too much.

When Des returned to the monitoring room and saw his boss Rafael Vaart’s tall and hunky body, his heart trembled! Rafael had a nickname called “Shark”, the kind of shark that ate people and didn’t spit out bones.

He rose up from a gang and did countless evil things. He only restrained himself after his business became legal. Shark looked gloomy, stared at Des, and said coldly, “Des, 70 million Oros. How long will it take you to pay back? If you can’t, you’re going to feed sharks!”

Des turned pale and said to Shark, “Boss, this man… I’m sure he cheated, or he wouldn’t have won so many rounds in a row. He definitely did!”

Shark himself was a good gambler. Although he wasn’t as good as Des, he also knew how to cheat. He stared at the monitor and sneered, “Then tell me how this boy cheats!”

Des was stunned and stammered, “Boss, I… Give me a little more. I’ll definitely… I’ll find out how he cheats…”

Shark glared at him and said, “Time? Shit! I’ll give you half an hour. If you can’t find evidence in half an hour, you know what the consequences are! Go, right now!”

Des was dumbfounded. He wanted to say something more to Shark, but when he saw Shark’s gloomy face, he didn’t dare to say anything more and immediately asked the technicians to play all the surveillance videos of Oliver.

In the monitoring room, cheating.

four large screens were played separately. Everyone was staring at the screen to find Oliver’s


In fact, most people, especially Des, were sure that Oliver had cheated, but they couldn’t find a flaw in him.

The video was played at multiple speeds, with manual and computer programs double-censored and analyzed as time passed by.

Des looked at his watch secretly from time to time. 25 minutes, 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute…

The sweat streamed down Des’ forehead, and at the last minute, he snapped!

Shark looked at Des who had slumped to the floor, his teeth rattling.

Des’ action was basically saying that he couldn’t find a flaw. Shark suddenly showed his intention to kill Des and wanted to chop him into pulp.

But before he dealt with Des, he had to clean up the mess Des made and meet Oliver.

Oliver, Wayne, and Simon were all guessing the consequences in their hearts. Money didn’t matter. Oliver only hoped that Wayne and Simon wouldn’t get hurt.

There was no doubt that Wayne and Simon would risk their lives to protect Oliver. Sacrificing them for 70 million Oros, Oliver would never do it.

Therefore, Oliver was determined to give in when it was time for him to do so. He could even let go of the 70 million Oros.

While thinking about it, the two bodyguards bowed and came in a tall man.

From his appearance, he was in his early fifties and looked sharp.

Several people came with him. One of them hurriedly introduced him to Oliver. “Mr. Eastwood, this is Mr. Rafael Vaart, the boss of our hotel.”

Denise translated quickly. Oliver shook hands with Shark and said, “Hello!”

Shark smiled and said, “My honorable guest, are you from that mysterious and major country?”

Oliver replied humbly and politely, “Yes, I’m from the country of porcelain and silk.”

Shark replied, “Oh, I’m a little curious. You’re not well-known in our circle. Who is your teacher? Do you have a problem with my casino or me personally?”

After Shark said that, they finally got to the point.

Shark didn’t beat around the bush and directly asked why.

He’d thought about it for a while. He had countless enemies, but he didn’t have any grudges against anyone in Oliver’s country. So he couldn’t figure out who was behind it.

Oliver shrugged and said bluntly, “Don’t worry. I’m not a student of a famous gambling master, and I have no problem with you and your casino. A friend of mine has encountered some problems here. I’m here to help my friend, not win money in the casino. This is just an accident…”

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

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I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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