I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 158

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 158

Chapter 158

Shark was surprised and then asked Oliver again, “You didn’t come to our casino on purpose?”

Oliver nodded seriously and replied, “I told you something happened to a friend here. I’m here to deal with it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come to this country at all.”


Shark pondered for a while and then asked Oliver, “Okay… Can you tell me exactly what happened to your friend? I do have some connections. If there’s anything I can do for you, I can…”

Something just hit Oliver.

Since the guy before him was the boss of such a large hotel and casino, he was naturally an influential person. Hailey must have been tied up by gangsters. Maybe this guy knew them!

Oliver thought for a moment and said to Shark, “Boss, here’s the thing. My… My good friend came here for a trip and was… Kidnapped. I’m here to deal with it. I just arrived this morning, and I received a call from the kidnapper saying that I should bring 1 million Oros to your casino. I came and withdrew 1 million Oros at your front desk, but they have not called us yet.” Hearing this, Shark’s eyes glittered in anger as if he had just used eye drops.

Someone asked Oliver to bring 1 million Oros into his casino, which was highly likely a scheme against his casino.

Oliver was so clever. If he continued the game, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to take all the casino’s money. The plotter who blackmailed Oliver to revenge on him was really poisonous!

As the saying goes, the enemy’s enemy is a friend!

Shark thought for a moment and said to Oliver, “Mr. Eastwood, if that’s true, then we are on the same side. Someone wants to use your hands against me.”

Oliver was stunned for a moment and then said in a low voice, “Well… Do you know who it is?”

“I don’t know for the time being, but I will find out soon. I want them to regret being born!” Shark gritted his teeth fiercely and said these words.

Shark instantly thought that the man who kidnapped Oliver’s friend was against him.

Then Shark asked Oliver for the phone number of the kidnapper. Coincidentally, it rang when Shark had just told his technicians to analyze it.

Shark was surprised and then gave the technicians a wink. The staff rushed to the monitoring analysis room immediately. Shark didn’t exclude Oliver. He waved and invited Oliver to come with him.

In the surveillance room, Shark’s men picked up the phone, recording and analyzing.

Denise translated the words and whispered to Oliver, “Go out the front door of the casino immediately and turn right. Throw the bag with 1 million Oros into the trash can in the alley on your right and wait for the next call. If there is any problem, I’ll kill her immediately!”

With that, the call ended.

Shark’s men immediately reported, “Boss, this phone number is a temporary mobile number, but it has an area division. It’s the eastern zone, and…”

Shark said directly with a gloomy face, “Say it!”

“The speaker’s voice is a little familiar. The Al intelligence camera of our monitoring system can record voices. One of the voices is 100% consistent with that on the phone. That person is..

As Shark’s technician spoke, he played the image of this person on the big screen.

That was a typical local-looking man in his thirties, who dressed very locally.

Shark’s technician introduced the man. “His name is Leighton, a gambler, who has been in some gang in the east area.”

Shark looked sullen. After a while, he waved his hand and said, “Go to the security department for help. When these people take the money bag from the trash can, we’ll exterminate their lair.”

Since he knew who the enemy was, Shark figured out what to do.

Shark immediately arranged the finance to exchange 1 million Oros for Oliver’s cash, put the money in a bag, and then handed it over to Wayne to place it in the garbage can in the alley next door.

Of course, Shark also arranged for people secretly to monitor at heights, and the video was transmitted to the monitoring room in real-time, which was high-definition.

Oliver was in the surveillance room with Shark.

Shark didn’t ask him to leave. Obviously, if Oliver was involved in the conspiracy behind this, Shark wouldn’t be easy on


So what would happen to Oliver depended on the truth.

However, Shark believed what Oliver said when he saw the latter didn’t panic at all.

Wayne quickly left as required after placing the money bag. About ten minutes later, a man appeared in the alley.

But it was clear to everyone that this man wasn’t Leighton.

After checking that no one was around, that guy quickly grabbed the bag and went out into a black van.

Shark’s men kept watching and followed the car from a distance.

The van seemed to be unaware of it. Shark’s people were very skillful in following the van. They were far away and familiar with the place, so they could take pictures with high-definition binoculars.

After half an hour of wandering, the van finally arrived at a place in the east area that seemed to be an urban village.

Three people got out of the van and entered an old five-story building with the money bag.

Seeing this, Shark gave an order: Take all the people in the building back!

Casino security agents were either mercenaries or ex-soldiers of the special army, and their skills were far beyond the reach of gangsters.

The heavily armed task force came down floor by floor with little effort, and the gang was quickly defeated.

On the top floor, Oliver saw Leighton. There were seven kidnappers here. After the task force disarmed and controlled the gangsters, one of them kicked a door inside the room.

In the room, Hailey, blindfolded, was tied to an iron fence at the head of a bed. She didn’t know what had happened even after she was rescued.

Instead of handing the gangsters over to the police, Shark ordered that they all be taken to his secret place.

Oliver and others were also invited to the site.

Leighton and the others were shouting along the way. Shark didn’t say a word except for beating them hard.

Leighton and the others instantly calmed down.

Only Hailey looked at those masked men with guns in horror. She didn’t know where the car was going.

Hailey knew that these people were definitely not policemen, because they went to a remote rural area instead of the police


The place was a sort of deserted country factory, very old.

As soon as Hailey saw Oliver on the scene, she immediately understood everything. She rushed forward and hugged him, sobbing silently!

Shark did not say much, and as soon as he waved his hand, his lackeys tied up Leighton and others. When they were pushed to the cutter, Leighton and others collapsed, crying for mercy.

Shark listened to them confess one by one with a gloomy face.

But he found out that it was just a coincidence!

Leighton and others got an evil idea when they saw Hailey who was pretty and living a luxurious life, so they kidnapped her to blackmail her relatives.

Then Oliver got there after he received the message. Leighton didn’t send Oliver to the casino to mess up with him. Leighton just didn’t want to get the police’s attention.

And Leighton didn’t expect that Oliver would easily win 70 million Oros at the casino!

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

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I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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