I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 159

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 159

Chapter 159

Shark’s teeth gritted with hatred when he understood the cause and effect of this matter! Leighton’s disgraceful gangsters made trouble and sent Oliver to his casino incidentally.

Leighton didn’t mean to mess with Shark, of course. He had no idea that Oliver was so good. It all was just a coincidence. Shark knew that Oliver didn’t mean to make trouble for him in the casino, but it was also true that Oliver had accidentally won 70 million Oros.

The cause of all this was the Leighton gang.

Shark looked gloomy, wondering what to do with the 70 million Oros.

At this point, Shark was 70% sure that Oliver had cheated, but none of them could find



He was also thinking of using hard methods by arresting Oliver and others and torturing them to confess. As long as Oliver admitted he had cheated, everything would be fine.

According to the local law, casinos must be operated properly. As long as gamblers didn’t cheat, they had to pay no matter how much money the gamblers won.

But once there was evidence of gamblers cheating, the authorities were also extremely tough on it. After all, they had to protect casino interests, too.

Shark hesitated whether to torture Oliver and the others for 70 million Oros.

It was an undeniable truth that Shark was a jargon in this regard and he believed that no one could survive his tormenting. All would confess in the end.

But he was hesitating whether he should do it to Oliver.

At this moment, his phone rang again. He stood up in silence after answering it.

When Oliver saw Hailey coming back, he felt the whole thing was too coincidental.

He had thought saving Hailey would take a lot of effort and might not go smoothly, but unexpectedly, the casino boss solved it easily.

Oliver whispered to Hailey and asked something. Fortunately, the kidnappers didn’t rough up or abuse Hailey in order to raise a large ransom. They just controlled her personal freedom.

Oliver was relieved. Then he bowed to the thoughtful Shark and said sincerely, “Sir, thank you so much for coming back in good condition. I can’t take the 70 million Oros! I’ll return them to you. In addition, I want to treat you to a

my friend’s meal. People from my country are courteous people. If you need me in the future, I’ll do whatever to help!”

Shark did Oliver a big favor, so Oliver gave Shark his commitment directly.

That was exactly what Shark wanted. He asked, “Well… Mr. Eastwood, I happen to have a problem. I don’t know if…” Oliver listened to Denise’s translation and immediately nodded. “No problem. As long as I can do it, I’ll help you. But if I’m not able to do it…”

Although Oliver agreed quickly, he also said in advance that if it was something he couldn’t do, he wouldn’t be helpful. Shark pondered for a while and then said, “Well, I once had an opponent who was good at gambling. Now he comes to me and wants to have a bet with me. No matter whom I ask for help, I…”

Hearing this, Oliver was relieved. He was thinking that if Shark asked him to kill someone or rob things, he would definitely not do it.

But a bet was easy for him.


“Mr. Vaart, I’ll bet on it for you. But to tell you the truth, I don’t know anything about gambling. I’m not 100 percent sure whether I can win or not.

Shark was transfixed and stared at Oliver in surprise. “You… Know nothing about gambling? Then how did you win 70 million Oros from me?”

Shark was in no way to believe that Oliver had won the 70 million Oros by chance.

Oliver started to ponder.

Shark got it and immediately asked Oliver to go to the next room.

Sensing that the Shark was harmless, Oliver immediately ordered Wayne and Simon to wait in the monitoring room.

After entering the next room, Shark closed the door and said, “Mr. Eastwood, don’t worry. There is no surveillance equipment in this room, nor is there a third person present. If you have anything to say, I swear by God that your secret will never be revealed!”


Shark said this sincerely.

Oliver thought for a while and looked at the room. There was paper and a pen in it. He immediately said to Shark, “Write any words or numbers on the paper with your pen. Cover them up when you’re done.”

Shark didn’t know what Oliver meant. After thinking for a while, he went over and wrote the number 21 with his he turned the paper over and covered it on the table.



Oliver looked at the paper and gestured to Shark a few seconds later. He put two fingers up in his left hand and one finger up in his right, saying, “Twenty-one.”

As Oliver couldn’t speak Saxoniese, he could only gesture.

But Shark understood it. He was stunned when he saw Oliver show him the exact number that he had just written. He thought, “Did he peek at it?”

After thinking about it, Shark immediately took another piece of paper and put it upright in front of Oliver. Then he wrote down a number and asked Oliver, “Guess it again.”

By this time he knew what Oliver was going to say to him.

There was no way Oliver could see his numbers this time.

Oliver made another gesture. “Fifteen, one and five.”

Shark was stunned and turned the paper over to look at the back. He wondered, “Could it be seen from the back?”

He looked at it for a while, but he couldn’t see through the figures from the back.

Shark thought, ‘How on earth did Oliver guess?

Is there a security camera in this room?’

But it was impossible. This place belonged to Shark himself.

But there is no absolute. What if Oliver paid off his lackey?

Shark thought for a while and took out a thick notebook. He opened it from the middle and when he was about to write the number, he stopped, then took off his clothes and covered the notebook.

Finally, Shark put his hands in his clothes and quietly wrote a number and even a letter in his notebook covered by his clothes.

Under his clothes, he closed the notebook and uncovered his clothes. Pointing to the thick notebook, he said, “Guess again!” Oliver looked at the notebook. He was about 13 feet away from it. Instead of touching it, he stood where he had been and glanced at the notebook. “This number is 32, a three, a two, plus a letter b.”

Shark was dumbfounded!

He was thinking, “Damn it. I wrote this number and added the letters after it on the spur of the moment. Even if Oliver is lucky, he can only guess the numbers accurately at most. It was impossible for him to guess the letters after the numbers.” Shark opened the notebook and checked it.

Indeed, the number “32” was clearly written on the middle page of the notebook, followed by a “b”,


“T-That’s amazing!”

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

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I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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